Mysterious Person's Pov

I stood at the very top of the highest building in the Jewelry Kingdom. I blended in with the night. I quickly jumped off heading towards the palace. I need to find out where the grace stone is first. I quietly slipped into the palace, making sure not to wake anyone. But, it didn't matter. Someone was already awake and he was watching me. Prince Bright had his sword ready to attack."Who are you?" he shouted. I remained silent. Prince Bright walked towards me, one step at a time. But, I was too fast for him. I ran around him, grabbed his sword, and I held it to his neck. I didn't want to hurt him, just get him to tell me where the grace stone is." Where's the Jewelry Kingdom's grace stone? If you tell me, I promise I won't kill anyone."I said in his ear. My ears twitched. I have a habit where if I am telling a truth my ears twitch. If I am telling a lie, my nose twitches instead. "Why should I trust you?"Prince Bright said."You actually know me well enough, to trust me."I said. It's true. Prince Bright knew who I was. Prince Bright looked up at my face. His eyes widened."Okay, Altezza and I hid the grace stone on the top of a doll she made. There's two dolls, one has the real stone, the other has a fake. Look for the Jewelry Kingdom insignia on a tree in the woods, one doll is there. The other is in a different place, with the same insignia on the tree. Dig where the insignia is." Prince Bright said."Thank you."I said. Then, I did a memory-erasing punch on Prince Bright so he would forget he saw me and so he wouldn't tell anyone who I was. I dragged him back to his room and I left him there with his sword. I quickly left the palace and I headed towards the woods. The search wasn't that hard. I found the real grace stone really fast. Time to bring this back. I went back to where he is and I handed him the stone."Nice work. I'll give you your next assignment soon. But, for now you can rest at your home." he said."Thank you." I said, politely. Then, I left. I wonder, am I doing the right thing by doing this?