Fire vs. Ice

Thor let out a huge bellowing roar as he kicked open the door and barged into his room. Slamming the door shut, he stomp to his bed and flopped down onto it, letting out another furious roar.

"Thor?" Loki called out uncertainly from the other side of the door.

"Leave me be brother! Or you will regret it!" Thor shouted in his menacing growl.

Loki, naturally, did not listen and open the door just a crack before slamming it shut once again, as Thor threw a goblet at it. Throwing another goblet down onto the floor, which shattered in millions of pieces, Thor then waited and, thinking that Loki had left, he let out another shout.

"Now, why be such a monster, brother?" Loki voice said loudly and with amusement causing Thor jumped a good foot in the air.

Looking to his right, he growled when he saw his younger brother reclining in his desk chair, his well-known Cheshire cat grin in place.

"It is not polite to barge into other's people's rooms Loki!" Thor snarled

"Nor is it to throw glass goblets at people's faces." Loki smirked.

Thor just shook his head angrily and then ripped a pillow in half.

"Why are you so angry? Surely not being able to go with the warriors three for a scouting mission cannot be worth this big of a fuss." Loki said after a moment's silence.

"Of course it is! It is just Father's way of controlling me!"

"Nonsense, we both know you are too arrogant and pigheaded for someone to be able to control you."

"Loooookiiiii." Thor growled threateningly, "I am not in the mood for your jabs today."

"I think it extremely unfair that you are able to give say when I am allowed to give jabs when you often jab at me when I am in worse spirits." Loki said, though his voice was cool, the thirteen-year-old's voice had a hit of anger on the edges.

"Tease as you like, but you just have no right to scold at me after I throw something at you." Thor rumbled, though his anger had surprisingly lessened.

"Come now, elder brother, tell me what is the matter?" Loki said carelessly, running his finger along Thor's desk and inspecting how thick the layer of dust was.

"It is just as you said, Loki, I am not allowed to go on the scouting mission and instead must learn about the histories of the other seven worlds."

"Really, is that all? And you believe that this reason is a justification to throw a fit like a five year old, though you are a full decade older? My, my, how much of a prat can you be."

"Loookiiii." Thor growled, giving Loki a glare.

Without even flinching, Loki said, "What, it is true."

"Perhaps you are right, but still, Father can be so demanding and controlling sometimes! Thor, you must learn Elvish; Thor, you must learn how to sit like a crown price; Thor, you must speak more refined; Thor, you cannot help hunt down a fugitive. It's so frustrating!" And with roar of frustration, Thor fell on his bed and let out a deep sigh. Then, finally, Thor said in a small voice, "I sometimes feel as if Father doesn't think I'll be a good king."

Silence followed after Thor rant and, after a moment or two wondering if Loki had left the room, Thor suddenly heard his brother say, "Thor, just remember that everything our Father does, he does because he loves you. He is trying to prepare you on becoming king, and I know for a fact that he believes you will be a great king. He tells me so all the time."

Surprised at this speech, Thor turned around only to find himself alone in his room, left to ponder over Loki's words and wonder why there was a hint of bitterness in his voice as he said them.