Darry, Sodapop, and Dally started running when they heard a girl call,


She sounded panicked. They rounded the corner to see a small, black-haired boy surrounded by a bunch of Socs with a girl who looked an awful lot like Johnny fighting her way through them. Or trying to at least. They were all bigger than her and one of them had a knife. They all looked up when they heard the boys running toward them. The girl seemed to recognize them, because she smiled before kick the person in front of her in the shin and bringing her knee up between his legs when he turned around. The one with the knife turned on her, but Darry reached them before he could do anything. He ducked when the Soc took a swipe at him and threw a punch at him. The boys were so caught up in the fight - they didn't realize the girl had stopped until they heard the sound of the hammer of gun being turned as one and saw her aiming a gun at the Socs.

"Alright," she snarled, "back away from the kid or I get locked up for murder."

The Socs backed off when they saw that she was serious. As soon as they were out of sight, she lowered her weapon and snickered, walking over to the kid and helping him to his feet. The boy looked at her questioningly and she laughed,

"It ain't loaded. I just brought it to scare them. You okay, Harry?"

He nodded, his green eyes darting to the boys who had come to their aid. She turned to face them, then froze when she saw who it was. The boys stared in shock.