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by Gemma


My secret side I keep hid under lock and key

I keep it caged, but I can't control it

'Cause if I let him out he'll tear me up, break me down

Why won't somebody come and save me from this, make it end?

I feel it deep within, it's just beneath the skin

I must confess that I feel like a monster

I hate what I've become, the nightmare's just begun

I must confess that I feel like a monster

-MONSTER by Skillet

Once upon a time, in a palace on a planet far, far away, there lived a hag named Baba. Baba was employed by the royal family, each member of which was as cold hearted as they were beautiful.

The King valued strength in his people above all else while the queen valued cunning. Between them, they bore a son named Vegeta who was both of these things. But in addition to his physical and mental strengths, he was very handsome and also very cruel. Far more bad tempered than his father and exceedingly more arrogant than his mother.

The king and queen saw him as the perfect warrior, something that the Saiyans considered to be of the utmost importance. They knew that Vegeta would one day rule with a firm hand and they couldn't be more pleased about it.

Though the prince was always very mean to Baba, she made allowances for him. She knew that his attitude was a direct result of how he was raised and hoped that one day the young Saiyan would balance himself out. She felt that love and kindness could easily find a place in his heart if he allowed it. But as the years flew by, that hope became dimmer and dimmer.

By Vegeta's tenth birthday, the mere sight of him struck fear in even the Saiyan Elite. But Baba pitied him. She still felt that his cruel nature was of his parents making and hoped desperately that Vegeta would one day grow to be a just leader.

That same year, Baba received an alarming omen from her crystal ball. She approached the king and begged him to allow her to visit her brother. He lived on a faraway planet called Earth and had fallen very ill. "I can save him," she explained. "The elixir is already prepared, but it must be administered very cautiously. If consumed too quickly, it will guarantee a certain death."

"Absolutely not!" The king roared, outraged that the hag would dare come to him with such a request.

"You efforts would be wasted anyway," the queen said, her voice icier than the coldest of glaciers. "A pod has already been assigned to that planet and is set to leave first thing in the morning. Whether it be from sickness or by a Saiyan hand, your brother will die either way."

Enraged by their callousness, Baba snuck into the hangar and searched for the pod headed for Earth. It was small, meant to carry a child. She slipped the elixir in the swaddling blankets and prayed that it would find its way to her brother. She also wrote a note explaining the child's purpose and warned for whoever should find the boy to destroy him right away.

But her temper was not appeased.

While heading back to her chambers, she plucked the most beautiful rose from the queen's garden and considered the best way to punish the king and queen. She thought about casting a plague upon them both, but that seemed too simple. She wanted something that would stick with them for a long time, something that would cause them great suffering. And so it was that she began to ponder what the king and queen valued above all else.

"Prince Vegeta!" A passing maid exclaimed, holding a bundle of bloodied clothing to her chest. "He'll not be pleased until he's killed every fourth class Saiyan in the palace! Says they have no right being here and that they dishonor the whole race."

"You mean he's done in another one?" another maid asked. She looked worried, and rightfully so. All fourth class Saiyans were either sent off planet, deemed to lowly to mingle their bad blood with the populous, or sent to work as a servant in the palace. Chances were that both of the young maids were fourth classes.

"Oh yes! All that was left of this one were these bloodied clothes."

Ten years old and already murderous? It was with a heavy heart that Baba realized the prince would never change. As a matter of fact, she thought, that arrogant rascal could do with a strong dose of punishment himself.

"It's fitting," she muttered. "There's nothing in the universe that the king and queen value higher than the life of their son."

She twirled the rose between her thumb and forefinger, thinking up the best possible way to punish the ruthless prince. Something that he could not easily overcome. After all, every proper witch knows that for every curse there is a counter curse. She had to make sure the cure was something that the prince would never stumble across by chance… and she had just the thing in mind.

The next day Vegeta awoke to find the rose placed atop one of his pillows. Beneath it laid a single sheet a folded parchment. He tossed the rose to the ground and read the note beneath.

"One touch of this enchanted rose

Brings the best of luck to all Saiyan foes.

If the prince should lay upon it just one finger

A terrible curse shall spread and linger.

By night a man, by day a beast

On your very humanity this curse shall feast.

From this monster you can never hide

For one cannot run from what dwells inside.

But like all things there is a way,

To fight this curse and keep the beast at bay.

Learn to love and be loved in return

Before the final petal of this rose wilts and burns.

Only then will your people survive.

Only then will the Saiyan race live and thrive."

Initially, Vegeta scoffed and crumpled the paper in his hands, but even as he watched, the bones in his arms and legs snapped and grew. They elongated in grotesque shapes and jutted out at odd angles. Thick hair began to sprout out of his pores and his now massive canines were so sharp that his lips bled at the slightest contact with them.

For the first time in the prince's life, he experienced pain and fear.

A cold sweat clung to him as he snatched up the rose and ran to find his parents. As was usual for this time of morning, they were found sitting in the dining hall, eating breakfast and watching as the pods were sent off planet. Vegeta ran to them and narrowly dodged all of the ki blasts reigning down upon him. The guards thought he was some sort of monster, come to attack his parents. Even his father stood and took aim at his monster-son.

But the beast moved fast, and Vegeta was easily able to pin his father to the ground. A startling hunger ripped through him and it took every ounce of strength he possessed to keep himself from tearing his father's throat out. He wanted to destroy. He wanted to maim. He wanted… to be wild.

He shoved the paper into his father's hands and flipped backwards, landing on all fours twenty yards away.

The king blinked, dumbfounded, and allowed his eyes to scan the letter, then, realizing that this monster was no monster at all, he shouted himself hoarse for Baba.

She floated down the curving staircase, sitting atop her favorite crystal ball and wearing a toothless grin. The king thrust the paper in her tiny hands and demanded an explanation.

But before the hag could answer, a flash of light erupted from outside the dining hall and pierced her heart. In her stunned stupor, she had just enough life left in her to turn and watch a creature like she'd never seen before enter the hall. It was white and purple and held a remarkable resemblance to a lizard. Waves of strength and hatred rolled off of him as he approached the King and verses from her curse filled her head: Best of luck to Saiyan foes… Learn to love and be loved in return… Only then will the Saiyan race live and thrive.

It felt as if Vegeta had been doused with iced water. Baba couldn't die! If she died then he would be stuck with this curse! For in their travels the Saiyans had yet to come across another witch with even a fraction of Baba's powers.

He ran to her side as she slipped off of her crystal ball and sank to the floor. Blood pooled out around her body, and Vegeta's long talons slipped and skidded in the warm liquid. He was horrified when he noticed how appealing the blood smelled to him now.

Baba seemed not to worry though. Her eyes were locked, transfixed upon her crystal ball, which had rolled only a few feet away. She gave a weak cackle and grabbed a tuft of Vegeta's fur to pull him closer.

"One last prophecy for the young prince," she panted. "The Saiyans will face a time of hardship… slavery. The tyrant Frieza will bring your empire to its knees…. He will… force you to work for him…." A thin sheen of sweat puckered on her brow. Her words became more and more slurred and her breathing became labored. "You can defeat him, sire… you can… but not now… not now. First you must… find… the one who… calls him… self… Goku." Her wrinkled lips twitched, almost like a smile, and she added, "And.. Bu… Bu…"

But before she could finish, her eyes slid out of focus, the remaining air in her lungs spilled out of her, and she died.

"Oh my," the tyrant, Frieza, said as he approached. His voice was a smooth as silk, but his words held a note of a threat behind them. "I don't know what more hideous, the hag or the beast."

Author's Notes-There you have it, Chapter One. I wanted to get this portion of the story down and out of the way. It's more of a prologue than a chapter, really. For anyone out there asking, "Umm... where is Bulma?" Don't worry, she's coming up!