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"So Mattie~ I was thinking we could chill tomorrow night, how does that sound?" Prussia asked Canada as they walked the halls of some hotel in Rome where the world meeting was being held. The former country hitched a ride from his brother just to see the Canadian. Now he was proudly standing next to him, eyes gleaming and Gilbird flying around his head.

Canada blushed, gripping his polar bear tightly. A small smile formed on his face. "Y-Yeah... I'd love to s-spend time with you tomorrow after the meeting. I-"

He was cut off by the sound of shouting. "BLOODY HELL AMERICA I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" said American was snickering and running down the hall. "The make-up sex is going to be even better then!" America called. This only infuriated the Brit even more. Soon his uniform was gone and he was dressed in his angel get up that Matthew finds absolutely ridiculous. He started waving his wand with bold swishes. With each wave came a loud chime. A few landed at America's feet with a crack.

One stray ray bounced off a wall and landed on Prussia and Canada. It caused a puff of smoke that clogged their lungs and shaded their eyes. Canada's arms grew heavy and he dropped whatever it was. "Ow!" They coughed as the smoke cleared, waving their arms to help the process. When his glasses were clear, Matthew gasped.

On the ground was a teenaged boy with long white hair rubbing his eyes. He wore a red flannel shirt, ripped up jeans, and equally torn up converse. Poking out of his white hair was rounded bear ears. "K-Kuma?" the blonde stuttered. The teen looked up. "Who are you?" the normal high pitched, sweet sounding voce was replaced by a deeper, lazy sounding one.

"Kuma! It's really you!" Canada couldn't believe what he was seeing. The bear he took care of all these years was now a human. Kuma cringed at the loudness. "Yeah it's me. And you're the guy who feeds me. Yeah... I know who you are now. Well I'm hungry. Feed me." he raised a limb to tug in his suit jacket but stopped once he saw it. It wasn't covered in white fur like he was used to. It had pale, pink skin and fingers where his paw should be. He looked over it, shaking slightly. "w-what happened to me?!" he shrieked. "This isn't natural! This is wrong! What happened to my fur?!" He patted his back side. "Where's my tail!?"

Prussia marveled. "Well shit! Look what the Brit did!" he chuckled. "At least you're okay, right Gilbird!"

"Right!" Gilbert froze. He was normally answered by a chirp. Slowly, Prussia's head turned. His eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped. Starring back at him was a blonde teen with big brown eyes and spiky hair. He had a red shirt with a black bandana, skinny jeans, and black vans. A white jacket with a fur trimmed hood covered the shirt. Yellow wigs spouted from the back, letting the boy fly. "What's wrong Prussia?"

The albino blinked. "Y-You... You're a h-human too!" the blonde looks down at himself and smiles widely. "Awesome dude! Does this mean I can hold stuff?! And not in my beak?!" he was so giddy. He flew over to the nearest person and snatched their soda out of their hand. "Look Prussia! I can hold things!"

Purple waves extended from the owner of the soda. "Ah~ little birdie wants to become one with Russia, da?" Gilbert ran as fast as he could, gave the soda back and pulled Gilbird away. "Don't DO that!" the albino hissed. "You will get majorly hurt!" the blonde pouted. "No fair!"

"Very fair! Russia was going to squash you!" Prussia stressed, glaring at the boy who wasn't listening. Gilbert rolled his eyes. "Whatever..." The Prussian brought the bird boy back to the Canadian duo.

Meanwhile, Kuma was pawing at his new feet and trying to figure out how shoes work. "So why do I have to wear these, again?" he said, picking at the laces. Canada sighed. "They are there just in case you step on a rock or something. So your feet won't hurt." The bear continued to examine them.

"Rocks never hurt me before... How do I get these things off?"

"Pull the strings and slide them off." Kuma followed the instructions and threw the shoes down the hall. The socks obviously came off quicker than the shoes but went just as far, leaving him and his bare feet. "I don't like those things. I'm not going to wear them."

Canada rolled his eyes and Kuma picked at his toes. "Why are feet so weird?" he pulled at his pinky toe. "There is no reason for this thing. I have five parts but they're all the same size! Humans..." he clicked his tongue and shook his head. "Such weird looking creatures…"

"You won't say that when you find someone you find attractive." Canada said to him. Kuma gave a look. "Who said I'd find anyone attractive like this? I think most humans are just constructed weirdly. You guys didn't evolve well."

Matthew mocked him. "Well you might find someone you're drawn to. One of the first things we feel as humans is attraction. It's our nature. Your body will know before your mind."

"Humans are disgusting!"

Canada blushed darkly "t-that's not what I meant!" he squeaked. "I meant that you'll feel butterflies in your stomach or you'll blush when they look at you. Something like that! Why must you be so perverted already?!" The bear boy shrugged. He didn't understand humans and frankly, he didn't want to. Humans were perverse creatures that took everything they wanted without a thought. They put themselves on a pedestal that most of them shouldn't be on. If one hadn't been feeding him all these years he probably wouldn't have associated with them at all.

Gilbert walked up to them before they could say another word. "So what are we going to do about this? We can't just keep them like this."

"I like being human! I can pick things up!" Gilbird chirped happily. "Yeah I got that," Gilbert glared. "But you guys need to go back to the way you were." Gilbird pouted and Kuma smiled. "So are we going to talk to Britain about it? He is the one who turned us into humans." Kuma asked, bringing his foot up to scratch his ears.

"Y-Yeah, that sounds like a good idea." Matthew commented.

"Alright let's go to the Brit."

England stared at the four in front of him. Mainly the two sitting oddly. Kuma had his hands between his legs and knees bent so his feet where next to his hands. Gilbird was perched on the back of the chair for the third time after falling off the last two. "Can you help us, England?" Canada pleaded, looking between the pair and the Brit.

Britain then got up and went over to the odd pair. First he went to the bear, taking his chin and turning his head every which way. Then he tugged the bear ears and the human ears at the same time. "Hey! That hurt!" England ignored him and went to the pouting bird who finally gave up on his normal sitting habits. The green eyed blonde made Gilbird lean forward so he could pull at the wigs. Gilbird yelped and whined in pain.

After that, he just stared. The green eyes bore into their souls. He studied them carefully so he would miss a thing. Finally he sighed. "I don't know if I can do anything. I'm not even sure which kind if magic I used."

"S-So what do you suggest?" the Canadian asked, worried.

England sighed. "Well... They're only teenagers. You can't leave them alone while you do your work in other countries... I suggest you put them in school." Canada and Prussia's mouths fell open. "N-No England we wanted to resolve this problem not raise them!"

"Well right now there is no resolution! You're going to have to treat them like children not your pets! Now school is in your best interest!" he took a deep breath. "There's a high school in America where the micro nations go since they all leaned English. I'm sure Kuma and Gilbird will be quiet happy there."

Matthew stuttered with his words, still overwhelmed with all this. "A-America? I-I don't have-"

"Alfred will put you up in a house. The school is in one of his northern states. Most anything will be accepted there."

Matthew sighed, bringing his eyes from his feet to Gilbert. "What do you think Gil? Wanna go to America?"

"Please daddy! I want to go to school!" Gilbird chirped pleadingly. "I want to be a real boy!"

Gilbert sighed, ignoring the Disney quote. "I guess they're going to the school..."

"Excellent," Arthur said. "I'll get the paper work. Though... Gilbird... We have to change your name."

"AWWWW I LIKE MY NAME!" he whined.

"Well we can get away with having bird in your name. So any suggestions?"

Kuma's ears wiggled. "I like Gilderoy," he mumbled, examining his toes again. Gilbird blushed lightly at Kuma. "It's close to Gilbird and it means golden king. I like Gilderoy."

"Gilderoy it is then!" Arthur said excitedly. "Now I'll make up the paper work so they can be transferred into the school. I'll contact you when I'm done." Matthew nodded. "T-Thank you Arthur." England shrugged. "It's no big deal making false documents. After all… This is partly my fault…"

"Partly?" Prussia questioned.

Arthur glared. "If that bloody prat hadn't pissed me off this wouldn't have happened!"

"I'm glad it happened…" Gilderoy said softly. All attention went to him. He was staring at his hands. "Haven't you ever thought about how it would feel if you were dealt another set of cards? I have. Many times. I've always wondered what it would be like to talk to Prussia… He learned to understand me and even chirped to be a few times. But I never got to talk to him. And now I can tell him how I feel and I can share my thoughts with him. A-And I'm happy I can finally do that! I don't want to be a bird again!" His voice escalated into a shout. His face was flushed with embarrassment and his breath hadn't quiet caught up to him.

Arthur was the one to break the silence. "Well then… I'll go get the paper work."

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