Gilderoy groaned and pulled at his long blond hair and frowned at his paper. "I hate this stupid language!" He said loudly. Kuma looked over at him and raised his eyebrow.

"Aren't you taking French? It's really not that hard." Kuma commented. He got up from the floor and stood over his shoulder. "It's just all connected, that's why people think it's hard."

Gilderoy's eyes rolled. "You were raised on this language! I should have taken German! I'm much better at that! It makes sense!"

The bear laughed at the bird. "Hypocrite. You only think that because you grew up around Prussia. Here, just let me help you," Kuma sat himself down in a chair next to Gilderoy's. "What do you need help on?"

"Conjugating," He said quickly. "I HATE conjugating." Gilderoy picked up his pencil and started to scribble over an irregular verb. "This one needs to go into a hole and die."

Kuma snickered as he watched the black letters spelling out 'Aller' slowly became a blob of grey. "You know it'll just get worse if you keep cursing it."

"But it's stupid! It doesn't ever look like itself for most of the conjugations! It starts with a 'V' seven out of nine times! I mean why on god's green earth would it do that?!" The blond whined. He was so stressed he just knew his hair was going to fall out. That's what always happened when he was a bird. His feathers would start to fall out and he would have to fly across Germany to calm down.

"Because it sounds pretty."

"Bull shit."

"Honest to god." Kuma placed his left hand on his heart and his right hand in the air. "Grandpa France fucked up his language because he wanted it to flow and sound beautiful as it rolls off the tongue." Gilderoy stared at him in shock. "What the actual Fuck God dammit das verdammte Arschloch, warum in Gottes Namen sollte er etwas zu tun wie dieser heilige Schei├če!"

Kuma laughed as the bird ranted in German; even if he didn't know most of the language he could understand the cursing. "It's really funny. I've never really seen you this angry before... It's really funny. You act like your Papa when you're mad."

Gilderoy stopped for a moment to look at him. "You think that's its funny that I curse like my father while secretly wanting to bash your grandfather's head in?" He asked, confused.

"Yes. It's adorably hilarious." Kuma said simply. Gilderoy's face flushed red. "A-Adorable? You think I'm adorable?"

The bear nods. "Yes, I think former German canaries that have violent tendencies are adorably hilarious. I mean, what are you going to do? Peck him to death?"

Embarrassment rushed over Gilderoy. Oh, he thought. "Y-Yeah... That's what I'm going to do..." He gave a weak laugh, still mortified by what he thought Kuma was implying.

"Here; this is how you conjugate aller..." The bear changed the subject, starting his tutoring session with the bird.

Gilderoy looked around at his empty room. He needs to furnish the now green room. The bird didn't find ground beds comforting. He enjoyed heights and wasn't quite sure if he would be able to sleep with that. The blonde pouted and sat in the middle of his room, staring up at the green ceiling.

"Gilbird what are you doing?" Gilderoy turned to see Prussia standing in his doorway.

The bird smiled brightly. "Hey Vati! I'm just trying to figure out what I'm going to do about a bed... I don't want a bed on the ground... It's weird."

Prussia looked up at the ceiling and thought. "I think I might have an idea..." The albino smirked then left.

It took two hours for him to return. Gilderoy had fallen asleep on the floor by the time Prussia came slowly up the stairs with an odd wooden contraption. He hit the open door to scare Gilderoy awake. "W-What?!"

"Don't just sit there Gilly! Help us!" Prussia laughed, tugging at the wood, sporting nothing on his top half but gloves. Gilderoy nodded and spread his wings, forcing himself between the top of the door frame and Prussia's head. On the other side of the huge wooden box was Kuma squished between the wall, also without a shirt. Canada stood at the base of the stairs watching. "Not going to help?" Gilderoy giggled. Canada shook his head. "Wasn't my idea."

"Yeah thanks Mattie! Gilly I need you to lift the box up and into your room as much as you can. It's okay if it all doesn't go in at the first try." Gilderoy did as he was told and lifted it as much as possible, getting it half way in his room. "Awesome, Kuma back it up into yours and we should be able to pull it all the way in." The bear pulled at the box then pushed it forward into the next room.

"Perfect!" Prussia beamed. "Now Kuma, are you still strong like a bear?" Kuma nodded. "Perfect," he turns to Gilderoy. "Where do you want your bed, Gilly?"

The bird blinked for a moment then pointed to the far corner by the window. "There. It's a nice place."

"Sounds awesome. Now it's your turn to help out a lot. Your wings will make this so much easier. There are some chains and a nail gun and some hooky thingies at the base of the stairs, wanna go get them?" Gilderoy flew down to the stairs, too lazy to walk, and picked up the things his father wanted. He came back and waited for instructions. "Okay so since you can fly you get to attach them onto the ceiling and to the bed frame."

Gilderoy raised an eyebrow. "Am I just guessing where to put these things?" He asked, holding up the silver chains.

"Nope. That's where Kuma comes in. His with his bear strength he'll hold the bed frame up over his head so you can put the chains perfectly in the ceiling!" Prussia said like he was describing a fairy tale. "My perfect plan shall come true!"

"You're crazy, Vati, but alright. Kuma! Wanna lift it for me?" The white haired teen picked up the frame and held it over his head. Gilderoy watched him. Without a shirt Kuma's chest was on display. Strong mussels protruded from his abdomen and run down his biceps. It took the bird a few moments to snap out of it and actually fly up to attach the chains to the ceiling and bed frame.

It didn't take long before the bed was hanging and swinging. Prussia beamed proudly at it. "Hell yeah! Are you happy up there, Gilly?"

Gilderoy smiled down at his father. "I'm perfect! This is perfect!" He giggled. "Wanna come up? It's fun up here!"

Prussia shook his head. "I'm good. Kuma should go up though. He helped more than I did." Kuma's ear wiggled at the sound of his name. The bird's eyes brightened. "Yeah! Come on up, Kuma."

"No way, man. Heights aren't my thing."

"Please, Kuma! For me? It's not that high!" Gilderoy pouted, giving his best puppy dog eyes.

"No!" A whimper from Gilderoy. "N-No! I don't want to!" Gilderoy begged a little harder. "I-I... Ugh fine. I'll go up." Kuma grumbles as Gilderoy squeals in delight. The blond flew down and took his hands, pulling him up to the hanging bed. Kuma's hand immediately clutched Gilderoy and wouldn't let go.

"Is it really that bad?" Gilderoy asked his voice full of guilt as they rested onto the mattress. Kuma shook his head. "I just don't like heights. I'll be fine..." the bear whispers, clutching the bed as well as Gilderoy's hand.

The bird frowned, feeling bad about forcing the bear up. Although it did drive a shirtless Kuma into his lap, which he could not complain about. Cautiously, Gilderoy started to pet Kuma's hair in order for him to calm down. The bear let out a happy sigh.

They sat like that for hours. Just sitting close to each other. They had small conversations about nothing in particular. It was nice. After a while, Kuma fell asleep on Gilderoy's lap. It seemed to be a quick forming habit. Gilderoy smiled and ran his fingers through his hair.

Suddenly, there was a tapping at his window. Gilderoy looks over his shoulder to look out the window. A small white bird sat on the sill. The blonde's eyes brightened happily. "Pierre!" The bird chirped and Kuma stirred. "Oops..." He muttered, slowly making his way out from under Kuma. He jumped down and opened the window.

"Hello friend! How are you?" He whispered to the small bird. Pierre chirped back at him. "I know I miss you too." The bird sang to him. "No! Being human is the best thing that ever happened to me! I just miss you. You're my best friend. I wish you were a human. That would be so awesome."

The small white bird was silent for a moment then chirped again. "What do you mean you have an idea?"

Kuma was sitting with Canada when the phone rang. The blond got up to go answer it.

"Hello?" Matthew said into the phone. "Arthur? What? Calm down, calm down! Don't- are you drunk?! Wait, wait, and wait! What do you mean you did it again?"

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