Whatcha Doing

Chapter 9

Spoilers: Line In The Sand

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Sam is in her lab doing a project for the Stargate for a more effective power use. She was in the observation room watching the testing room that her device that she made was in. "Okay, ready in three, two, one." Sam counted down. The device blew up as soon as it turned on. "Dammit." Sam thought. "What went wrong?" She walked into the testing room and grabbed the broken pieces from the device. She left the testing room to walk to her lab.

Jack met her on the way. "Whatcha doing?" He said.

Sam kept walking quickly, with Jack trying to match the pace. "I'm going to my lab to correct the mistaken calculation for this device. Also I'm going to see if I can fix this. What are you doing?" Sam asked.

"I'm seeing what you are doing. I'm wondering if you can come for lunch today or are you too busy?" Jack questioned.

Carter responded. "I'm sorry sir, I can't come. But if you really want to have lunch with me, you can bring a sandwich to my lab."

"Good idea Carter. I'll be right back." Jack turned around and headed to the cafeteria. Sam was walking to her lab to finish this new project.

Sam arrived at her lab with her device broken in several pieces. She placed them all down. She was trying to remember the order of how to rebuild it if it can actually be rebuilt. "I think the first piece on the left goes with the third last piece. Or wait, does that go with the fourth?" Sam asked herself. Once she gave up, Jack arrived into Sam's lab with lunch.

"Here you go Carter." Jack said while handing her an egg sandwich.

"Thank you sir." The officer thanked.

"No problem Carter." They each took a bite of their personal sandwich. "So what's the problem with the doohickey over there?" Jack pointed to the device.

"Well sir, I'm not really sure. I think it's a wrong calculation. Let me see if it is." Sam sat down on her chair in front of her computer. She typed in her password. Jack was curious to see her password but he only got the first, second, and last letter of the password. Fi****g.

"What password starts with f, second letter is I, the password is seven letters long and ends with a g?" Jack thought. Jack has concluded that fishing is the password. "Fishing Carter?" He asked.

Sam turns to face him. "What are you talking about sir?"

"Why is your password fishing?" Jack asked. Sam started to blush.

"Well because it is." She responded.

"Is it because I like fishing Carter?"

"No sir. That is definitely not the case." She talked quickly.

"It is Carter. You're talking too quickly and I actually understand it. Can you admit now Carter or am I going to have to get Teal'c?"

"Okay. Yes, my password is fishing because you like fishing."

"I thought so. Now why would you name your password fishing because I like fishing? Why not something like Stargate51 or MarkC or something like that?"

"I don't know sir. People could probably guess that MarkC or Stargate51 would be my password but with fishing, they can't. They only know that is something you would do."

"Well it is something I would do."

Sam nodded. "Yes it is sir."

"You're safe for now Carter. For now." Jack left the room after finishing his sandwich.

"That was awkward." Sam thought. "I should have known Jack would do something like that. Looking at my password." Finally, Sam got back to work on the project that exploded and is rereading the calculations she made for it.

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