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Chapter One: First Day

"Excuse me." I shoved my way through the tour group in front of me. Why did people stop in the middle of downtown Seattle just to take pictures? Didn't they know some people had to get to work? People meaning myself, because I was already running behind. Changing my outfit five times was probably overkill but it was my first day at my new job and I had wanted to make a great impression. But now instead I was running late and it stopping at Starbucks to pick up my boss's coffee had been no help at all. Maybe they would be a little understanding… I hope. It was my first job right out of college. I had just graduated from Washington State with my degree in Biology my concentration was physiology and I minored in Chemistry. I had applied to multiple medical schools around the united states hoping to attain my goal of becoming a doctor and saving the world one patient at a time. But unfortunately for me I wasn't accepted anywhere. It made no sense, my GPA was flawless nearly 4.0, my MCAT score was competitive and I had at least five interviews with schools. But all of them said 'No'. It was a real shock. I honestly didn't know what to do after I got all eight rejection letters. But luckily my friend Rosalie had helped to set me straight. Helping me to see that it wasn't the end of the world, that I could always reapply and in the mean time I should try and find an internship to help boost my chances. So after sulking around with my Ben and Jerry's tub for a week I began searching the web for any opportunities for up and coming scientists. I had several offers to go international and do research overseas. But I really wanted to stay near home so when the first call came in from Grey Enterprises for a position that paid triple what the others were offering and was just a few blocks down the road I hopped on it. Ironically though, the position had nothing to do with science and everything to do with running errands and organizing appointments for my billionaire boss, Christian Grey. But I really couldn't complain, after all most women would kill for a job like mine, getting to spend all their time with the handsome, rich and might I add single Christian Grey. Of course that wasn't at all where my focus was, I needed to work on my resume and reapply to medical school within the next coming months. No man, no matter how devastatingly attractive he might be would keep me from my dreams.

A honking horn caused me to snap out of my thoughts. I looked up and quickly realized I was standing in the middle of the street stopping traffic due to my unintentional J-walking. "Sorry!" I yelled and then quickly jogged across the street trying to not spill the steaming latte in my hand. My phone then started buzzing my hand pocket, a reminder of my first day of work. It was officially 8:00 am meaning I was now officially late. "Crap!" I hissed and then began half jogging in my platform heals towards the glass doors of Grey Tower. The receptionist smiled at me as I booked it through the lobby and slid inside an elevator, the doors closed right behind me. During the interview process I had heard a rumor that Mr. Grey was always ten minutes late in the morning, if that were true and I could get there before him perhaps today wouldn't start off too poorly. Trying to look composed I walked briskly down the hall to Mr. Grey's office, hoping I wouldn't run into him there.

"Charity Bennett, there you are! " Maryanne, Mr. Grey's current 'Head Secretary' came flying around her desk as soon as I walked through the door. "You're late!" She did not look at all pleased.

"I know I'm sorry," I said as I began putting down all of my things on my tiny desk. "The line at Starbucks was unreal; it won't happen again I promise I will get there earlier next time."

I removed my coat and turned to see her shaking her head, "It was a risk for me to hire you, Charity, after all Biology majors aren't exactly secretary material. But I somehow knew reading your resume that you were a hard worker. That you were unlike many of the other girls that we've had come through here, so please make more of an effort to prove everyone else in the office wrong and above all make me look good! And that means not keeping Mr. Grey waiting for his coffee!" I stood there like an idiot nodding my head in agreement as she took the latte from my hand and knocked on the door to Mr. Grey's office. So everyone else didn't think I could do this job? Wow. I already had the whole office against me. "I brought you your coffee Mr. Grey. I am so sorry that it took me so long to get it." I heard Maryanne say as she entered the office. Yeah she had worked so hard to get that coffee for him, nearly got hit by a car! I threw myself down into my chair causing it to spin around a few times. Today was really starting off badly. I took a deep breath. It was only the first day, yeah I had royally screwed up but I could come back from this. No need to have a meltdown. As I waited for Maryanne to come out of Mr. Grey's office I tried re-tame my brown curls. My hair looked a little bit better after some fussing and I straightened by blue-silk blouse so that it was properly tucked into my grey pencil skirt.

"Charity, I have your list of tasks to do today compiled. Since you're the second secretary you get to do all the running around. I will stay here and answer the phone, organize Mr. Grey's schedule and such." Great, I was the errand-girl. I smiled up at her hoping she wouldn't sense my lack of enthusiasm. Maryanne tucked a piece of platinum blonde hair behind her ears as she looked down at the tablet in her hands. "I will email you this list he gave me so you and get started. You do have a smart phone right?" I shook my head; my crappy old Nokia was the furthest thing from smart. "Seriously?" she huffed, "Fine I will get an Iphone ordered for you, it will make this office much more efficient." She was kidding? They were going to give me a new phone? "You will first have to go and get another coffee since you failed to get the right one." Her voice became very tense.

"You're kidding right?" I muttered, "Your text message said Mocha latte with light whipped cream!" I had a college degree I knew I could get a coffee order right.

"Yes, but it also said with skim milk. Mr. Grey doesn't like whole milk which is what you got him." I sighed and closed my eyes.

"Alright, I will go get it." I rose to my feet grabbing my purse.

"Wait Charity," Maryanne walked back to her desk and fetched a set of keys, "take the company car it will be much quicker." I caught the keys she threw to me; the Audi symbol shining brightly on the key.

I smiled. "The company car?" she nodded as she handed me a black credit card,

"Yes, and use this as well. It's easier for me to keep track of what you're buying if you use this." I took the credit card from her; my name was stamped on the front. I smiled even wider. A new cell phone, the chance to drive an Audi and a brand new credit card…perhaps this job wouldn't be so bad after all.

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