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Chapter 19: Dirty

The next morning the work actually began for me. Christian had gone to a business meeting while I stayed at the hotel and finished filling out some generic paperwork for him. He mostly needed me to chart some of his personal expenses on excel for his taxes. I was typing out larger numbers for bills than I had ever seen before, but then again this was Christian Grey, why be surprised about anything at this point. It seemed he owned not only a private jet but also the sailboat he and Oliver had talked about, as well as several other properties throughout the States and in Europe. Oh, and he also made a large anonymous donation monthly to a widow and orphan foundation in Seattle. This man had money to burn alright.

I took a sip of my tea and sighed. After dinner with my brother last night I wasn't feeling too great. Great wasn't the word I wanted to use. More like I wasn't feeling like I had before going to visit Oliver. Why did he feel the need to insist I was getting weak, depending on Christian too much? If he dumped me tomorrow the collateral would only be emotional, there was nothing in my physical life that Christian could take from me. I knew all of this but I couldn't shake this 'funk' that I was feeling. I'm glad that I stood up for myself though, something I'd never done to my brother before. I wondered if he would tell my parents though, I would know soon enough, they would call me right away after finding out. I could only hope that could all be put off for a while, I would let them know when I felt a little more stability with Christian. Right now it was mostly...if I was going to be honest here, sex. Lots of sex. Of course he had asked me to be his girlfriend which was reassuring, but still. Being a realist, I couldn't deny that we didn't spend much time talking. Hell, I'm done thinking about regrets here. I was loving every minute of this chaos, I mean seriously could life be any better right now? I chuckled and shook Oliver from my thoughts, taking another long sip of tea.

I kept working for a couple hours, typing away with my new favorite song "Do I Wanna Know" by the Arctic Monkeys playing in my ear buds.

"...I dreamt about you nearly every night this week.

How many secrets can you keep?
'Cause there's this tune I found that makes me think of you somehow and I play it on repeat
Until I fall asleep."

I pulled out my ear buds and turned up the volume on the laptop as the chorus began,

"(Do I wanna know)
If this feeling flows both ways?
(Sad to see you go)
Was sort of hoping that you'd stay
(Baby we both know)
That the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can't say tomorrow day"

I sang the words as I resisted the urge to get up and dance. It was definitely a song about seduction...and other adult topics. I couldn't get it out of my head since I first heard it. I bit my lip as last night's activities post-Oliver flooded my mind. Oh, the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can't say...definitely. I blushed slightly. I think Christian knew I was in need of a bit of a confidence boost after the confrontation with my brother, because he spent most of the evening showing me how much power I had over his physical being. I was broken from my thoughts by Christian entering the room suddenly. He didn't say a word, tossed his coat and briefcase down on the chair across from me. Then he turned, his grey eyes were blazing, "Christian!" I squealed as I felt myself being lifted from the couch and thrown over his shoulder, "Don't you have work to do?" I gently hit on his back hoping he would let me down. I was still tired from last night. If this trip to New York lasted any longer I might die.

"Now, now Ms. Bennett. I promise I've completed all of my work like a good boy."

I snorted, "Christian you are anything but a 'good boy'." He just chuckled in response closing the door to the bedroom behind him.

I awoke several hours later, the sun was just setting behind the skyscrapers. The sight was breath taking. I didn't move but lay there watching it slowly sink in a menagerie of magenta, lilac, and crimson. My phone beeped in my purse across the room. I was going to ignore it but at this point it could be anyone. Judging by the coldness next to me Christian wasn't there, he must have gone to work some more. I reluctantly slipped out of bed and retrieved it.

-One New Message from: Grace Trevylan-

Oh! I was glad that I had grabbed my phone after all.

Charity, I have an opening on Monday for you. When do you return from NY?

I could barely contain my excitement, finally a chance to shadow a physician! I nearly bolted out of the room to find Christian and ask him, but hesitated when I realized I was still nude. I found Christian's white oxford shirt and slipped it on before heading out into the hotel room. It was surprisingly dark, no lights had been turned on yet, which was unusual. I switched on a lamp, oh good gracious...I jumped. Like something out of a horror movie a woman was just sitting there in the darkness. She looked just as shocked as I did as she stared back at me. She was probably about fifty judging by her hidden wrinkles, she was blonde, well dressed, but her make-up was a little too heavy which made me wonder who she was trying to fool...was she one of Christian's past subs? Or maybe she was a business partner? But no, what kind of business partner would sit alone in the dark of someone's freaking hotel room and wait for them to turn on a light? Obviously she was one for drama. We were both silent for a long moment before I spoke, "Umm...looking for someone?" She just cracked a grin on her flawless face.

"Yes, well... I was anyway. But I suppose you're the reason that I'm having to look in the first place?" I raised one eyebrow, not knowing what to say. "Which agency did you come from?" She snapped, sounding very irritated.

"I'm sorry 'agency'? I have no idea what you're talking about." She thought I was Christian's professional submissive huh? I just feigned innocence, I swore to Christian I would never tell anyone his secret, whether or not she knew I wouldn't say it either way. She opened her mouth to reply but shut it quickly looking very confused. "He's not here obviously, or you wouldn't be sitting in the dark waiting, so maybe you should just leave." I said crossing my arms across my chest.

She stood silently gathering her faux leopard purse before offering a hand for me to shake, "Elena Lincoln, I'm sure we will be meeting again soon Ms...?"

I didn't shake her hand but stood my ground, "Good night, Mrs. Lincoln," She gave me a once over before turning and leaving the hotel.

Christian didn't return for a few hours after the Elena incident. I resisted the urge to bombard him with questions when he walked through the door looking exhausted, it was about ten o'clock. He walked into the bedroom removing his tie and collapsing on the bed next to me. I just laughed and he groaned dramatically and buried his face in his pillow. "Good evening to you as well." I replied with a laugh. He looked up at me, I was reading one of my favorite books on his iPad. He moved cuddling up against my shoulder, I held back a laugh; he was acting like a little child, pretty adorable if you ask me.

"What are you reading?" He asked trying to see the title.

"Nothing special…" I replied putting it down. "Are you hungry? I ordered room service."

He looked concerned, "I'm glad you did, I forgot we don't have food prepared here. I certainly don't want you to starve."

"Well if you're not hungry I also ordered a bottle of wine…Chianti?"

"Hmm, that sounds perfect." He closed his eyes rolling back onto his pillow.

"Let me get it for you." I said climbing off bed before he could protest. I was trying to come up with a way that I could ask about this 'Elena' without starting an argument, so far I couldn't think of anything. Christian had slipped out of his suit and was laying in just a pair of boxers when I returned. It was a strange sight to see, usually he was naked or fully dressed, never anywhere in between. It almost felt like a normal evening, almost. I handed him the glass of wine before sitting next to him. He took a long sip, staring at me over the rim of the glass with those grey eyes. I could feel the tension building between us, if I didn't speak soon we wouldn't be doing much talking for the rest of the evening. "Christian," I paused and sighed, "I want to tell you something but I will preface with saying I absolutely do not want to argue…someone came by to visit tonight. Her name was Elena? Ring any bells?"

He physically tensed, "When? Why didn't you call me?" He looked alarmed, not angry.

"I didn't call you because it didn't seem like an emergency...she didn't threaten me or anything, but I did ask her to leave."

He did not look pleased, "She wasn't a business partner was she? If so I'm so sorry."

He shook his head, "No she's not, and did you tell her your name?"

"No, I didn't." He look relieved which caused me to relax a bit.

"So who is she?"

He took a moment before responding, "She's an old friend, and she used to provide me with professional subs." Oh. So I was right, she did know about Christian's lifestyle. There was a long silence between us, "What all did she say to you?" Christian said taking a long drink from his wine.

"She asked me what agency I came from, said something about how she understood why you hadn't contacted her." I was trying to downplay her words, she had definitely been more judgmental with her tone, but I didn't want to rile Christian up.

He shook his head, "I'm sorry you had to deal with her, I haven't used her services in months. I wanted to see if I could go without… seems like she didn't quite understand me." I stayed silent, seemed like the best option. "You know you are the only woman I have ever entered a semi-normal sexual relationship with?"

I smirked, "Semi-normal wouldn't exactly be how I describe it."

He raised an eyebrow, "Oh? How would you describe it?"

I climbed over him, "Satisfying, satiating, delectable." His grin grew with each word. He kissed me softly, I tasted the bitterness of the wine on his tongue.

"I suppose you'll want me to make it up to you, for allowing Elena to scare you half to death?" I knew where he was going with this.

"You can, just answer me one question." I muttered leaning closer to his mouth.

"Anything." He replied, placing his wine glass on the bedside table.

"Have you ever had sexual relations with Mrs. Lincoln?" He eyed me slowly, I already knew the answer. I pulled back, "You're kidding me, seriously?" I smacked his chest feeling like a jealous brat. Thoughts of Christian intertwined with that cougar made me nauseous.

"You don't know the whole story…it's far more complicated than that. Besides that was ages ago." I nearly left him there half-aroused, but... I was the one who had asked. Christian was right, I didn't know the whole story.

"Fuck you…you're making me so forgiving." I replied kissing him fiercely. He groaned as I bit his lower lip. I felt him grind his hips against mine. I quickly pulled my night shirt over my head leaving us both only partially covered. We rolled off the side of the bed, my back hit the ground with a thud. "Ow." I thought but pushed it aside as Christian quickly moved down my abdomen and began indulging me. "Oh, Christian." All jealously quickly faded as his mouth went to work sending me to pieces. The slow repetition of his tongue over my clit sent me over the edge so fast I barely had time to praise him. I was gasping for air as Christian quickly reached over me grabbing a condom from somewhere.

"Hmm, I want you to know you saying "fuck you" was the single most erotic thing you've ever done." He traced his thickness over my opening as I lay there panting like a wild animal. So he liked it when I talked dirty to him? I never would have guessed. "Makes me want to punish you," he teased me with the tip, dipping in and out. "And it makes me want to fuck you instead." I gasped as he pushed in deep. I arched my back, letting out a small cry. He grinned devilishly before slamming into me again. My hands above me to keep me from slamming into the bedside table.

"Christian, ah!" He picked me up and tossed me on the bed pinning an arm behind me. I was face down in the duvet as he resumed his rough thrusts. It felt like a punishment, but I didn't want him to stop. "Oh," Christian groaned as I pushed my hips back against him, driving him deeper. His hands went to my hips holding me firm as he thrusted harshly. I cried out as I came again, quicker than I had anticipated. He picked up his pace joining me in my release. He collapsed on the bed next to me panting.

"Fuck." I muttered, causing Christian to laugh.

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