The alarm clock blared Amelia groaned and turned her self over slowly , now being three and and half months into her six month expectantcy , the young captain was showing that she had four more souls dewelling with in her.

"Five AM.." she mumbled hitting the alarm and looked over to her sleeping canid husband , Doctor Delbert Doppler , who needed to getting ready for work at Montressor Univerity of the Astrophysics department.

Amelia's father and sister didn't approve of Delbert , but that was the Felind way , Victoria had opened more to the man but of course Amelia knew Victoria wouldn't be satisfied with any man for her baby sister.

"Delbert...Delbert darling? " She gently shook him .

He snorted and rolled over towards her and blink awake, smiling at his beloved.

"Good morning Darling. " She whispered.

"Good morning my loves." he smiled rubbing her stomach making her pur.

He sadly got up , grabbed his glasses, and got dressed in his suit and yawned.

Amelia slowly got up and did the same , placing on a lilac colored maternity top and white pants.

The two smiled at one another playfully in the stillness of the morning. Suddenly a loud bang a curses was herd , causeing them both to go out of their bedroom to see kitty on the floor bent over a trunk and Britt in near tears from laughter on the floor.

"Shut up.." Kitty mumbled .

"what is the world happen?"

"Kitty thought it a good idea to pick up the truck her self .."

"I had it but the bloody rug got in the way.."

And gravity ?" Amelia laughed.

"Yeah yeah laugh at the youngest one real cute guys.."

Amelia offered her niece a hand which she gladly took.

"What are you too doing at five i nthe morning ? " Delbert asked adjusting his glasses to look at the trunk.

"Moving more of Kitty's stuff in to the ...other room." since the news of the upcoming babies the Doppler house hold had to make more arrangments. In Britt's bed room there was a mini room of sorts , it was like a pantry or somethign , it had a small closet in it , good size for a bed and a desk.

Instead of actually moving her stuff to Britt's room Kitty wanted to try out the 'Secret Room' as the girls dubbbed it.

Just last night the paint had dryed so Amelia assumed now they'd be spending their fall break moving her stuff into the room and possibly painting the other room when Amelia found out the genders when the results come in the mail , hopefully soon.

"Would you like some help?" Amelia offered.

"you can't be around paint fumes Aunt amelia." Britt somewhat scolded kneeling to help Kitty pick up the trunk.

"Well no but ah blast it.." Amelia huffed , "I want to see.."

"By the after noon ya can." Kitty grunted with the trunk.

"how the heck did you get this out of your room ?"

"Magic Britt magic." she rolled her eyes chuckling.

"Well bippity boppity boo." Britt rolled her eyes jokenly.

"where is Miss. Swinson? "

"Asleep more likely. " Kitty called back form the room .

"Darling I have to run . " Delbert said kissing her.

"Very well love. "

"Aunt Amelia ?"

"Yes Bridgettah ? "

"what color are you painting the nursery?"

"I'm not sure yet Bridgettah.."

Hours later Amelia was sipping ginger ale and watching the autume leaves dance in the wind. She seen the postman coming up to her door step and nearly flew to the door she was nervous and excited to see what her babies were..

"Katalia ! Bridgettah! it's here!" She called almost to excited to stand.

In a flash all three were in there standing before her all just as eager as she. she ripped open the letter and smiled a smile wich grew larger with each word.

"Well ? " kitty asked.

"what are we having?" Britt said nearly jumping up and down.

Amelia's face broke into a wide smile and said , "Three little girls and...a boy."

A/n here's the first chapter of ACT II :D