"Do 'ey suspect a ting?"

"No dad 'ey 'on't."

"Good 'irl keep 'em on me tail long as ye can. Soon Ol' John Silver's

name 'all be cleared."

"Aye Silver...but silver?"

"Aye lass?"

"You didn't really do all the cap'm said ye did...did you?"

"O'course not Sarah , o'course not." Sarah smiled hugged Silver and snuck out of the tavern in the dead of night to the Smollet/Doppler residence.

"Have fun Miss. Swinson?" The smooth voice of Victoria came out of the darkness Sarah had forgotten that Victoria was staying with Amelia till the robbery was solved and the Fleet admrial was worried about her sisters well being.

"Aye Admrial just takin' a simple stroll."

"At one in the morning?"

"aye ma'am couldn' sleep walkin' always calms me."

"I see...Swimming always did that for me as a child." Victoria seemed to relax a bit but Sarah knew this woman was used to dealing with difficult people.

"Is that so.." Sarah said inching away from the conversation to the stairs.

"What is the rush miss. Swinson? " Victoria said still coolly.

"Er...well it's late ma'am and I need ta get some sleep...ye should too.." Victoria's ears twitched slightly at the girls cant.

"You're certainly right Miss. Swinson. " Victoria's icey blues still looked at her as if she was prey.

Sarah smiled a bit uneasily and bid Victoria good night and went quickly up stairs and into the finished attic the Dopplers had placed her in .

"Why do you harass her so?" Amelia said the next morning to Victroia while sipping some sweet milk with honey .

"Amelia , she came bounding into your home at one-in-the-morning smelling of brandy and cheap purfume!"

"Victroia I-"

"No Amelia!"

"Victoria...right now I have another issue to address you with..."

"I'm stepping back in the admirality.."

Victoria's eyes widden , her sister , her own sister was stepping back from her position.

"A-Amelia How could you!" Victroia snapped.

"Victora I'm only stepping back , not down ...I just wont be avaliable all the time but-"

"No! Amelia you cannot step back! it's..it's unethical!"

"If you haven't realized Victroia , I am nearly four months pregnant with four babies , your nieces and nephew!"

Victoria's glaring blues met her sisters green.

"No sister of mine is accepting weakness!"

"Wanting to spend time with my babies is not a weakness Admrial!"

Victoria took a step back the onyl time Amelia called her by her title is when things were going to get ugly , 'I can't loose her again...I just can't.." Victoria thought. But she couldn't back down from a fight..so many years of running the navy , fighting to keep her job.

"Well Admrial since you've become such a family woman why don't you rid your home of the litter with in it!"

"Blast and bloody bother Victroia I am 29 nearly 30 years old , I do not need you demanding me of who and whom is in my home!" Amelia snapped baring teeth.

"You're being blind to the situation Amelia!"

"Me? Being Blind? what about you?!"

"What about me!?"

"I didn't abandon my daughter with two strangers!" Victroia's blood began to boil , Amelia had stepped the boundries.

"Don't you dare speak of that any longer!" Victroia said low and dangerous.

"Why Victroia is it because you actually made a mistake like a normal person!" Amelia now began to shake in anger.

Britt and Kitty seen their irrate aunts and dashed up the steps sitting where they could still see with out being seen.

"Amelia!" she nearly screetched the girls hoped she didn't wake the Arrow babies they were wachting."How could you do this Amelia? how could you give up on the navy!"

"I told you Victoira I have my family now and I did not leave the admrialty I just quite active duety."

"How could you leave it!"

"I have my family Victoira as you have yours!"

"Don't you turn this on me!"

"you can't raise children and be lollying off in space ...who raised Bridgettah and Katalina?"

"...you" Victoira mumbled.

"No Naomi did I was spacing. and I don't want that for my own family! Is that what you want for yours?"

Victoira glared at her then turned on her heels and stomped out of the house causeing the walls to rattle and babies to cry...

Amelia sighed, went into her bedroom, and swept into tears desolving into a round ball as she cried. She sometime later felt two pairs of arms en-cricle her.

"IT's okay aunt Amelia.."

"YEah we're here for ya.."

"Thank you both.." she whispered laying there in her bed face buried in pillow...

a/n sad chapter ending I know rather short one as well but well... I want to end it there lol , now the last part for the most part I wote a waaaaaay long time ago ^^; one night while I was role-playing with captainameliagirl it came to me and BAM here it is in ACT :D R & R :3