Kowai Blood is the sequel of Kawaii Blood I am beginning to work on. I'm sorry I kept going back and forth and confusing you, but I finally decided to actually finish the story completely with the sequel. This is to be the prologue of "Kowai Blood", which means "frightening blood", and I hope that you will like it!

A blond haired boy stared out of the window of a room high up on what seemed like a tower. His emerald green eyes were clouded with worry and anxiety. His face, which was usually bright and full of light more than any other vampire, was extremely dark and sunken with shadows. The boy lightly touched the glass with his fingertips as the morning sun peeked out from the horizon. He blinked his eyes shut painfully, the nocturnal side of him not used to the sudden exposure of bright light.

"Close those curtains, Takuma-kun," A playful, yet dark voice ordered from the shadows on the other side of the room.

Obediently, the blond vampire closed the thick curtains that were velvet red. He sighed and turned to the man who spoke and asked, "Is it time?"

A dim light shone in the corner of the room. It was turned on by the one who had commanded Takuma Ichijo to cover the window. The light revealed the face of a man in his early twenties, with light brown hair and mischievous gleaming eyes. He said, "Yes… It is time. She told us so many years ago to go to her at this year when the sun first comes out for spring."

"She? It has only been a year and a half since things have died down at the academy," Ichijo mentioned with a calm, yet sorrowful voice. "She miscalculated."

"No… she calculated perfectly… Too bad, Takuma Ichijo… you've been pulled into this farce by the same woman you thought was pitiful so many years ago," the voice of a young, yet mature boy spoke from the corner of the room. He had short auburn hair and wore noble clothes that looked very expensive. An air of pride and confidence surrounded the boy, who looked around 12 years old, as he twirled two chess pieces in his hands. One was the white queen, which was held in one hand, and the other was the black queen that was held in the other hand.

"For a little boy, you sure talk big to an aristocrat vampire," The brown haired man teased.

"What can I say? I am a vampire too of the same status, anyhow," the auburn haired boy chuckled. "Besides, human,* weren't you supposed to be dead around one and a half years ago?"

The man shrugged. Takuma Ichijo headed for the door to the room with brisk steps and smiled a smile that had no feeling whatsoever. He said, "Let's go then, shall we?"

The man with the light brown hair trudged out of the room, grabbing his long coat on the way out. The boy got up from his seat and stared out of the window and muttered to himself, "How ironic… she chose the start of spring which symbolizes the rebirth of warm weather and hope.. far different from the cold harsh winter."

He smirked and walked out of the dark room, stuffing the two chess pieces he was holding into his pockets, "I wonder who she will be like when I meet her again? The white queen or the black queen?"

The dim light that had desperately tried to brighten the room put itself out, right before the two vampires and the human left the dark chamber up high at the peak of a tower.

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*~ used to be a blank space, but I fixed it ;)