"Ichijo-senpai!" Yuuki greeted. She ran over to the blonde vampire.

Zero rubbed his forehead, thinking, So it wasn't Kuran... Then what did that idiot Headmaster mean?

Takuma Ichijo chuckled, "Long time no see, Yuuki-chan! How are you and Kaname doinng?" he looked over at Zero and said, "Nice to see you too, Kiryuu-kun."

"We were supposed to meet Kuran here but apparently he's either somewhere else or he didn't arrive yet," Zero replied for her.

"It's Kuran-sama to you, you lowly level E," A voice snarled.

Yuuki and Zero looked down next to Ichijo to see a young boy in noble clothing with neat red-brown hair. He gave a slight bow to Yuuki.

"I have always been wanting to meet you, Yuuki-sama. I have heard about you from Ichijo. I am Sora Hayashi and I am of aristocratic rank. I assume you know my late brother, Ryuu?"

"You're Ryuu's little brother? How cute!" Yuuki squealed. "Nice to meet you, Sora-kun!"

"Sora... kun?" He cringed a bit.

"Yuuki," a soft voice called out her name.

Zero clenched his fists as soon as he heard the voice, hating everything about it, especially the owner. His eyes narrowed into a glare, he turned around to see Kaname Kuran... with Chou right next to him. Yuuki also turned around with an expression of extreme happiness, and then her face fell as soon as she saw the half blood standing next to her lover.

The same thought crossed Zero and Yuuki's mind: Why is she standing next to him? Don't they mutually hate each other?

"K-Kaname-senpai!" Yuuki greeted him with a smile, "Where have you been?" She ran over to him to give him a quick hug.

"Kaname-sama," Sora bowed to him before approaching Chou. "Chou-sama, have you waited long?"

"Nope, not at all..." Chou shook her head and seperated herself from Kaname, avoiding eye contact with Zero. She turned to Ichijo, "Nice seeing you again, Takuma-pyon."

"Eh... and I keep telling you not to call me that..." Ichijo sighed with a soft laugh.

Kaname hugged Yuuki back before glancing over at Chou, who grinned in return.

"About your proposal... we'll talk about it later, Kuran-san," she said. With that, she left them, Takuma and Sora accompanying her.

What's up with her? What does she mean, proposal? No... No way! Yuuki thought. She stared up at her lover with a pouty face, her eyes full of suspicion. Kaname only chuckled and replied to her mental question, "It's nothing romantic, Yuuki. Just business."

"Eeh... really?"

"Really," He nodded. Kaname blinked rapidly for a moment before lightly touching the tiny scratch on her cheek with his fingertips. Self-conscious, Yuuki pulled away, her face flushed. "What happened? Who hurt you, Yuuki?" Kaname asked.

"It's nothing, Kaname-senpai, I just had a dispute with Chou..."

The pureblood did not say anything and only gazed down at the girl with worried eyes. He reached his hands out to her again when the sound of a shot rang in the air. Startled, Yuuki did a little jump before turning to see Zero with his gun pointed at the ground. A thin line of smoke protruded from the opening of the Bloody Rose; evidence of the released bullet.

"Oh, sorry," Zero muttered, "I just thought I had to let you guys know that we should go back inside. It's cold out here, you know."

"Mm... ah, you're right!" Yuuki giggled nervously before running up to him, completely abandoning Kaname's caring hand. She looked back and smiled, "Let's go inside and see the Headmaster, Kaname-senpai!"

"Uhn... yeah..." Kaname Kuran nodded and started to follow them, his gaze fixed on both Yuuki and Zero.

"Just before we go see them, let me tell you something," Chou said, wiping the blood from her mouth using a handkerchief.

Kaname stared at her silently, waiting for her to continue.

"Yuuki and Zero... they've gotten closer during your absence. It grew worse while I was away. I have no idea what point they're at, but watch them carefully... They're hiding something for sure."

The pureblood clenched his fists as he remembered Chou's words, now knowing what she meant. Still, he could only glare at them while Yuuki showed her angelic smile to a man other than himself.

"Chou-sama," Sora said, supporting himself on one knee as he lowered his head in a bow. The three of them, Chou, Ichijo, and Ryuu's little brother were in Chou's dorm room.

"It has been a while, Sora," she said. "About Ryuu..."

"You do not need to worry about it, Chou-sama. I am proud of my brother for dying in the line of duty, no matter how idiotically he left this earth."

"Anyways, Chou-chan, about the topic we were discussing around a year ago..." Ichijo cut in. He was sitting on the bed and gazing up at the girl while he talked.

"Are you taking care of him properly?" Chou asked.

"If you mean the child, he is in perfectly good care. We would not mistreat an infant of the Shizuka clan, even if you do not use the name, Chou-sama," Sora replied.

"I can't believe a member of the Shizuka family is still alive.. in the blood," Takuma Ichijo commented.

"That's right... as Hiou Shizuka's relative, I have to make sure to keep up with my pride and fulfill the wishes of my clan. Even if I have to go against Kaname Kuran," Chou muttered. "I also have to keep my other... alternative name hidden from the others."

"Please, I, as Ryuu Hayashi's replacement, will be your guard and servant. Order me as you wish, Chii Shizuka-sama," Sora grinned.

Sorry the chapter is short... ^_^"