Sota: "Kagome! Sorra!"

You and your twin raised your head to see your brothers rapid approach. It was your 15th birthday and a Thursday. Kagome was excited and you were paranoid. This was one of those days where fans would jump you. Today you had wanted to miss school, but with the tests and exams, it was unacceptable.

You: "What's up, Sota?"

Sota: "The cat is in the well! Help me get him out!"

Kagome: "The cat can get himself out. We're going to be late to school. Come on, Sorra."

She continued walking the bike towards the entrance of the shrine, but she didn't stop till she realized you weren't beside her. When she turned around to see that you had barely budged, she was disappointed.

Kagome: "Come on! We'll be late!"

You: "No, you come on. That cat is to damn lazy and fat to get himself out of the well and you know it. Let's go, Sota."

You started for the well, your brother's aura at your side. And sure enough Kagome's was fast approaching. When you opened the doors to the well the darkness seemed to have fled away from the single path of light.

Kagome: "I-I-its s-s-sooo c-c-cold."

Sota: "I-I b-bet your j-just afraid."

Kagome: "Oh yeah?!"

You: "Quiet. Both of you."

They were silent fast enough. For you to catch the faint sound of movement in the shadows. For a moment you thought you could see coils of darkness surrounding the well, but you placed the idea as impossible especially when one of the coils was the cat's tail. You chuckled at yourself and started down the ladder to retrieve the cat.

Kagome: "I thought you said the cat was in the well."

Sota: "Well excuse me for not being specific."

As you picked up the cat you heard Kagome's footsteps climbing down the ladder. As Kagome began a rant about a waste of time, the cat started hissing in your arms. After scratching your arm he leapt up next to Sota, hissing at you, Kagome, and the well.

Kagome: "What is wrong with that stupid cat?"

That was when you felt the cold and evil presence in the darkness reach out for you. Once facing the well, the silvery essence showed itself. You couldn't move. When you looked down there they were. The coils of darkness holding your legs still. The essence the wrapped your arms and torso and pulled you into the well. And you weren't the only one. It had a hold of Kagome, too.

Before anything could be said the well was gone and you were falling still, but you were surrounded by what looked like space. Kagome was only a few feet away. She looked terrified and quite honestly so were you, but you had to protect her you had promised dad. So you grabbed her shirt and pulled her to your side. That was when you noticed the bones. The were legs. Thousands of them. It was forming a body. The upper body of the creature was that of a woman's. It wouldn't have concerned you to much if it's flesh had begun to regenerate.

It took notice of you as well, and the head came down on you like a vulture. It's six arms wrapped themselves around you and Kagome. It brought it's face down next to hers.

Thing: "The jewel. I can feel it. Already my body has begun to regenerate. Give me the jewel."

You pulled Kagome away and kicked the creature in the gut. It repelled it, but it also propelled you backwards. You cried out when the enter back of your body hit the bottom of where ever you where.

You: *groans* "Ow! That hurt."

When you looked up it was a well again. Only light was pouring through it rather then the dark hut it once occupied. Kagome started shivering in your grasp. You felt her tears land on your arm.

Kagome: "Where are we?"

You: "I don't know, but nothing bad will happen. I promise."

Kagome: "Okay."

You stood up, pulling Kagome with you. The walls of the well were covered top to bottom in vines. There were few that were sturdy for climbing, but with a little will power…

You: "Come on, Kagome. Let's put our P.E skills to work."

She wiped the tears from her eyes and began to follow you up the strongest looking vine. After a few moments of struggle you had both made it safely out of the well. But it was a futile effort. The shine no longer existed, but was replaced by a forest. In a book you had once read it was once known as Inuyasha Forest.

Kagome: "Where are we?"

You: "Not sure."

The forest had been cut down ages ago. Why was it here now?

You: "Let's look around. We might find someone who can help us."

She gave a silent nod then followed you deeper into the forest. For awhile nothing was heard. When you had judged the distance to the big tree in the courtyard, you had found it. With a boy pinned to the tree. Well it was actually the vines and roots that held him up, but the arrow seemed to stick out purposely. Like a warning.

You remained in the shadows. Something about this boy put you on your toes. Yet Kagome had taken no notice of the feeling, and climbed up next to him. Unable to see what she was up to, you adjusted the angle to see that she was softly stroking the dog-like ears, protruding from his hair. A giggle escaped your throat. It was so like your sister to want nothing more than to pet something. Even if it was only the ears of a dog-boy. At the sound of your laugh Kagome released the ears and looked, crossly, at you.

Kagome: "And what, pray tell, is so funny?"

?: "Don't move, demon."

Before you had the chance to answer your sister, men from the forest came from their hiding spots and surrounded her. She stood there confused and mortified. Then the woman appeared. She was old, wrinkled, and had one eye hidden beneath a patch. With her appearance you felt more at ease. That is…until then began jabbing their spears in Kagome's direction.

The fear for your sister consumed you. From your hiding spot, you leaped out in front of her. The quick movement from you had stunned everyone else's movement.

You: "Any of you so much as lay a hand on my sister and I will personally send you to your graves."

Man: "Look at her red eyes! She is a demon! A DEMON!"

You: "I am not a demon."

Woman: "Oh. Then why are ye eyes red, like that of a demon?"

As she spoke you could see why you liked her. Unlike the men in the clearing she spoke without final judgement. She wanted to her what you had to say.

You: "I was born with them. I don't care if you have a problem with my, but touch my sister and you will be sorry."

Woman: "Why are you so familiar?"

You: *surprised* "You know something? I feel the same way about you."

Woman: "Really?"

There was a long silence before it was broken by one of the men.

Man: "Look. It is the priestess Kikiyo returned to us from the dead."

When you looked at the direction of his gaze you saw none other than your sister. The woman's eyes widened. You turned to look directly into them. You could see everything from the boy beside you stealing the sacred jewel to the point of death to Kikiyo within one gaze.

Woman: "Come. Come back with us to village. We mean you no harm. My name is Lady Kaede."

With an exchanged look from your sister you nodded to the villagers and began walking with them. It was most certainly not quiet. Cheering themselves on like heroes for finding Kikiyo. Yet while walking the face of the boy passed through your head again and again. Until no matter how hard you tried his face was in your mind. The village was small, but bright and friendly. Kaede pulled you and Kagome to her hut before the women of the village could see you and talk to you non-stop.

Kaede: "Make yourself at home."

You looked around for the hut of a priestess it was rather plain and ordinary. In your old history books they said that they were treated like wonders, treasures. Less to say you were surprised.

Kaede: "Who are you?"

Kagome: "I'm Kagome and this is my twin sister Sorra."

You gave a light wave and averted your attention to the two longbows at the end of the room.

Kaede: "Twins you say? That explains things…"

You: "Like what?"

Kaede: "Well Kagome's body looks like it was supposed to be the full incarnation of my sister. But because two of you were born her soul and body were split, one in the other."

You: "That makes sense."


You glared at your sister. Her hysterics were driving you crazy. You held every ounce of distain and disapproval in your eyes as possible. She saw your gaze and looked away ashamed. After a few moments your gaze turned to the longbows once more. You loved archery. You had your own longbow at home and as you looked at the design it was the exact same one as the one at home. Without meaning to you just grabbed it. No one said anything as you pulled the string, testing the tension. Kaede watched you with interest Kagome was crying and holding herself as if your gaze had physically abused her. A quiver of arrows stood next to the second longbow. You picked it up and slung it over your shoulder. The feeling was normal, neutral.

Kaede: *whispers* "Kikiyo…"

You turned the priestess now had tears of her own. Your sister now turned away a pained look on her face. Before another word could be spoken there was a crash from outside. You leapt out the door, Kaede and Kagome at your heals. You were hit by cold air and the darkness. That was, until you faced the fire of course. From the fire, bright atop a hut, you could see the face of the creature from the well.

Kagome: "It followed us…"

Kaede: "That is Mistress Centipede. My sister defeated her ages ago why is she here?"

You: "She's after the jewel. Kagome, run."

Kagome: "No. I won't leave-"

You: "Now is not the time to fight. Run, damn it."

She refused to move. When the movement from the corner of your eye moved forward you grabbed Kagome and took off leaving the village. But not the demon. It perused you to Inuyasha Forest, where lights wavered above the trees.