Sorra's Pov

You are huddled with the wolf demon tribe near the base of the mountain where the Birds of Paradise are nesting. Before even reaching this point you had been able to sense the jewel shard.

Kouga: "Got anything yet?"

You: "The shard is here, but I can't pinpoint it. Can I have my weapons back?"

Kouga hesitates, but he motions to his men to pass back up your guns. It wasn't everything, but it would have to do. You unfortunately don't feel as secure as your mind made it out to be. Your hands shake a little as you check your weapon. Your fear rises; surrounded by evil creatures with people who don't really care about you, and you aren't even well armed. You find your mind returning to thoughts of Inuyasha. He should be coming soon. If he didn't…you would either die or become Kouga's toy…and then die. A dark smile crawls its way onto your face. You shouldn't be so scared one way or another you would get to the same place.

Of course, maybe it wasn't dying you were afraid of. A loud shriek from above you and the whole group looked up to see the Birds of Paradise had noticed you.

Kouga: "They're onto us. Men you take the grunts. Come on, Sorra."

His arm wraps around your waist and you throw a free arm along his shoulders. In your other hand is one of your pistols. Kouga leaps out before the others move and makes his way towards the mountain. A couple of birds try to stop your approach, but you lift your gun, aim and fire. Both birds hit the ground dead. Without any more interruptions you make it to the mountain.

Kouga: "So that's what those weapons do! I'm glad I got them away from you."

You: "The jewel shard is two more cliffs up. Let's move."

Kouga: "See I knew you would warm up to me."

You roll your eyes as Kouga proceeds forward. Suddenly you are stopped when something bursts out of the mountain. You and Kouga are thrown off the mountain. Luckily Kouga lands on another cliff. Looking up you see a large double bodied bird had emerged from the mountain. That had to be the one with the shard. Once it was nestled in the air it turned towards you.

Bird: "We have been waiting for you. You have the sacred jewel shards. How considerate of you to bring them right to us."

Kouga: "I'm delivering something alright. Sorra, where is it?"

You: "…it's in its mouth!"

Bird: "Don't worry you'll get a good glimpse as we devour you!"

The bird opens its mouth, charging you. Kouga leaps down, holding you tightly, and provides the bird with a mouthful of rocks. You made it, but that didn't change the fact that that was way too close. Inuyasha wouldn't have made it that close you think desperately. You and Kouga come off the mountain to find that many of the men have killed or captured several Birds of Paradise. There were also a lot of wolf faces missing.

Kouga: "Hey!"

Two of Kouga's best friends, whom you recognize as Ginta and Hukaku, look up. They remove their weapons from a downed Bird of Paradise and rush over.

Ginta: "Kouga?"

Kouga: "Protect Sorra."

Ginta: "Why? Where are you going?"

Kouga pulls a spear out of the corpse of a nearby bird.

Kouga: "I'm gonna split its mouth wide open."

You: "I can help."

Kouga: "Don't worry, Sorra. I'm the only one strong enough to take that turkey on. Here goes nothing."

Kouga run up the face of the mountain not even looking back. Now you felt even worse. Kouga was certainly the most powerful wolf demon here and now without him by your side you were so nervous you could almost puke. Without anyone on your level or higher to fight by your side you would have to go full out on your weapons. You need Inuyasha! If your sickness overtakes you in the middle of the fight would anyone notice? Would anyone care? You would be overwhelmed if no one could help you; you would most certainly die.

Ginta: "Don't worry, sister. We'll get you to safety."

An image of Kagome involuntarily passes through your mind when you hear the word sister.

You: "Sister?"

Hukaku: "You're Kouga's woman now. So you're one of us."

If you weren't so nervous in a demanding situation you would have told them off – maybe even knock them upside the head. However, circumstances didn't allow it. You hear cries nearby warning you to look out. A Bird of Paradise comes hurtling your way after escaping a pack of wolf demons. Ginta and Hukaku pull out their spears and hold them out ferociously to the approaching bird, but in a swift gust of wind Ginta is taken by the bird. The vicious demon fowl begins its ascent, but it is quickly brought down when your bullet passes through its skull. The body tumbles down first and acts to break Ginta's fall back to earth. You run over to make sure that he is alright along with Hukaku, but you can hear the other wolf demons behind you muttering in their amazement.

Ginta: "Thanks, sis. Look out!"

You turn to see a large flock of the Birds of Paradise descending. You pull out your second pistol and begin to open fire. Many of them go down, and the wolf demons catch two of them by surprise, but that still isn't enough. You run out of bullets and find yourself face to face with a predator as fast as Kouga; except this one didn't have a reason to keep you around. Kouga had left you defenseless without the rest of your weapons and he left you in the care of others who couldn't even defend themselves. These wolf demons just wanted your abilities they didn't care about you or your life. All of your friends were out looking for you and though they would miss you, you weren't ready to say goodbye. You haven't felt so alone in such a long time. Unable to fight you become trapped in the claws of a bird. One of the claws drags across your chest and you openly scream. The pain and the burning is unbearable. You feel the blood seeping into the rest of your shirt and it actually manages to feel cool on the rest of your skin. That could have been the whipping of the wind, but somehow you didn't consider it. Your fear has reached its peak inside of you and in your final defense you cry out:


?: "SORRA!"

You look down towards the disappearing ground to see Inuyasha leaping up at the Birds of Paradise. His Tetsuiga cuts through the offending bird and pulls you out of its claws. He cuts two more that are in your way before both you land safely on the ground. Now safe you can look up at Inuyasha as he looks back down at you. You can feel the smile on your face despite the growing pain from your chest. Your heart feels unnaturally light. You wrap your arms around him and hold on tightly. You can't remember being this safe, this light, or this happy. You truly don't know what you have until it's gone. You wince as your wound screams in agony and your blood begins to soak into his robes. Tears begin to roll down your cheeks. Inuyasha hugs back even if it was hesitant. He has no clue what is going on…wait until he finds out.

You: "I was so scared. I didn't think you were going to make it. I've been all alone."

Inuyasha: "Hey, I'm here now alright? No need to get all teary-eyed."

You: "I can't help it. You weren't here to fight with me. There were wolf and bird demons everywhere. I was just so afraid."

You can feel Inuyasha stroke the back of your head trying to calm you down. Quickly you stop crying and Inuyasha moves back from the embrace. He now notices the large gash across your chest and starts growling.

Inuyasha: "They are all going to pay for this."

Miroku and Sango land on Kirara right next to you. Shippo is the first to hop off the great cat and hug your leg.

Sango: "Sorra! Thank goodness – You're wounded! Here, let me help."

Sango sets you on the ground and begins using a cloth to wipe away the blood coating your skin. She helps to remove your slashed coat to reveal your once blue top was now stained an ugly brown by your blood. It was also pretty much open now from the slash. It had been a nice looking top. Part of your bra was also showing, but to hide your decency Sango stepped in front of you. She also pulled a salve out of her armor. I had seen her use it on several cuts before so you didn't feel the need to ask about it.

A large shriek detours your attention. Above the birds have regathered and are preparing for the next attack. Miroku steps forward and opens his wind tunnel. The birds come hurtling down as they are sucked into the void in Miroku's hand. The shrieks of the birds are near deafening, but you dare not throw your hands up to quickly cover your ears for fear of ruining the work Sango was putting into your wound. Luckily it was all over very quickly. The wolf demons stared around in wonder and awe, but for you everything seemed a little fuzzy. Your adrenaline is starting to wear off. The pain had been like an angry, annoying itch before, but even under Sango's curing salve my wound now feels like an unbearable open wound. Every time Sango touches the wound it feels like she is applying fire. The only reason I am still conscious is because that salve hurts so bad. Your face screws up with pain every time – you can feel it. So you try to distract yourself…like with the conversation Inuyasha and Kouga are having.

Kouga: "I don't have time for you today."

Inuyasha: "You're going to pay for what you did to Sorra!"

Kouga must have paused. You can't tell because you were trying so hard not to squirm while Sango wrapped your wound in bandages. Shippo who must have been missing brought your bag over for Sango to use.

Kouga: "I'll let you leave, but don't you dare lay a hand on my woman. Got it!"

Miroku: "His woman?"

Kouga: "She can see the sacred jewel so she's perfect for me."

Inuyasha: "What?!"

Miroku: "Is there any truth to this Sorra?"

You finally open your eyes. Kirara is now sitting in front of you; probably keeping the boys from getting an eyeful. Luckily you can still see Shippo and Miroku over her back.

You: "Hardly. He just says I'm his to hear himself talk. He doesn't care about me and I reciprocate that!"

Inuyasha: "I knew it! You're deluded!"

Kouga: "I am not. I have claimed her as mine. I'm in love with you, Sorra! You're better off with me and you know it. Inuyasha's not good enough for you."

You calmly reach over Sango who still sits beside you and begin reloading your pistol. How kind of Shippo to bring my weapons back to me. Sango watches you anxiously, but continues ahead with her work.

Kouga: "You should just forget about him. I'm gonna kill him someday anyway. Once you've been with a real warrior like me you'll never go back to scraps again."

Kouga and his men began to laugh at his own declaration. You have ignored the second half of that speech. Once he involved Inuyasha in this it became a problem with me.

Miroku: "I wish I had that kind of audacity."

Miroku looks over at you and finally sees the gun in my hand. He moves out of the way as my eyes lock back on target.

Inuyasha: "No one talks to Sorra like that! How dare you try to humiliate her. She's not your property!"

To finish off the statement you pull the trigger effectively knocking the spear out of Kouga's hand. All eyes are on you. The smirk on your face is still part of a grimace from your pain.

You: "Oops…I missed. Inuyasha! Kick his ass for me!"

Inuyasha: "With pleasure!"

Inuyasha starts up the mountain. You look down to see Sango has removed your top and bra, but completely covered in bandages. Even though you are thankful for Kirara keeping particularly lecherous eyes away from you, you try to move. Sango pushes you back down, but before you could argue there is a collective gasp from the demon wolf tribe.

Kouga is now hanging out of the mouth of the large bird demon. He deserved that you think. When he fell from the bird, however, you didn't think he deserved being slammed into the top of the mountain.

You: "That had to hurt."

Inuyasha had disappeared over the top where Kouga was. In the blink of an eye a light fills the sky. The Windscar! You finally got to see it…Why are you suddenly feeling so tired? Your eyes begin closing against your will. Then everything went black.

Inuyasha's POV

You: "Now all that's left is that mangy wolf."

The others have joined you on the peak of the mountain. Kouga is surrounded his fellow wolf demons. This was going to be easy. With Tetsuiga you prepare to strike.

You: "Come on, flea bag! Fight me!"

Kouga: "You're asking for it!"

Kouga tries to stand, but wobbles. Good enough for you.

Sango: "Inuyasha, stop!"

You: "No way! I'm about to-"

Miroku: "Sorra is badly wounded we need to get her to Kaede for healing."

Kouga: "Sorra is hurt?"


Kouga tried to move forward to see Sorra, but was too weak and ended up falling back on his men.

Kouga: "I thought I told you keep her safe!"

Hukaku: "She went charging in. We couldn't keep up with her."

You: "You left her with these morons to watch her back? Is that how you tell women you love them? By getting them killed?"

Kouga: "Watching her back? That's not her place. They were supposed to be keeping her safe."

You: "Then you clearly do not know Sorra. She doesn't need protecting. She needs someone to fight beside her and watch her back. You failed her and I won't give you a second chance. You don't get it and she doesn't need you."

Kouga: "Step off, Mutt-face."

You growl and take a step forward with your hand tightening on Tetsuiga.

Sango: "Inuyasha! We don't have time for this right now!"

You look at her, angrily. Then you see Sorra's pale face and you can feel your rage cool, but it doesn't fade; in fact it nestles in your stomach waiting for a better time. You turn to Kouga.

You: "This isn't over."

Sango, Shippo, and Sorra ride on Kirara in the air while you and Miroku follow closely behind. It stings that you couldn't end the deluded wolf, but…You look up in Sango's arms where you once more see Sorra's pale and disgruntled face. The sting dies off a little bit. Sorra is the priority right now. A smirk finds its way to your face. Who knows? Maybe she's well enough you can kill the wolf together.