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Afternoon/Early Evening

John sauntered over next to Sam, taking his place next to her. She drew small sips from her cup, wondering which one would break the silence first. John gazed over her body, taking extra time on her full breasts, flat, toned belly, and slightly parted tan legs- once again taking note of the bright red polish on her toes. Sam took stock of the open shirt and the smooth skin that was exposed, resisting the urge to lean over and lick from the edge of John's pants all the way up to his ear where she would gently suckle on his lobe. His soft, husky voice lured her from the edge.

"Sam, is there something you'd like to say?" he asked, searching in her eyes for what it was. He hoped it was something good.

"Well, first off I just want to say that I've missed this…us being alone. It has felt like we were beginning to drift apart. And it stressed me out even more because I didn't know how to stop it for fear of saying the wrong words or doing the wrong actions. I'm glad my mother stepped in and offered to watch Danny for us." She had said the main part of what she wanted to say. The rest would be easy.

'Into the Mystic' played as John stroked her cheek, lower lip, and neck- all the places he wanted his mouth to be. Closing the short distance, his lips brushed against her jaw, barely applying pressure. His hand cradled the side of her face as he slowly moved his way to her ear. Small shivers ran up and down her petite body, eliciting approving moans in her ear. Sam relaxed further into John, laying her head against him.

"I missed us, too. I thought you needed space, but if I had known…next time anything comes up we will deal with it together. When we were together, it was strained. We can't let stress get in the way of us or our family. There is a little boy that needs us to work as a couple," John whispered, stroking Sam's ponytail.

Sam placed a kiss on the side of John's neck, mumbling that she agreed. She listened to him talk about new cases at work, even offering help if he needed and he would let her if there was anything. They both laugh recalling the moment Danny found his hands and the funny look he gave them as he examined them. John's finger traced up and over her shoulder continuously during their conversation while she wound and unwound his hair around her fingers.

Various artists played on in the background. Sam recounted a recent story of Molly freaking out about getting a C on test and their mother taking her phone away.

"I'm sure Molly was devastated. As I see most teens nowadays are attached to their phones," John joked, laughing as Sam mimicked her sister's actions.

"You would have thought our mother had cut off her arm or something. I did my best to not burst out laughing," Sam added, entwining her fingers with his.

John rested his chin on top her head, gazing out into the water. The days were getting shorter and soon it would be too cool to go swimming which gave him his next idea.

"Hey, how 'bout we go for a swim? There's no one around, so there's no need to worry about passing boats."

Sam turned to face him, placing a firm, longing kiss on his full lips, and casually draping her arms on his shoulders. He responded back by pressing her harder against him. She gasped aloud, briefly breaking the kiss. When their lips connected again, their tongues met one another, softly caressing and teasing each other as his hands traveled to her hair, loosening it from the ponytail. Sam felt John's hard cock through the thin material of her bikini bottoms. Her hips began a slow grind, deepened their kiss, and his hands moved from her hair to her hips, guiding them as she moved. The grinding and kissing lasted a few minutes more, causing John to groan when Sam pulled away.

"Don't groan at me. You're the one who asked me if I wanted to go for a swim," Sam chided.

"Well, yeah, but that was before you started dry humping me." Sam silenced him with a finger over his lips.

"Why don't we take this to the water? We can do naughty things to scare the fish away." She smirked as she watched John's face for his reaction, which didn't take long as he moved her out the way to stand up and remove his clothes.

In a matter of seconds, he stood naked before her. His hand softly stroked his cock; Sam stared as she licked her bottom lip. Roving slowly up from John's manual stimulation, Sam met his stare- steely blue, deep, and piercing. His other hand reached out for her. Sam lunged for John's hand and he easily pulled her against him. Both immediately embraced with a deep kiss with one of his hands tangling in her hair as the other pressed into the small of her back.

Moving from her hair, John's hand skimmed down the back of her neck and stopped at the loops of Sam's bikini top. She moaned from their lip-locked kiss as he started untying the strings. The thin, black strings dangled down the front of her chest, folding the triangles in half, and only exposing her breasts halfway. John's fingers skimmed further down her smooth back until he met the other set of bikini ties. He broke the kiss to admire her bare breasts as he discarded the flimsy top next to his clothes. A groan rumbled from him as her fingers traversed from his hair and down his chest to his flat abdomen. Her palm airily brushed the tip of his cock, eliciting another groan that bordered on a growl.

John moved his hands up her arms, then to her shoulders, and down to her breasts where he rolled and pinched each nipple. Sam whimpered and drew in a small breath. Her eyes closed. John palmed her breasts as he bent down placing a soft kiss on her lips. She couldn't deepen the kiss, he left to trail kisses from her neck and back to her breasts.

He kneeled and swiped his tongue across a pert nipple before taking it into his mouth. A breathy moan greeted John's sensual manipulation. Sam's hands left her side and entangled them in his hair, pressing him to continue. Anchored by his hands at her hips, Sam reveled in the assault on her nipples. The ache between her thighs was coming to a crescendo, wanting release and she needed it soon. Unknowingly, Sam escaped John's hands and ran towards the cabin, but not before he caught her, pinning her against the outside of the cabin.

"Just where do you think you're going?" John asked, looking from Sam's eyes to her lips as he moved her arms above them, locking their fingers together.

Sam licked her lips, smiling before she answered him.

"I was hoping to have made it to the bedroom, but um, I think right here is good. What do you think, John?"

"Keep your arms above you," John instructed her, removing his hands from hers. Quickly, John had her legs wrapped around his waist. His finger lightly tugged on her bottoms, Sam moaned "please." Quick work was made of the flimsy bikini bottoms and both were naked, waiting for the other to make a move.

John and Sam searched one another's faces, both enjoying the moment but wanting fuck also. "Come here," he said, crashing his mouth into hers while her hands moved to push him closer to her. John pushed his way inside Sam, making her gasp against his mouth, his open kiss. Her legs were moved to the support of his elbows, spreading her wider as John's thrusts became more aggressive. His mouth found her neck, ravaging it with kisses, sucks, and licks. Her hands were in his hair, pulling and gathering.

Moaning and mewling into the warm afternoon air, John pounded her harder and deeper, making their bodies smack together. Sam's fingernails dug and scratched the skin on his back, causing droplets of blood to well up. The burning of the scratches spurs John on, growling in her ear, "If my need to be in you didn't exceed my want; I'd be buried between your thighs tasting you."

The thought of him tasting her was almost too much as Sam bit the top of his shoulder. John bit her neck in response, and then slowly licked the red, tender spot. He could feel her starting to tighten around his cock- she could feel it too. Her fingers joined his in touching her clit slowly in circles.

John watched her beautiful face as the intense pleasure of the orgasm shook her body. Her eyes never left his. His hips quickened their rolling and thrusting. "John come for me" was the last thing he heard from her soft lips before he came. His body shuddered against her tiny one as her arms pulled him to her mouth. Sam softly kissed John's lips. He held her against him, supporting both their tired bodies. When their breathing calmed, she looked him, smiling.

"That was amazing, thank you."

"No, I should be thanking you."

Sam pulled him to her, resting his head against her chest. Her fingers combed his sweat soaked hair. As John rested, Sam noticed a plaque bearing the boat's name, Fireworks. The name made her smirk but more than just reference their latest activity; it reminded her of all the brilliance and color John brought into her life since he entered it. He was a good man who loved her, encouraged her, and took in her son as his own. He would keep them safe, loved, and warm. And in return, Danny and her would give him nothing less but more.

She was still stroking his hair when she felt little kisses on her chest and fingers gliding up and down her arm. Sam looked down and saw brilliant blue eyes watching her with a lazy pout to his lips.

"I'm not going to ask what you're thinking about cause the softness to your eyes and the slight, tender smile tells me everything I need to know," John said, breaking the quietness of her moment.

He kissed her lips once, twice, thrice before trailing them up to her ear, whispering, "Let's go inside and make more fireworks."