In This Chapter, Bob, Larry, and the rest of the VeggieTales team talk about their new feature film!


Chapter One: The New Production:

Bob The Tomato was in his office. He looked over to the papers that were about to completely fall off of his desk. He made a grab for them but only saved one. The one Bob saved was a large, yellow, envelope. He examined the envelope and looked inside. The paper he drew out showed a picture of him and Larry on the swings. Around the picture it had a frame that read: "Best Friends." Bob smiled and put the drawing back into the yellow envelope. "Phil," Bib said. "Larry and I are like two peas in a pod. Phil Winklestien, the celery who had recently stopped acting for blockbusters and became full-time at VeggieTales, smiled along with Bob, recognizing the coincidence that they were a Cucumber and a Tomato, not peas.

"Yep," said Bob. "Nothing will be able to bring us apart. Nothing in the entire world." He got up from his seat and went to the door. "Oh," he said. "And Phil, could you please tidy up the desk while I get ready for the meeting?"

"Sure thing Bob," said Phil. He smiled at Bob, who went out through the door. Annie, the small little leek, came up to Bob.

"Um...Mr. Tomato, I mean Bob..." She started to say. Her parents told her to always refer to someone older than them as Mrs, Ms, or Mr. But Bob told her to just call him Bob. "I was told to tell you that Nebby K. Nezzer is going to have to miss the meeting for our next production."

Bob spat out the coffee that he was drinking. "WHAT?" Bob asked. "But it is a new feature film: 'LarryBoy! The Return Of The Bad Apple!'" Bob was right, after the release of "The League Of Incredible Vegetables" fan-mail started pouring in asking if they could please bring LarryBoy to the big-screen. Ms. Achmeetha was given the job to reply to each one with 'It's Coming!' "But Mr. Nezzer is playing the role of LarryBoy's injured uncle...because Mr. Nezzer IS Larry's uncle!"

"Yeah," said Annie. " But Pa Grape told me to tell you that his family is celebrating his birthday today and he won't take "Come back to work" as an option.

Bob rolled his eyes. "Okay...we will put who he will be playing on his desk for him to see tomorrow morning." At that moment they were in the room where they held their "Parts" meeting. Annie and Bob both went in to sit in their seats.

"Am I Late?" a voice said coming from the doorway. Bob and all of the others looked around. It was Larry The Cucumber. He came in with a plunger on the top of his head. He didn't seem to notice it was up there.

"No," said Bob. "Annie and I just got here. What is with the uh...the plunger?"

"Huh?" Larry asked looking around. He looked on top of his head. "Oh!" he said. "Early today I was practicing on my Plunger-Practice for our new movie. You gotta be trained to be a star!"

"Why don't you just use ropes and nets like everyone else?" Petunia Rhubarb asked, as Larry sat down beside her and Bob.

"Larry does all of his own stunts," said Bob. "He is practically LarryBoy himself if you ask me!"

Mr. Lunt looked around. "So...uh...are you going to give us our parts?"

"Ooh! Ooh!" Junior said jumping up and down in his seat. "Can I play Ricochet again?" Junior looked very excited.

"Sorry Junior," said Bob. "But 40% of the mail we got specifically stated that they wanted a LarryBoy solo film. Since a lot of them said that they liked the villain of Apply a lot...we decided that we could bring her back."

Junior looked slightly disappointed. "Okay," he said, rather cheerful.

"So here are the parts," said Bob. "Larry: Larry/LarryBoy, Junior: Junior, Allison: Apply a.k.a 'The Bad Apple,' Madame Blueberry: Mayor Blueberry, Petunia Rhubarb: Herself, Me: Me, Archibald Asparagus: Alfred Asparagus..." This went on for a while. The Veggies seemed satisfied with their roles.
"So the script hasn't been completely written yet...we wonder if we should go by the Batman type stories again, or if we should stick with the Spider-Man type. I guess it all depends on you Larry,"

"I miss being The Purple Knight of Bumblyburg. Also, Spider-Man's type gets rid of my time in the Larry-Mobile...and I really like the Larry-Mobile a lot." Larry smiled.

"It is settled then," said Bob. "We will make this certain movie more like 'Larry-Boy And The Fib From Outer Space' and 'Larry-Boy And The Rumor Weed' than 'Larry-Boy And The Bad Apple' and 'The League Of Incredible Vegetables.'"

"'You know," said Petunia. "I don't think I have ever seen 'LarryBoy And The Fib From Outer Space.'"

"You haven't?" Larry asked. "Well you should, it is a classic!"

"Okay everyone," said Bob. "The meeting is over for 'LarryBoy! Return Of The Bad Apple' you can leave now." The Veggies started to leave. "Oh, and Allison."

Allison Apple looked up. "Yeah?"

"Could you bring the object of yours to use again?"

"Okay..." She said, messing with the big leaf on head head.

"Have a good day everyone," said Bob. "I love working here!"

"So do I!" said Larry. "It is such a blast being able to help kids and all."

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