is an extremely short Chapter Eighteen. This is the last one. I mostly just felt that Mr. Leek throwing a knocked out Apply to the cops was not a very good ending.

Chapter Eighteen: The Very Short Ending Chapter:

"I guess it all worked out pretty well," said Larry.

"Here, here," said Archibald. "It did all work out."

"Yeah," said Bob.

"Except for Leon, Rob, Harry, and Allison," said Annie.

"Don't mention that," said Mr. Lunt. "It is depressing. Everybody knows the best part of that adventure was all the stuff with me in it."

"Right," said Larry. "What about the readers?"

"What about them," said Mr. Lunt. "I thought that we weren't supposed to break the fourth wall anymore."

"Nah," said Larry. "I think the best part was when Bob came back to our side."

"Ah," said Mr. Lunt. "It was okay."

"So Bob," Larry said. "What are we going to do for the next VeggieTales production. I guess it will be hard to do LarryBoy: The Return Of The Bad Apple now, won't it."

"I don't know...but maybe we can think of something else."

"You are all great guys," said Larry..."Also..."

A dramatic music started to play from nowhere and Larry jumped from his chair in his LarryBoy costume and exclaimed "I! AM! THAT! HERO!"

"Thanks for reading everyone. I'm Mr. Lunt. Talk about how awesome I was by reviewing...or something."


"Okay...okay, you don't have to review at all...or maybe you can...and in the meantime talk about how awesome the Lunt was."


"Okay...okay. Thank you for reading. This is Mr. Lunt, the guy who was featured in productions like 'VeggieTales: Rack, Shack, and Benny,' 'A VeggieTales Movie: The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything,' and what you have just recently read 'VeggieTales: Business Chaos.' Also, Luntrocks9000-"


"Okay...okay. Larryboyrocks9000 needs your help. What should we write next? Should it be Minnesota Cuke & The Search For David's Crown, or a Cartoon Adventures Of LarryBoy Fanfiction Titled: "LarryBoy and the Weather Man.

David's Crown will include Minnesota, Julia, and Rattan a.k.a Me, as we search for the sacred crown of King David. A zucchini wants to use it to take over the world, for he thinks that the future title of David's crown gave him the power to take down the Goliath...yeah, he was a bit confused.

In "LarryBoy & The Weather Man" Alvin is going to plan to take over Bumblyburg by gaining a device to control the weather and make it extreme. LarryBoy won't listen to the help of any of his super friends or his regular friends to stop Alvin, so it is going to be tough. There might be a bit of LarryBoy/Viki in this one knows yet.

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Goodnight everybody!