The sorceress wasn't listening to me. Here I was, her messenger, trying to give her a message, yet she wouldn't listen to me.

I hated my job.

Being a fairy is not as easy as it seems.

"Pond scum, this spell was supposed to be the best one yet! We even had personalized commercials sent out to everyone in Ambrosia. What do mean that it doesn't turn the client's hair whatever color he was thinking? The spell worked out perfectly on the stupid fairy!"

I cringed. The stupid fairy was me. An annoyed voice answered.

"Because she is a fairy, fairies don't have enough thoughts in their mind to give you a color."

The Super Hard To Understand Yet Very Informing Dictionary defined fairies as,

'Annoying little creatures that are messenger and slaves to the magical beings that can use magic.'

Yes, I can read.

Yes, I have thoughts.

The sorceress, who called herself Tanya, turned to me and spat in my face. The worst insult a fairy could get. Ever. I felt my wings starting droop, but I kept my face determined. At least I finally had her attention, even though the reasons weren't the best.

"Aro wanted to tell you that the deadline for your book is in two days. He said if you don't give him at least a draft, then he will fire you. "

Tanya finally stopped screaming. Her red face turned to a pale white. Eyes narrowing in anger, she said.

"Are lying?"


I fought to keep my face determined. Showing signs of weakness would only make this day harder on me.

"You worthless wretch, you are supposed to bring good luck!" Fairies were popularly believed to bring good luck, even with their annoying natures. I was the only one that didn't. Small tears stung my eyes.

"Don't you dare cry, you can't even fathom how I feel, you scum."

Tanya hadn't dismissed me. As much as I wanted to disappear, the pull of magic kept me in the same spot. Tanya put her hands to her face.

Oh no.

The last time this had happened, Tanya transported me thousands of miles out of Ambrosia and right into a hoolah's camp.

Nasty creatures they were. They looked like little green elves, with pointy ears and long perfect hair. Instead of being nice they gave trouble to anyone that they could find, making them the least loved creatures anywhere. When they found me they hung me upside down and tickled me for a whole fifteen minutes.

I cringed at the memory. For fairies, tickling incapacitates them, making them unable to fly, even though it felt good. I couldn't fly for the next three days and by the time that I came back Tanya was ready to kill me. She almost did.

"I want you out of my sight. Forever."

The ground disappeared from under me and I sunk into sweet oblivion.





My world was spinning. Round and round everything went. I stopped trying to move and just lied there.

Finally, it stopped.

The first thing that caught my eyes wasn't the fact that I was in a cell but the fact that instead of hands I had things that could only be described as,


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