I woke up; only to find that I was a metal cage. Granted, it was bigger than the cell I had been in before, yet still had the confining measure. Leisurely, I stretched my aching joints, wondering how much time I had been out like a walrus. I walked around in circles but found that I couldn't. I had two extra legs, and they weren't fitted very well. When I had been at home, I could change into different forms. They were only small bugs that could fly, but still the changing factor had remained. Willingly changing forms is a whole different thing than being forced. When I changed into a cricket, it didn't felt strained at all. I didn't feel an alien to my body. It was just as well, if I stayed a cricket my whole life (honestly, I wouldn't care). Now, after Tanya had pulled her disastrous trick on me, I felt as though someone had forced a suit that was all too tight on me, and then forced me to go run a marathon. My paws were small and my body was too big. How the heck did cats even live like this? Finally, I heard footsteps coming towards me in high heels. Click click. I put my hands over my ears pardon, paws. Everything was too loud. The winds outside blew incessantly, and running water just wouldn't take a break from running. Honestly, I thought water had more sense than that.

"Hello Ducks. Did you have a good nights sleep?"

When I looked up a beautiful woman was looking down at me, pure affection in her eyes. Her long white hair almost glowed in the artificial light that the humans had put in the ceiling. At home, at least we had enough dignity to perfectly imitate the small sunrays. I guessed that human technology wasn't there yet. The cage was opened and I was taken into her arms.

"Rosalie, be careful. She isn't something you hold as though for dear life." A voice came from somewhere in the house

Her hold was a bit constraining but to be out of that cage felt as though I was flying. Rosalie sat down and her hold immediately loosened.

"Ducks. I got first dibs. Alice had told that in some weird way, you understand me. I honestly think that it is some kind of joke."

First dibs. What was that? I was a bit hurt. I hoped that in this world I at least wouldn't be thought of as a joke. Being a joke was nothing new to me. I started to purr, and buried myself in Rosalie's tunic fabric.

"Gosh. I already love you." said Rosalie.

She petted me in what I assumed to be an affectionate way. Her hand was cold, but it helped me. If I could sweat, I would have already filled up at least three buckets. The sad thing was that cats didn't sweat. Then, came a whirlwind from behind.

"Time for a baaaaaaaaaaaath."

I immediately recognized the voice of Alice, the black haired human. I knew cats weren't particularly fond of water, but fairies loved water. We lived near water, always. I guess, though, we didn't include me. Tanya being a sorceress hated water, and dragged me along with her wherever she went. I was picked up and carried into a full bathtub. She plopped me right into the cold water.

Heaven, at last.

The water seeped through my fur and touched my skin. Its cooling touch made me start to purr.

"See, I knew she would like it."

Alice's voice seeped proudness. I looked up and saw Rosalie staring at me with wonder. Water wasn't that bad, was it? Suddenly, another man walked into the room. I should have been embarrassed but since I was all covered in fur, I didn't care one bit.

"Awww, she is so cute. We waited forever for you."

I stopped swimming and looked balefully at him. If I was going to stay like this forever, than I'm not sure its worth waiting forever. Cats don't live too long.

"Emmett stop gaping at her. She is a girl, you know."

Yet, Emmett didn't stop. Now, that was making me uncomfortable. So I decided to get rid of him. I spread out my paw, with the claws out. I asked the water kindly to do a big splash for me. In one motion, I easily soaked Emmett's face. His hair clung to his eyebrows, and he froze. Alice and Rosalie, thankfully completely dry, started to laugh.

"That is what you get for a staring at a girl, while she is taking a bath." said Rosalie.

Emmett smiled wickedly.

"I will get you for that, Ducks."

Bring it on, Emmett, bring it on.

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