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Danny has always been kidnapped a lot by Vlad through the shows and fanfic. Now, it's Danny turn to do it to Vlad. Let's see what happens now...)


A man in a fine silver hair that held in a ponytail worked on his company's business under several paperwork. He was rather getting irritated every second of it and felt the need to have vacation soon enough. He had to prepare that at least by next week or he might end up killing someone soon enough.

He hasn't been himself over the years and lost several interests. Nothing has been the same for him. Somehow, he managed to carry on with his life and deal wha-

Ding. Dong.

The man froze in his seat and felt confused. He knew his schedule by heart and then, it hit him. He checked the time and he smiled.

"It has been awhile." He got up as he smiled lightly.

It was four-thirty-six in the evening and he never expected what day he'd get his attention on. He headed to the front door and opened it. He glanced down and saw a letter. He picked it up happily and knowing this letter was about to make his day.

"I wonder when I'll meet the secret admirer. I can truly thank this person for always making my day." He hummed.

He closed the door and began to open up his letter. He began to read.

Dear Vlad,

I'd better hope you're not drowning yourself in heavy load of work. It's not like you to be stress out and I haven't seen you out in public. Were you busy?

I missed writing to you after almost a week. It built me up to come out of my closet for you and I hope we'll meet each other personally. You are always the man I want and I do not want anyone else having you. After writing to you for two years, I am confident a lot will change between us.

Please, prepare yourself to meet me. I cannot hold back any longer because I believe you are the one out of billion people I need in my life. You are intelligent, strong, open minded, sexy, beautiful, and truly, unbelievable.

Every second I write this letter, I wanted to say this in person to you, Vlad. The letters I wrote to you have motivate me to get it over with, but I will not push it. I do not want to push you away. You mean too much to me and I am nervous to meet you.

I hope you like meeting me and hopefully find me attractive. If not, I'm afraid that I place myself in a whole lot of trouble – emotionally, I mean.

Now, I ought to get a basket full of fruit for such a fine gentleman, who loves my letters. Next time, do not expect a letter. Expect me for the first time in your life.

Yours truly,

Secretive Admirer~

Vlad chuckled and softly shook his head. He was pleased to receive the letter and it made his entire day seems pointless to stress over. He always counted on the secret admirer to say something so unexpectedly. Now, the mystery will not have to be forever to wait to know who has a crush on this person. He always wondered if the person wants him to know that he's into the man for more than money.

I had to hurry up back home before mom and dad could kill me on curfew. I just flew through the ghost zone for quicker way home and entered through the portal. Oh, the typical arguments from two ghosts I recognized anytime. I groaned miserably at the fact they're here. Tucker was bored and supervising the lab. He noticed me and I came up to him in my Phantom form.

I crossed my arms and tried to notice the arguments.

"How long this time?"

"Eight minutes and thirty-two seconds." Tucker stated.

I sighed, "And they're arguing on a bet? What bet this time?" I glanced over to him.

Tucker set down his ipod to look at me, "On you and Vlad."

My eyes rolled, "They haven't moved on that, have they?"

"Nope," His head shook, "They're waiting. But, they're here to fight you. So, they waited for you to come back from Vlad's place."

I chuckled. After college, I learned ghosts only wanted me around so they can pick a fight on me. They found me as an entertainment. Hell, all those times, I should have known after seeing repeatedly ghosts within two months. When it's a new ghost, it's serious time to focus until they learn. Then, they either take things too serious or obsessed to what they want. Unfortunately, everyone knows my obsession. It hit me right after I graduated college and it's been two years since I noticed my obsession grew.

"EMBER! SKUKLER! I'm here. If you're ready to get your asses kick today, might as well do it now before tomorrow." I smirked.

They turned their heads over to me, blankly staring at me at a full shocker, and I had no idea why.

"Listen dipstick, before we kick your ass. We need some answers." Ember pouted.

Skulker agreed, "It isn't just from us, mostly the ghost zone."

I was pounding my fist, being prepared and all, and they really gotten my attention. So, I let down my guards temporarily for the couple. I mean, they're seriously dating for the past ten years and let's just say they usually come to me for counseling.

"Alright," I crossed my arms, "What's everyone itching on this time?" My eyebrow went up.

Last time, I remember everyone was curious about Dani and her involvement with Young Blood and assumed a few things here and there. Let's just say…there's no way I'd let Dani do something that stupid so young and definitely kicked some serious asses those days. They were just teenagers! Young teenagers having some ghost fun, not love fun.

Skulker nodded, "We already know that you are obsessed with Vlad. How long is it going to be when you take the next step on having a kid with him? You've known him for ten years long enough, why not now?"

Ember agreed instantly, "Yeah, we all stayed away from Vlad for six years. Vlad still hasn't found his obsession or even realize your obsessions."

I chuckled, "I'll be making my move tonight when he's sleeping. Right now, he thinks a secret admirer is someone totally different and shy. I am different and shy, but that's going to change. I want him to realize it, but ever since I graduated from high school. I never heard from him ever again. I couldn't stop thinking when he'd show up, but he just drops it literally. I never said I hate him or anything." I remembered how long Vlad stayed at the graduation party.

He kept me full on guard when he was at the graduation party and he really never left my side. He said he was proud of me for making it through high school and everything else. He wished me luck with college, he gave me like fifty thousand dollar in a check, and at the very end when he was the last guest to leave. He said good luck with life and good-bye. I watched him go and felt entirely shocked. I tried to see why he gave me that much money for any tricks. He never showed up. It irritated me so much through entire college.

I thought he'd show up to my college graduation. Dad invited him, mom invited, and…nothing. He never showed up. I found myself wondering why Vlad wasn't around or why was he backing off for so long. It was like him. So, I began to write secretive admirer towards Vlad. I ended up realizing I was flirted him in the letter. In the very first letter and I freaked out. That's when Ember and Skulker showed up. They peered over my shoulders and Ember was melting her hair. Skulker thought it was about time with revealing my obsession. I learned why I flirted with Vlad, he's always in my thoughts, and how I felt of him. I remember I defended for him hundreds of time to my friends before I wrote this first letter. My obsession developed so much onto Vlad. I would write to Vlad once a week and he'd read them. I watched him read, comment, and express what he felt.

When Tucker and Sam caught me on the twentieth letter I wrote to Vlad, they knew I wasn't joking or pranking on him. They asked me how long it went and they were surprised. I told them I had a plan to really get Vlad to open up his obsession to me. For once, they were in the idea to help. They knew ghosts have their obsession and need a mate. Vlad's been my mate since I first met him, we just never been more than archenemies and blind to see it those years. I needed him as Ember needed Skulker.

"Alright, baby pop. I see you need to be prepare for tomorrow. We'll let you fetch your boyfriend with full of energy you'll need. Just let us to be the first to know who's pregnant." She smirked.

Skulker nodded once, "We need to be on top of your ghost daily agenda. We will come back next week for a fight."

These two aren't so bad, once to get to know them better. They waved and returned to the ghost zone. I shut down the portal for the night and locked it up. My body spun around and altered over to Fenton again. Tucker shook his head at the unbelievable plan tonight.

"You got all the access and equipment worked out?" I checked with him.

He nodded, "Yes, even the room is prepared. I measured everything correctly and made sure it's all functioning properly. Check with Jazz, she says she has some strategies that might influences Vlad a little more in control."

I understood and decided to head upstairs. Mom and dad were out of town tonight, but they'd be back tomorrow afternoon. This gives more privacy for everyone tonight and I knew Sam had to be on her way. Jazz would probably gather things around and one thing, this plan was going to be smooth for the first two steps.

Jazz was putting the food away in our secret place. She came up and locked the door up with privacy cover up. Mom and dad have no idea that ever exists in this house. It was best they don't ever see it.

"Ah, Danny. We need to review over what to say for Vlad's situation since it'll be a backfired and a first time for him." She smiled.

I chuckled and couldn't wait. Jazz and I sat down at the table. Tucker helped himself at the refrigerator since he's very hungry for not eating three hours ago. Jazz pointed out some of the simple things like keeping my emotions in check and remember who's the victim. There were a lot to cover, but I didn't mind. I wanted this to be more than anything possible with Vlad. Vlad hurts me when he never showed up and I can remember in his letter.

…admirer, you have no idea how hard it is to win what you want. You may like me a lot and I have no idea who you are. What if I do not like you back? No affection towards you? I can tell you from my experience, you will never get that person to like you back. No matter how much you spoil them. My colleague friend, I had a crush that person. I tried everything over twenty years to twenty four years. I couldn't get over it and faced the fact I will never have that friend to be mine. It hurts to walk away from someone I deeply love, no matter what I could do. I can never get that affection in return. Please do not expect I'd give you the same if I feel no attraction towards you.

At first, I was surprised he wrote one back to me. I thought he'd just accept the letters I gave him and deal with what he gets. That letter hits me so much and I was going to prove him wrong. Tomorrow will change everything. He knows in that last letter that we will meet, but personally. He's meeting me again.

I couldn't wait to start the plan later tonight and it would change everything.

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