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He was so worn out from last night and I had a feeling today's event might make things a bit better for him. I hope he'd be glad to express himself a bit better. He slept for over fifteen hours and I knew he needed to wake up soon enough. My fingers brushed against his cheeks and his face scrunched up to stop the sensation he was feeling.

I whispered, "Vlad, you cannot be sleeping in all day." My head shook.

"Five…more minutes, mother." He groaned.

I chuckled lightly, "It's not your mother, Vlad, it's your boyfriend." I whispered some more.

He groaned, "Go back to sleep."

"You've slept in for more than fifteen hours, Vlad." My voice kept it low.

He groaned and snatched a pillow to cover his face. Cute, I hadn't seen that in a while.

"I hate you…" He muttered.

My head shook, knowing he didn't mean this because of the fact he's pregnant, and I can't blame him for saying that. My lips pressed against his head.

"No you don't, Vlad." I told him gently.

"You…raped me to have a child. You won't let me go…you don't love me," He stated out.

I pushed the pillow away from his face, "Vlad, it's your child too. I do love you, I'm just protective of you right now.

Vlad grabbed another pillow to hide his face from me and he was being childish too much. My eyes closed and tried to think of a few ways to get him out of bed soon enough.

"Come on, Vlad, I'm sure you want to test out Tucker's techo-training room. He's been waiting to see how challenging and fun for us to use."

"I am not a fool, Daniel…"

My eyes rolled, "Fruitloop, what's the secret to my lies?"

"You often shuttered or talk too fast and loudly."

"Have I at all?"

"No," He pulled down the pillow, "But must I be here?"

"Vlad, we already went over this. You should know that other ghosts can try to claim you and they claim our child as theirs. Some controlling obsessive ghost will do anything to keep the baby away from you and you would not have any freedom. Do you want them to take that all away from you?"

Vlad turned his back to me, but he remained in my arms no less. This was his way of expressing how unfair it is to him. It hurts him so badly. My fingers brushed his hair back, away from his ears, and not rushing the moment.

"Is this not what you are doing? Being the controlling and obsessive ghost?" He whispered.

I leaned to breathe by his ear, "I love you, Vlad, and you know I would not take your freedom away. You are still you. I only keep you here so I know you are safe from the other ghosts." My fingers smoothly slid down his ear to the neck base.

His body shivered, "It's not fair…" He muttered.

I kissed the back of his neck, "I know, but I promise it won't be forever."


Vlad's fingernails curling into his bed sheet and my lips pressed against his lovely bare neck. He gasped when I somewhat suck his skin a bit, but I didn't care. My hands removed his shirt by intangibility, yet, he hardly noticed.

"After the baby is born." I whispered, while turn him onto his back.

His eyes were snap close tightly, but I can tell he's afraid again. No, I wouldn't let him feel that fear alone. I took off my shirt and pants, crawling on top of Vlad, and eyeing his lovely chest and abs, he holds on his body. My hands slid around his body, he was warming up quickly than I expected, and decided to tease him. If he weren't in the mood to train, perhaps he'd be in the mood for something pleasuring. After all, he did enjoy it before and there is no doubt he would like some more.

"I wonder how quickly you'll go hard when-" My mouth leaned over to his dear nipple, "-I do this," My hand groped his member and my tongue licked his sensitive nipple.

He gasped and shuttered as he awed in what he felt. He was slowly turning hard, but not fast enough for me. My tongue kept licking his sweet nipple and turned into sucking him too well. He grew harder on his dick and I was turned on even more. Perfect. Vlad could not resisted what he was feeling and looked heat up on the sexy moment. He gave up closing his eyes and watched me. I felt I worn down his first nipple and headed over to his second nipple. Vlad gasping for breath of air, shook his head, and I paid no attention to his denial. I repeated the same thing and felt him cum on my hand. I smirked to my success and continued to suck him.

"D-d-d-d-Daniel! Pl-pleas-please, don't!" He begged me.

Of course, I wasn't going to stop at his own whim. He needed to see how much I love him to go this far. I crawled up more on him and found the curve of his neck and shoulder. My lips pressed against his bare neck and he moaned helplessly. I sucked on him for a short while, but I wasn't going to go easy on him.

"You are mine, Vlad, no one else but you. I do love you, Vlad, let me love you and you will never have to worry about a thing. I promise."

Vlad shook his head, "Pl-please, Daniel, I-I believe you."

I hummed while sucking his sweet neck, "I know, but I want to make you feel good." My hand smoothly intertwined with his silver hair, "You're beautiful."

Vlad gasped when I bit him softly, marking him has mine, and he whimpered away softly. I continued to bite him, but not roughly. He groaned and moaned to my pleasing ears and loving this every second of it.

His skin has broken through and tasting his unique blood onto my tongue. I stopped biting him and licked away the blood and marks. He was already healing again, but he wouldn't snivel his way out from me. He knew how upset I would be if he did. My hands caressed his head and I kissed his forehead.

"It's either I continue this to love you or we actually have some fun in training. Something you might like to try. I'm not a heartless ghost, Vlad…or a coreless ghost that is. You do have a choice, but you're pushing it away to make me to decide for you. I don't want to be that kind of a ghost. Let's be Skulker and Ember, they're open up, and happy together…they have a small family. They have a son for three years now." I explained, "You don't see Ember keeping Skulker in her control and Skulker doesn't do the same to her. They care enough to love and trust each other without demand." I showed him a hint of light.

His lips quivered and his eyes turning teary on everything. Damn, I forgot he is very emotional in his state.

"He did not tell me about his son?" He asked softly about it.

My fingers danced on his cheeks, "He has been busy, he hadn't had the time to tell anyone, and you should see him how Skulker focuses his attention on his son. He already has you as a godfather for his son. But…I did not want you to worry about the whole pregnancy or," I gulped, "Cause the miscarriage which is harder on predominating ghost."

Vlad jolted his head at me, "I-I-I'm a predominating ghost?"

I sighed. It was complicated to explain it, but it was the truth. My head nodded to answer him back and I decided to get under the blanket cover to sit next to him. He finally sat up with me and focused his attention.

"I fight ghosts every day and I fight on my role, so no one can take advantage of me or claim me. I do the claiming. You, on the other hand, allow anyone to claim you and you do not fight back for your role. You may think you are inferior above the rest of the ghost, but you are no more powerful than they are. Predominating ghosts are the stronger reason for dominating ghosts to be powerful than they are. A dominating ghost can give and receive power with their predominating ghost mate." I explained simple enough.

Vlad blinked and stared at me, "…can give and receive power with their mate? Care to explain that?"

I smirked, "Actually, it's the third step of the obsession phases."

Vlad froze, "…how many phases are there for obsessions?"

"About five, but the last two phases are going to take a while to get to, but the third phase is much interesting."

Vlad gapped at me to learn there are several steps to complete obsessions for ghosts. The first phase was to claim your mate. The second phase was to impregnate their ghost mate. This third one might interest Vlad a little more.

"I see, but what are the third phases are you talking about?" Vlad peered over to pressure me, which of course wasn't working.

I patted his leg, "You'll see in training room. Now, get into shower, dress up, and we'll have breakfast. I'm making eggs and sausages. After breakfast, we'll get into the third phase of obsession." I kissed his forehead.

Vlad turned redder than his ghost's eye would show. It was cute to see him all flustered up like this and definitely inviting me to show him how dominating I am to him. I head off the bed with self-pride about my nudity streaking across the room. My clothes got picked up by me and started to change into today's clothes. It's nice to feel a bit sexual with my mate and all, but I hated it when he denies something he likes me doing to him. Perhaps the biting and sucking him is a turn off for him. He likes it when I feel him up and fucking him.

I headed out of the bedroom and began to make breakfast. My ears picked up Vlad's movement and his time to take a shower. Now, I couldn't wait to use the training room and I immediately sent Tucker and Jazz a text to set up the training room's system. They have to watch that room due to the fact Vlad may take advantage using his powers outside of the training room. Vlad isn't someone to be easily fool and he can try all his might to escape. He should know better to not escape again. He should know this much I went this far and I won't be pleased.

After those two text messages sent to those two, I gathered eggs, sausages, milk, and butter. I started to cook in a way they should be and watched how they are cooked. I didn't want to burn them or overcook them. Vlad do enjoy my cooking, but he doesn't like to comment or praise me on how well I do. He just enjoys them and I would know.

For now, I couldn't wait to get into the training room and itching to get onto the third phases of obsession! It seems fun for the other ghosts and I hope Vlad likes this one. He loves powers to learn.

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