Nephilim to Human to Vampire

Chapter 1: Nephilim meets Boy, Boy meets Vampire

Nicholas was a Nephilim. For those of you who don't know, a Nephilim is the child of an Angel, and a Demon. Oh yes, we all know about the Nephilim of the Bible. Angel human hybrids. Filthy mongrels. It made Nicholas's blood boil when he hears people call him a half human half angel. He didn't hate humans though; he rather liked the sheeple and their neutrality. But when he encountered a human boy going to Youkai academy with him, he couldn't help but wonder what Kami-sama was planning with this one.

'Maybe Kami-sama wants to mess this kid's life up?' Daemon asked in Nicholas's head.

'Kami-sama would never do such a horrible thing. The only one who could be behind this is the Shinigami!' Angelus shouted back, in Nicholas's head mind you, but shouted nonetheless.

Nicholas sighed. He had two voices in his head, not including his own. They represented his Demon and Angel half, respectively. 'Would you two keep it down in there? It's bad enough I deal with this every day, if you're going to keep arguing, doing it QUIETLY.' He scolded. The two immediately stopped arguing, and Nicholas got to enjoy some peace and quiet.

"Hello there. Are you going to Youkai Academy too?" The Human boy in question asked.

'So much for peace and quiet.' Nicholas thought, but he said, "Yeah I am. My name's Nicholas. What's yours?"

"Oh! Tsukune Aono. It's nice to meet you Nicholas." Tsukune said happily.

"Right back at you." Nicholas said lightly. 'May as well make some friends down here. Auralea wouldn't be happy if I was all alone.' He thought, referring to the Princess of Angels, Kami-sama's daughter.

'Yeah, Auralea was heartbroken when she found out you had to leave her behind in heaven to be here.' Angelus thought sadly.

'Hmph. Did you forget about Nyx already? The Princess of Demons didn't fare any better when she found out her beloved Umbrux was leaving.' Daemon thought bluntly.

'Daemon, do NOT use my True Name outside of my head, or I swear to Kami AND the Shinigami that I will kick your ass!' Nicholas thought angrily.

'Soul Tendency: Dark.' Daemon informed him cackling.

Nicholas just ignored Daemon and Angelus at this point, who started fighting over which girl missed him more.

Without even realizing it, the bus pulled up and the two boys walked on without a second thought. Nicholas sat near Tsukune, since he thought the human was going to need his help in this school of monsters.

Once the bus pulled into the tunnel connecting the two dimensions, Nicholas was able to confirm that Tsukune Aono was indeed a human. He could tell, simply because of his heritage. Angels considered human life sacred while Demons tried to steal their souls. He could smell it on the boy, and for Tsukune's safety, Nicholas hoped that he would be the only one to know it so easily.

The two teens chatted together the whole bus ride to school. Nicholas wanted to know all about this Tsukune Aono…

When the bus finally arrived, Nicholas was satisfied with his knowledge of the boy and decided that he was going to watch his back for these coming years.

'Soul Tendency: Neutral' Angelus informed him happily. Daemon groaned in annoyance.

"What is this place!? It's like a completely different world on this side!" Tsukune yelled in shock.

"Yeah, it's pretty creepy." Nicholas agreed. The tunnel came out to a path right next to a cliff. If you fell off, you would die from the sheer height of the fall. The water below looked blood red. 'Waaait a minute… Since when could water be red?' Nicholas wondered.

'No idea' Daemon and Angelus thought in unison.

"GYAA! COMING THROUGH!" A female voice yelled from behind.

'You're good.' Daemon and Angelus told Nicholas in unison.

A loud crash was heard from behind Nicholas and he knew that Tsukune was the victim here.

The two in question, rider and victim got sent flying. Nicholas thought about intervening, but a voice in the back of his head, that actually wasn't Daemon and Angelus, told him to let the events happen naturally.

So Nicholas turned around and saw a rather curious sight. Tsukune was groaning in pain and had his hand on the girl's thigh.

The girl in question looked disturbingly familiar to Nicholas, she had pink hair that was far too long for its own good, and she also had a rosary on her chest that was attached to a black leather choker.

"Oww… I'm sorry… I got dizzy from my anemia…" She muttered to Tsukune.

'Rosary?' Daemon thought.

'Anemia?' Angelus gulped.

'Please don't be a vampire… Please don't be a vampire…' Nicholas thought to himself, fearing for the boy's safety.

"Ah, oh no, you're bleeding!" The girl said to Tsukune. She leaned over with a handkerchief to get rid of it, but I heard her sniffing the air and she stopped.

"I'm sorry!" She yelled, grabbing his face. "But I'm a vampire!" She said and she leaned in and bit him on the neck. Tsukune winced and made a sound like "Ack!" as she took some of his blood.

After about 30 seconds of the two voices in Nicholas's head arguing about what to do, she got off of him and he looked alright, all things considered. She apologized to the guy a bunch of times while he ran around back and forth yelling about his blood being sucked out of nowhere, and Nicholas felt a bit of pity for the boy, seeing as how his whole world was going to be shattered soon.

The girl apologized again, "I'm sorry! I'm Moka Akashiya… Although I look like this, I'm a vampire." Moka explained. Tsukune calmed down and he looked enthralled by how cute the girl must have been.

"Vampire!? You mean like the bloodsucking monsters who hate garlic and crosses?" He questioned, still panicking.

'Oooooh! He said the C word!' Daemon complained.

"Yes, and thank you so much for the treat, your blood is soooo yummy!" Moka said happily.

"So… I have to ask…" Moka began nervously. "What do you think about vampires? From what you said it sounds like you hate them…"

Nicholas wanted to laugh at the fact that the two still haven't noticed him, but he wasn't going to interrupt this potentially beautiful moment in the making.

"No, I wouldn't say that! I have no problems with you being a vampire!" Tsukune said hastily.

"That's great! Then would you like to be my friend? I don't know anyone here so I was afraid it would get a little lonely." Moka asked, sounding very pleased by his answer.

"Sure, I'd love to be your friend!" Tsukune responded happily.

"THANK YOU!" Moka yelled tackling Tsukune in a big hug.

Nicholas bust out laughing, unable to contain himself, and the two stopped and realized that they weren't alone.

"Oh! Nicholas-san! You saw all that didn't you?" Tsukune asked.

Nicholas was still laughing at the amusing sight before him but managed to say, "Yeah! The whole thing!"

'Umbrux-sama. What should we do about the vampire?' Daemon asked.

'Absolutely nothing, she means no obvious harm here. Right?' Angelus asked hopefully.

'Indeed. We do nothing… For now.' Nicholas confirmed.

'Soul Tendency: Light!' Angelus chirped happily.

'Dammit. Now I have to do something evil to balance it out again.' Nicholas thought bitterly.

Nicholas composed himself as the two got up. Moka asked him happily, "Hello! Are you Tsukune-kun's friend too?" Nicholas merely nodded. "What do you think about vampires?" She asked, and Nicholas could feel anxiety in her voice.

"I have no problems against vampires at all, Moka-san. Oh, my name is Nicholas, by the way." Nicholas replied. She smiled, and Nicholas realized the resemblance between her and a certain someone…

'Is it me… Or does she look like…' Nicholas thought worriedly.

'Wow. She's a dead ringer for Auralea-sama.' Angelus said, confirming Nicholas's thoughts.

'Yeah, just change the pink hair to gold and the green eyes to blue and BAM! We got ourselves a twin to the Princess of Angels.' Daemon said.

"Nicholas-san? Are you alright? You look like you've seen a ghost." Moka asked with concern.

"Oh, I'm fine. You just look like someone I know is all." Nicholas answered honestly.

The trio looked at one another and Tsukune realized, "Oh crap! We're gonna be late if we just stand here!" And with that the trio ran for the school building.


After the entrance ceremony, Tsukune and Nicholas lost track of Moka, so they went to their class together. They looked up at the sign and it said 'Class 1-3'. Tsukune walked in and Nicholas followed. They decided to sit next to each other, Tsukune near the window and Nicholas to his right.

The teacher walked up to her table and addressed the class.

"Hello everyone! Welcome to Youkai Academy! I am your homeroom teacher, Shizuka Nekonome!"

"I think you all already know this but…" Ms. Nekonome began to say.

'I think this is the part where Tsukune realizes how much trouble he's in.' Daemon cackled.

"This is a school built for monsters to attend!" Ms. Nekonome finished.

'Yep.' Angelus agreed.

Ms. Nekonome continued excitedly, "Our current problem! Humans have completely taken over the earth! And the only way for monsters like us to survive is to learn to coexist with them!"

"So for that reason class, you will all remain in your human forms!" Ms. Nekonome informed the class, causing a few groans to rise from the delinquents of the room.

"You are also forbidden from ever telling anyone your 'True Form' UNDERSTAND!?" Ms. Nekonome finished.

One of the students raised his hand and the teacher pointed him out. "Yes? Question?"

"If what you're saying is true, then doesn't that mean you get an 'F' teach?" The boy asked, pointing out the tail and cat ears.

Ms. Nekonome checked herself real quick and yelled, "REOW!" And she scratched up the kid's face, earning a great laugh from Daemon.

'I LOVE THIS TEACHER!' Daemon managed to say between his bouts of laughter.

The teacher had a big smile on her face again and she acted as though she actually hadn't messed up the poor kid's face. "Any other questions?"

A big guy that Nicholas already got a bad feeling from raised his hand. "Hey teacher, wouldn't it be better to just eat the puny humans, and molest the pretty girls?" He asked with all seriousness.

Nicholas couldn't hold back. He snapped at him, "Because if you did that they, as well as any monster with a sense of decency, would kill you." The class looked taken aback at my defense of the humans, and Tsukune actually looked at me gratefully.

"Are you actually sticking up for these humans!?" He accused.

"Yeah, I am. Do you have a problem with that?" Nicholas asked glaring. He gave off some of his demonic energy and the guy backed down immediately.

'Soul Tendency: Lighter' Angelus informed him.

"Hmm… Saizou Komiya and Nicholas Kamigami. Well, Mr. Kamigami, you are completely correct when you say the humans would try to kill Mr. Komiya here." She confirmed.

The class muttered about Nicholas's unusual last name. "Kamigami? Sounds like a mix of Kami and Shinigami!" One said.

Nicholas groaned inwardly. 'OK! Whose bright idea was it to put that as my last name?'

'HE DID IT!' The two yelled, accusing each other.

At that moment, the Angel and Demon inside Nicholas's head gained a new appreciation of Moka Akashiya. She came in and bowed to the teacher. "I'm sorry! I got lost after the entrance ceremony!"

Ms. Nekonome smiled and said, "It's alright, why don't you introduce yourself and take your seat."

"Ok! Hello, my name's Moka Akashiya!" She smiled to the class, causing uproar from the males.




Moka began walking down the rows of seats, somehow oblivious to the shouting, and she stopped and looked at Tsukune before smiling wide.

"TSUKUNE!" She yelled, while glomping the human. "Yay! We're in the same class!"

The boys whimpered, "Our beautiful girl… Our beautiful girl…"

When Moka detached herself she looked over and saw Nicholas. She smiled, "Hello Nicholas-san."

"Hey Moka-san." Nicholas replied with a smile of his own.

"NO! SHE'S WITH HIM TOO!" The boys yelled in despair.

Nicholas looked over and noticed Saizou looking at her, licking his lips as he thought things that only Daemon would repeat, and frankly, he didn't want to ask Daemon about what Saizou was thinking about.

'He might be a problem.' Nicholas thought, and both of the celestial aspects agreed silently.


The trio was wandering through the school building, or in this case, Moka was dragging Tsukune around while Nicholas followed them quietly.

All the while, boys were yelling in surprise about how hot Moka was, and how much they wanted to date her. When they saw the human she was dragging around they began to talk about killing him if he got in their way. Not too long into the walk, they came across Saizou…

"Hmm, such a pretty one." Saizou said, licking his lips.

'Why am I not surprised?' Nicholas thought.

With a moderately surprising amount of speed he lifted Tsukune into the air and put him up against the wall.

"By the way, why is a beautiful lady like yourself associating with a wimp like this?" Saizou asked.

Nicholas got a great idea as to how to fix his tendency at that moment…

'Angelus, what's my level at right now?' He asked.

'Soul Tendency: Lighter' Angelus informed him.

'Not for long…' Nicholas thought, and Daemon began to laugh evilly.

'I like where this is going, Nicholas-sama.' Daemon said.

"Yo Saizou!" Nicholas yelled. Saizou turned and glared at him. "What is it weakling?"

"Always thinking with the brain between your legs I see." Nicholas gave out a laugh so dark that even Saizou flinched.

"I'll give you one chance to put my friend down, before I inflict physical harm upon thy person." Nicholas said calmly, albeit with an evil grin on his face.

"No chance."

"I was hoping you'd say that…" Daemon-Nicholas said.

In a flash, Saizou dropped Tsukune and went flying through the walls, falling two stories to the ground.

"Soul Tendency: Neutral." Daemon-Nicholas announced, before the demonic energy vanished.

Nicholas looked at Tsukune with concern. "You ok Tsukune-san?" Tsukune and Moka looked at him with amazement on their faces, and Tsukune nodded.

"Good, let's get out of here before he gets back up." Nicholas said calmly.

"What you mean he can get up from that?" Tsukune asked. Nicholas nodded and Tsukune blanched in response.

The trio gathered themselves and walked away, while Daemon continued to laugh at his good times, inside of Nicholas's mind. Students looked at Nicholas in fear as he passed with a slightly nervous Moka and Tsukune.


The trio wandered about the school grounds now, once more with Moka leading Tsukune and Nicholas keeping out of sight.

'I have to allow these two to have as much fun as they can together. I'm afraid that I frightened them both with that last outburst.' Nicholas thought worriedly.

'Yeah… But it was still a hell of a lot of fun.' Daemon said, metaphorically wiping a tear from his nonexistent eye.

'At least we are in balance now, Nicholas-sama.'Angelus said lightly.

As they continued trekking, the trio finally came to a stop outside the dorm rooms.

The rooms looked decent enough for Nicholas's standards, but he didn't like all the crosses in the nearby cemetery.

'Grr… Too many crosses for my liking.' Daemon muttered.

'I rather like the place myself.' Angelus teased.

Tsukune looked like he was terrified of this place.

Moka however… "So cool! Such a building, full of dignity and character…"

"No way!? What are you looking at!?" Tsukune asked, slightly panicking at the sight around him.

"Oh, you don't like it Tsukune? Even though you're a monster…"

'Uh oh…' Nicholas thought.

"Oh by the way, what kind of monster are you Tsukune?"

'Damn it, I was hoping she would avoid that question.' Nicholas growled to himself.

'I still say we take her out the moment she attacks him.' Daemon said.

"Oh… Letting your true form out is against school rules isn't it? Sorry, didn't mean to ask that question." Moka apologized.

'Disaster averted.' Angelus sighed.

"Oh speaking of which, I can't really see you as being anything but an ordinary human Moka. Are really a vampire?" Tsukune asked, obviously hoping she would tell him she was kidding.

"Yep, of course. Y'see, if I take this rosary on my chest off, then I turn into my true form, and evil and scaaaary vampire." Moka explained.

"Although, the rosary can't seal everything." She said, inching closer to Tsukune.
"I still end up craving blood…" She bit him on the neck, to Tsukune's apparent dismay.

She ran to her dorm, yelling, "Bye Tsukune-kun! Bye Nicholas-san!"

Nicholas chuckled and Tsukune asked him, "What are you, if you don't mind me asking."

Nicholas rubbed the back of his head, "Well…"

"Never mind." Tsukune said quickly, "Let's go find our rooms." Nicholas nodded and the two went inside the boys' dorms.

To Nicholas's and Tsukune's surprise, the two had to share a room together, something which was apparently arranged by the Chairman of the school.

When the boys got settled in their room, Nicholas decided to give a bit of truth to Tsukune before sleep. "To answer your question, I'm your friend. Don't worry Tsukune; your secret is safe with me." And with that, Tsukune and Nicholas fell asleep, while Tsukune worried about which secret Nicholas knew.


Tsukune woke up and seemed to leave before Nicholas woke up. This worried him, since his new friend might get into some trouble without him there to help. So Nicholas got ready quickly and ran out to keep tabs on the human.

'The boy is going to get himself killed at this rate.' Daemon pointed out sadly.

'Yes, if this keeps up…' Angelus agreed.

'He's not dying while I'm here!' Nicholas growled.

It seems Nicholas's fear was justified, as he saw the poor kid held up in the air by none other than Saizou.


"Oh, him? He's a vampire, little Saizou." Nicholas said, calmly arriving on the scene. "Now then, are we going to repeat yesterday, or are you going to grow a brain and let my friend go?"

The students gasped, some at Tsukune being a vampire, others at Saizou being called little, but even more wondered what had happened yesterday.

"Tch. I'll be back, you weakling." Saizou growled, letting Tsukune drop and walking away.

Nicholas looked at his friend with concern. "Oi, Tsukune, you alright?" He nodded. "Good, come on and let's bail." Tsukune nodded with relief at his friend's words. The human got up and headed back to the dorms with the Nephilim.


Nicholas growled to himself, Tsukune bailed on him AGAIN.

'The boy is terrified, especially of me, I can tell. But SERIOUSLY! DOES HE NOT HAVE A SHRED OF COMMON SENSE!?' Nicholas yelled in his mind.

'Apparently he does, since he packed his stuff and left.' Daemon pointed out.

'I hope he'll be alright…' Angelus said with concern.

Nicholas sprinted out of his room. 'If he's going to leave, fine. But I need to make sure he gets out alive.' He took to the shadows and saw a teary eyed Moka talking with Tsukune, who did indeed have his stuff with him.

"I can't help it Moka-san! I wanna go to a human school." Tsukune explained.

"You can't go to a human school! I hate humans!" Moka yelled.

'Bad move Moka, baaaad move.' Nicholas thought, still keeping to the shadows.

"Why?" Tsukune asked, and to Nicholas, it looked like he was heartbroken.

"… I went to a human school before I came here. I was isolated… Nobody believed in monsters, so I felt like a freak. It was so tough…" Moka said, with a tear falling from her eye.

"But…" She said cheering up visibly, "You said I was all right even though you found out I was a vampire! So for the first time in my life, I don't feel alone anymore."

'I'm almost heartbroken, it's like they completely forget about me.' Nicholas complained, although he was joking.

"If I was one of those humans you hate so much… Would you still stop me?" Tsukune asked looking down.

'HE DIDN'T!' Both celestials exclaimed.

"Huh!?" Moka said, confused.

"I'm human…" Tsukune said.

"I AM A HUMAN! Through some kind of mistake I ended up here but I can't stay! I'm too different from you!" Tsukune yelled, and he had tears in his eyes as well.

He turned around about to leave but Moka tried to stop him again. "Wait! Really Tsukune… I…"

"LET GO!" Tsukune yelled, startling Moka. "You hate humans right!? Oh and excuse me for being friends with a monster!" He ran off, while Moka yelled his name.

'… DAAAAAMN. BURN!' Daemon yelled, completely ruining the moment.

Nicholas gave chase while still keeping to the shadows.


As Tsukune was about to board the bus, both he and Nicholas heard Moka scream out for help.


Both boys ran to the source of the scream, fearing for Moka's life.

When they arrived, they saw a beaten Moka, covered in slime and it looked like Saizou was ready to rip her clothes off.

Tsukune yelled for Moka, and she yelled for him to run. But at this point, Nicholas felt a rage coursing through his veins like never before.

This girl, this girl who resembled Auralea, his precious Auralea, was beaten, and is about to be raped… By this filthy being…

Absolute rage came off of Nicholas in waves, and even Tsukune could feel it.

All three beings, two celestial, one Nicholas, were now in perfect sync. Righteous Fury met Furious Vengeance.

"SAIZOU…" Umbrux spoke. "YOU DARE TO STRIKE AT MY FRIENDS!?" The ground shook, as Umbrux revealed his true form.

Wings sprouted from his back, his right wing that of an Angel, snow white and like a bird. His left wing was that of a Demon's, a pitch black bat wing. His right eye turned Gold, while his left became Silver. His hair color split, right side Gold, the other Silver. He gave off so much energy that even the vampire could not believe it.

Two swords appeared in his hands, the right one white, the left black. He growled with such ferocity that Saizou was ready to flee.

"Pathetic Vermin…"Umbrux spoke quietly. "You are hardly worthy of my time and energy."

"I shall end this quickly." Umbrux charged Saizou, and Saizou moved to strike him with his left arm. Umbrux cackled and slashed it off with his left blade. Saizou screamed in pain, and then was knocked unconscious by a pommel strike with Umbrux's right blade.

Saizou crumpled to the ground in defeat, and Umbrux turned his attention to the terrified pair.

"Fear not, friends. I will not harm you." Umbrux said honestly. Both sighed in relief and Tsukune eyed Saizou's unconscious form.

"What are you going to do to him?" Tsukune asked.

"I'll leave that decision to you two. You may have me spare him, or I could end him now. I cannot make the choice on my own." Umbrux spoke calmly.

"Don't kill him. I think he'll have learned his lesson now." Tsukune said, surprising Moka. Moka looked at Tsukune in awe and apologized.

"What are you apologizing for, Moka?" Tsukune asked.

"I'm sorry. I said such terrible things about humans, but you've proved me wrong." Moka explained.

"It's alright. I know that you weren't talking about me. You were mistreated, and I wish that never happened, Moka-san…" Tsukune said sincerely.

"Tsukune…" Moka said, while leaning into him.

'I wish I had some popcorn right about now…' Umbrux thought as she closed into what had hoped was a kiss.

"Ack!" Tsukune yelled out, as Moka bit his neck again.

'Aw… Way to ruin the mood Moka.' Umbrux complained inwardly.

Umbrux calmed himself, and allowed his three beings to separate. A flash of light, and now it was just normal Nicholas standing in the place of Umbrux.

"Alright you two, break it up. No more PDA's unless it involves actual Public Displays of Affection." Nicholas joked. The two broke apart and the trio went home for the day.


Tsukune and Nicholas stood outside their dorm room, and Tsukune was about to tear up his withdrawal notice to the school. Then Moka jumped him.

"Good morning Tsukune-kun! What'cha doing?" Moka yelled, and Tsukune 'accidently' ripped his notice.

The two looked each other in the eyes, and Nicholas sweatdropped. 'They forgot about me again…'

"Oh my… When I'm with you my heart beats so hard…" Moka said staring into Tsukune's eyes and once more, leaning into him.

Nicholas knew where this was going, and apparently, so did Tsukune. Tsukune took off running with Moka chasing him gleefully yelling, "But I wanna suck your blood!"

Nicholas chuckled. 'Maybe these next few years won't be so bad.'