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Summary: Minato survives the sealing of the Kyuubi. Naruto becomes a hidden genius who strives to accomplish his goal, while being forgotten in the shadows of his younger sisters, both being jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. I suck at summaries. Minato/Kushina Alive! Older/Very Smart Naruto! No Uchiha Massacre.

There will be Bleach elements in this story, just to give you a heads up. Mostly the concept of Reiyoku or spiritual energy. No actual Bleach characters though.

There may or may not be some bashing, but if there is, chances are it will be the Konoha council.

Pairings have been undecided, but feel free to suggest some.



"Demon/God/Summon speaking"

"Demon/God/Summon thinking"

Jutsu names

Ch.1 Prologue- The Kyuubi Attack

In the Namikaze Clan Compound (Approx. 5 pm)

"Ero-jisan" was heard from a 4-year old Naruto, the perverted man mumbled something about disrespectful kids and replied with a 'hmm'. "I feel like something bad will happen today" Naruto said. Jiraiya said "I do too kiddo, but I'm sure your dad can handle it". This did little to reassure Naruto.

*Scene Change, That evening*

Somewhere away from the Namikaze compound, Minato and Kushina are in the hospital, the latter holding two newborn girls. Both were smiling at their pride and joy. "They're beautiful aren't they?" The red-head asks, the man says "Indeed they are, they take after us a lot. What should we name them?" The red-headed woman smiles even more "Natsuki, and Kasumi." Neither of them looked outside to see an ominous blood moon in the sky, as they were preoccupied with their twins.

*Scene Change, Later*

A booming roar is heard near the village. "Defend the village!" "Hold it back until Hokage-sama gets here!" Screams of pain and fighting can be heard throughout the village. Blood and dead bodies littered the area. A massive nine-tailed demon fox only known Kyuubi, was on the horizon, attacking the village known as Konohagakure no Sato. A mighty swing of its tail caused unparalleled destruction. A ninja sees Sarutobi Hiruzen approaching. "Sandaime-sama, where is Yondaime-sama?" The old man replies "I do not know, but pray he is here soon". No one at the scene noticed they fox's strange red eyes with three tomoes, much like the doujutsu of a certain clan.

*At the same time*

In a forest not too far from the chaos, Minato Namikaze, the Yellow Flash and Yondaime Hokage, is fighting a masked man. Minato then asks, "The only person I know who can get in undetected is Madara Uchiha, so who are you?" The masked man in question replies "Perhaps I am Madara Uchiha. It seems like you have earned your title of Hokage, but know this, the Kyuubi will be mine once more". 'Madara' then vanishes in a swirl. Minato then gazes off into the distance and sees the Kyuubi, "I have to get there fast. I'm sorry Kushina, but I must use 'that' technique", and vanishes in a yellow flash.

*Scene Change*

"Yondaime-sama's here!" "We're saved!" Shouts of joy are heard as Minato Namikaze makes his appearance in front of the kitsune. "Everyone stay back and get medical attention! I'll take care of the rest." Many were questioning his order but did so hesitantly, wanting to help the blonde man defeat the beast instead.

KUCHIYOSE NO JUTSU. In a giant plume of smoke, a large orange toad appears with Minato on his head, holding the newborn twins. "What the hell Minato? Is that the Kyuubi over there?" "Yes it is Gamabunta" was the reply to the giant toad. "I don't have much time to explain, but the Kyuubi is attacking, and I need you to hold it off long enough so I can seal him into my daughters." "Bastard, fine I'll help, but you better not die on me Minato" "No promises Gamabunta".

The fight was a brutal one, Gamabunta received a scar along his eye and many nin were tired, injured, or dead. "Gamabunta, get closer to him." "It's harder than it looks, you know that right? But I'll do what I can" Minato then started a set of hand-seals, and clapped his hands. SHIKI FUUIN. Moments later, a ghastly, demonic entity appeared behind the blonde Hokage.

"Mortal, why have you summoned me?" The chilling voice of the Shinigami was heard. "I ask you to split the Kyuubi and seal the two parts into my daughters." "Very well then." That was all that needed to be said for the Kyuubi to go berserk, "NINGEN, YOU WILL NOT SEAL ME AGAIN!" That made everyone in the village shiver and pale at the killer intent being released, those far away or in evacuation sites included. The Kyuubi tried to kill the Yondaime, but before his claw reached the Hokage's chest, the fox felt itself being split into its Yin and Yang chakra and being sealed into the two babies.

"Mortal, the deed is done, and you should know the price of summoning me. Are you ready?" "I-",he hesitated as memories of all his friends flashed into his mind. "Jiraiya-sensei, Tsunade, Sarutobi, Kakashi" "I-", then memories of his family flashed. "Kushina-chan, Naruto-kun" Finally, the picture of his two newborn daughters in his mind. "Natsuki, Kasumi"

"I am not ready", he was able to stammer out. He felt horrible, and like a coward. What Hokage can't give his life to save his village and family? The voice of the Shinigami disrupted his thoughts, "Very well then, but know this, your natural life span shall be cut by 10 years." "Huh?" was all Minato could say to it. "Everything comes at a cost, and I am the Shinigami, Goddess of Death. I'll get your soul eventually." Minato only nodded with a stupefied expression on his face, unable argue with that logic. But hey, why should he? He got to live and watch his children grow up with his wife.

The Goddess of Death then turned towards the Hokage Monument, whispering few strange words into the wind. At last, the goddess disappeared as if she was never there to begin with.

"Well then kid, I'll see you around soon. Just don't make me fight another biju, ever. Oh, and good luck explaining this to everyone and all the paper work you'll get from this." The giant toad gives a hearty laugh even though he could have died that day, and disappears in another giant plume of smoke. "Oh Kami, how am I going to explain this to Naruto, or better yet, Kushina?" The very thought of having to explain that he made the twins the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi to his wife was frightening to him. He visibly paled at the thought and started hearing people running towards him as he fell to the ground, lovingly holding the two saviours of Konoha.


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