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Flashback Parts

"Demon/God/Summon speaking"

"Demon/God/Summon thinking"

Jutsu/Kido/Zanpakuto Technique names


"The Chunin Exams, are merely a replacement for war." A finished as he braced for the incoming shouts.

Ch. 14 Preliminaries and Truths!

"WHAT!" Angry and surprised voices called out their surprise at the statement.

"What's the point then?!"

"SILENCE!" The Yondaime shouted as people quickly closed their mouths, trying to avoid any unnecessary actions.

"Thank you. As we were about to explain, the Chunin Exams are a replacement for war. This is because war is a truly terrible event. The Third Great Shinobi War is an example of it. Over a decade ago every nation has suffered, and while we've all been able to recover from it, the scars of war remain visible to many." The Hokage explained as the Kages all looked down, saddened by the great losses, while the Tsuchikage tried to hide a scowl.

"A village's strength is determined by its shinobi. At the final stage of the Chunin Exams, Feudal Lords and Ladies from all countries will be visiting to see your skills. And as such, villages with better shinobi will naturally be trusted more for missions." The Kazekage added.

"Anyways, I'll have Hayate-san explain to you the third stage." Minato said as Hayate stepped forward.

"Thank you Hokage-sama. Alright, the third exam is a tournament with 1 on 1 battles." Hayate said as a hand was raised, from one Nara Shikamaru.

"You said it was a tournament. Does that mean only the winner gets promoted?" The Nara asked.

"Good question, but no. You could lose the first round, but still become a chunin. Just as you could win the tournament without being promoted. The promotions are based on your performance. The third exam takes place in one month, but it appears that we have too many genin. So we shall do a preliminary right now." Hayate declared as shouts of protests arise.


"Shut up!" Hayate shouted to the crowd as he then sighed. "It isn't our problem that some of you got here today. You should've thought of getting here earlier. Now behind me is an electronic screen which will randomly select two people. Once they are chosen, everyone but those two will get off the arena. Got that?" Hayate explained, receiving several nods.

"Alright then, before we even start, does anyone want to back out?" Hayate called out as in the crowd, Sakura and Sayuri turned their worried gaze to Sasuke.

"Don't worry Sakura, Sayuri-nee. I'll be fine." Sasuke reassured them as they nodded. Eventually, a hand slowly came up from the crowd.

"Um, I would like to forfeit Proctor-san." A nervous voice came as the Konoha ninja recognized that as Kabuto.

"Alright then, what's your name?" Hayate asked the genin.

"Yakushi Kabuto."

"Alright then Kabuto-san, you may leave. Now is there anyone else? No?" Hayate asked the crowd again, but after a while saw that no one else was going to forfeit.

"Good, now our first two competitors are..." Hayate said as the screen shuffled through the faces of the genin. Then it stopped. "Uchiha Sasuke vs Akado Yoroi! Now everyone but those two, get off!"

-After the Battles- (A/N: Canon Characters are how the look in the corresponding part, canon fights are relatively the same.)

"Once again, I would like to congratulate everyone on their victories, now would everyone who won their match please come down to the arena?!" Hayate exclaimed as the arena was cleared, but was slowly refilled.

Up on the sidelines, Naruto smiled. The battles had been nothing short of amazing in his opinion. Some were better than others, but they were still impressive for genin. Naruto continued a soft smile as he remembered some of the more notable matches.

Uchiha Sasuke had won against Yoroi. Naruto smiled as he remembered that Sasuke did at least thank Lee for copying a part of the youthful genin's technique for the Uchiha's Shishi Rendan.

Aburame Shino won in his battle against Abumi Zaku. The Aburame had some of his bugs clog up Zaku's wind pipes which exploded when Zaku used one of his techniques. Rather painful and gory considering that Zaku tried to use his technique with both arms.

Sabaku no Kankuro won against Tsurugi Misumi, one of Kabuto's teammates. Turns out that Kankuro was a puppeteer, and had been hiding in the package for the entire time.

Omoi of Kumo fought an Iwa Shinobi and won. Apparently the Iwa shinobi didn't learn how to channel chakra through his katana, which was cut into several pieces due to Omoi.

The battle between Yamanaka Ino and Haruno Sakura was actually better than most would expect, even if it ended in a tie. Sakura had predominantly used genjutsu, while Ino stuck with lower level ninjutsu and clan techniques. Regardless, it ended as a double knockout in taijutsu.

An Iwa Shinobi by the name of Son Goku (Sue me..) fought against another Kumo shinobi and Goku came out victorious in taijutsu.

Sai was paired up with a Kumo ninja on Cell 7. It ended as a draw as Sai was able to defeat his opponent, if barely, but collapsed of chakra exhaustion.

Sabaku no Temari fought Higurashi Tenten. This was simply another match where one was at a big disadvantage. Tenten, a weapons mistress in the making, was paired with a wind user, and predictably, Tenten had lost.

Junsai of Kiri was paired against a Suna shinobi, and things came to a tie by another double knockout. One by going unconscious in with a bubble of water covering the head while the other was hit with a barrage of earth pillars.

A Kiri nin by the name of Hoshigaki Aoi fought against Karui of Kumo. The Kiri ninja had the upper due to his larger reserves, high stamina coupled with his use of the Silent Killing. Karui lost in the end after a good kenjutsu fight.

Nara Shikamaru had fought against Tsuchi Kin, and as the Nara say, it seemed rather troublesome in Shikamaru's opinion. Regardless, it did showcase the Nara's strategics, making a plan from the start.

Two Iwa genin were paired together, and it ended as a tie, one knockout and the other chakra exhaustion.

Uzumaki Natsuki fought against a Kumo shinobi and won. The losing Kumo nin had was not much a strategist, and was more a close-range fighter, opposed to Natsuki's mid to long range fighting.

Uchiha Sayuri fought some Kiri Shinobi on Cell 19 who was better speaker than a fighter, though still a decent fighter. Sayuri simply used her Sharingan and placed some genjutsu on the Kiri Shinobi.

Uzumaki Kasumi fought Inuzuka Kiba. The battle was predominantly taijutsu, though Kasumi was able to whip out some ninjutsu near the end, helping her win the fight.

The next battle was between Hyuuga Neji and Hyuuga Hinata, the prodigy of the Branch Member against the kind Heiress of the Hyuuga clan. It seemed that Neji still spouted fate everywhere, and Hinata couldn't bring herself to attack her cousin from what Naruto saw, thus Neji won. Though the fact that Neji kept spouting crap about fate and how Hinata was weak did not sit well with many people, especially her teammates and Natsuki.

This battle was easily one of the best, brutal in Naruto's opinion, though the blonde felt Hayate should've stopped it a bit earlier. This was a fight between Sabaku no Gaara and Rock Lee. Gaara had some kind of automatic sand defense which also acted as an offensive weapon, but Naruto felt something off about the Suna nin's chakra. Lee had used his superior speed and was able to outmaneuver the sand tentacles (DON'T EVEN THINK ANYTHING WEIRD), but in the end was trapped, and Lee's left side of his body was crunched up with sand. At least the jonin were able to interrupt the match, making Gaara winner by forfeit and save Lee.

Akimichi Choji lost against Kinuta Dosu. It was pretty good in Naruto's mind, though it seemed Choji wasn't very motivated, much like a lazy Nara on his team. That was, until Dosu called the plump boy "fat", and then Choji just went all out, but still lost. However, Dosu for some reason decided to forfeit just before his victory was declared, making it a technical tie.

An Iwa shinobi by the name of Yumi fought against a Suna shinobi and won. Yumi had used a variety of long ranged weapons along with seals against a puppeteer, clearly Yumi was planning on being a weapons mistress like Tenten. Somehow Yumi had been able to hide exploding tags in her barrages and eventually destroyed the puppets, the puppeteer forfeiting in the end.

Nakagawa Suiren of Kiri went against another Kiri Shinobi from the other team. It seemed that Suiren had the advantage of using water to a very high degree of mastery, being able to stop any water jutsu, and in this case, they were the only jutsu the opponent had. Suiren had an easy victory.

The second last battle was between Samui of Kumo and another Kiri ninja, with Samui winning an all out kenjutsu.

The last battle was between an Iwa Shinobi named Ayumo and a Suna nin named Daichi. Ayumo relied on heavy genjutsu while Daichi used ninjutsu, though it appeared that Ayumo had won by torturing Daichi through genjutsu.

-Back on the Arena-

"And these are the match ups, so listen up!" Hayate shouted out loud, getting the genins' attention. Then the electronic screen flipped through peoples' names.

Match 1: Uzumaki Natsuki of Konoha vs Hyuuga Neji of Konoha

Match 2: Aburame Shino of Konoha vs Sabaku no Kankuro of Suna

Match 3: Nii Samui of Kumo vs Hoshigaki Aoi of Kiri

Match 4: Uchiha Sasuke of Konoha vs Sabaku no Gaara of Suna

Match 5: Nara Shikamaru of Konoha vs Sabaku no Temari of Suna

Match 6: Ayumo of Iwa vs Omoi of Kumo

Match 7: Uchiha Sayuri of Konoha vs Son Goku of Iwa

Match 8: Uzumaki Kasumi of Konoha vs Yumi of Iwa

"As you can see, we were not able to reduce numbers to single digits, so it will be a big tournament. You've all seen what your opponents can do, so prepare accordingly. The Finals of the Chunin Exam will take place in one month, so prepare well. That is all, and Congratulations!" Hayate exclaimed as the genin cheered, though most were in deep thought, reflecting on their opponents tactics and abilities.

-With the Kages-

"Those were some impressive battles indeed." The Raikage spoke.

"I must agree with Raikage-dono. Your genin are well trained Hokage-dono." Mei added.

"I thank you, though your genin are well trained as well." Minato replied back.

"You youngster... But I will admit these genin are some of the most skilled I've seen." Onoki, the Tsuchikage answered.

"Indeed, now, I would like for us to return to my office for a brief discussion before you prepare to depart." The Yondaime Hokage inquired as the other Kage looked confused but nodded. Then after the room was clear of genin, the Five Kage stood up and walked out with their bodyguards trailing their respective Kages.

-Hokage's Office-

"The reason I asked to return to my office is for the discussion." Minato said as he took out a scroll.

"I propose a 5 way alliance between our villages." Minato declared, stunning the group.

"5-Way Alliance? Can such a think really happen?" Mei asked suspiciously. Kirigakure is still recovering from the economic damages the Bloodline Wars caused. Something like this would be an incredible opportunity for Kiri and for Mizu no Kuni. Similar thoughts plagued the minds of the other Kages.

"Yes, I do not need an immediate answer, so please take these copies of the treaty with you when you leave." Minato said as he handed each of the other Kages an identical scroll. Each Kage then stored the scroll.

"Good, now for our next and last topic. This pertains more to the guards, but would anyone like to volunteer for an exhibition match before the finals of the Chunin Exam? This is to promote peace, or at least non aggression between villages." Minato asked as some people went in front of the Hokage. Naruto and Killer Bee walked up, and Tetsu was walking but decided not to volunteer.

"Hokage-sama, I would like to join that exhibition match." Naruto said respectfully.

"Yo yo Ho!Kage I want in on that batch, Yo!" Bee said, rather excitedly. Most people snickered at the Hokage, but also at Bee's horrid rhymes. Bee took this differently and whipped out a notepad and pencil and began scribbling notes into it. Minato's eye twitched rather dangerously.

"And what might your name be?" Minato said rather sweetly. The dark skinned man paled slightly.

"Imma Killer Bee, whee..." Bee said, quickly losing his eccentricity but whipped out a small book and pencil and begin writing while mumbling to himself.

"I... see... It will be just Killer Bee and Kurosaki Naruto for the exhibition match then." Minato said as he sighed again. "Well that is all that we will need to discuss, so enjoy yourselves before you leave." Minato said as the room was slowly cleared out, leaving Minato, Jiraiya and Naruto.

"You two can go..." Both guards nodded as one left through the window and the other by shunshin, leaving Minato alone with paperwork.

-Golden Flora Hotel Lobby-

Mei inwardly sighed as she was going for the stairs. She was never too fond of politics, it was a dangerous game. Suddenly, she gasped as she felt two arms wrap around her waist, but relaxed as she recognized her boyfriend's signature.

"Hey there Mei-chan." Naruto whispered into her ear.

"Oh Hello Naruto-kun." Mei replied as she felt Naruto kiss her cheek.

" *Ahem*, Not that I don't mind seeing you two getting excited, but at least have the decency to do it in the room." Tetsu chuckled as Ao then spoke.

"*Sigh* Why back in my day, you would've just proposed and gotten the marriage over with." Ao said, but felt two dangerous presences.

"Ao, Shut up or we'll kill you." Both Mei and Naruto said very sweetly, the blue haired guard paling rapidly and muttered something similar to "What did I do this time?!". Tetsu laughed at Ao's expense.

"Anyways, Mei-chan. It's still quite early in the day, so would you care for another date?" Naruto asked.

"When? And it better be casual, I don't have anything fancy." Mei replied.

"Well, if Tetsu and Ao allow it, which I'm sure they will." Naruto then smiled too sweetly towards the two guards, who paled. "Right now." Naruto happily chirped.

"Eh? Sure why not?" Mei said as the two left holding hands, leaving a gaping Kiri nin.

"Did he just..." Ao said out loud.

"Hahaha Yes he just walked off with Mei-sama on a date Ao, yes he did." Tetsu added. "I don't know about you but I'm gonna have a look around Konoha." And with that Tetsu left Ao.


Of course, rather than going to a restaurant, Naruto planned to buy some food and bring Mei to the park, while having a clone play his violin. There, Naruto had met up with Yugao and Hayate.

"Yo! Yugao, Hayate. Stop making out, I wanna introduce you to someone." Naruto said from behind, causing the mentioned two to jump and stop kissing.

"Seriously, couldn't tap on a shoulder?" Hayate said blushing that the two were caught by Naruto, again.

"What's the fun in that. Well, do you remember how I was talking about Mei from Kiri? Well, Hayate, Yugao. I would like you to meet my girlfriend Terumi Mei." Naruto 'presented' Mei to his two friends who gaped.

"Mizukage-sama?!" Both ninja yelled.

"Hahaha... Terumi Mei, Godaime Mizukage. A pleasure to meet you too. Naruto-kun told me a lot about you when he was in Kiri." Mei giggled at the two's expressions.

"..." Hayate could not even form words in his shock, though Yugao was able to get over it rather quickly.

"I've always wanted to meet you Mei-san! Naruto doesn't stop talking about you!" Yugao chirped with starry eyes, while Naruto and Mei blushed slightly.

"That sounds like Naruto-kun." Mei said as she felt Naruto hug her from behind.

"Anyways, Mei-chan, why do you think Tetsu decided not to join the exhibition match? I saw him walking up, but then he backed off." Naruto asked curiously, but then remembering the box of dango he set off and opened it.

"Well, probably because you signed up... Tetsu is strong, but he at least knows when to give up." Mei giggled as she took a stick of dango, the other kenjutsu users stared at Naruto.

"And your doing the exhibition match too?!" Hayate yelled.

"Yep, me and a Kumo nin named Killer Bee. The guy's got like 7 swords on him, though he's like the Gai of Kumo..." Naruto muttered the end, as his long time friends looked at him incredulously.

"He can't be that bad can he?" Yugao just had to ask.

"With his rhymes? Yes, and I quote when he wanted to sign up for the exhibition match against me. "Yo Yo Ho! Kage I want in on that batch, Yo!" Naruto said in a henge of Bee, everyone staring at him.

"That's... that's... That's just ludicrous!" Hayate said as he remembered that he was still the proctor.

"How do you think we feel? We were in the room, and everyone in the room cracked up a bit from it." Naruto said, but then looked in the sky and saw that it was nearing sunset.

"I suppose it's best we go now. Mei-chan still has to go back to Kiri." Naruto said as he told hold of the Mizukage's hand.

"Yeah, It was nice to meet you Mei-san." Yugao said as Mei smiled in return and the two couples left the park.

-Golden Flora Hotel-

"Well they seemed nice." Mei said, still holding hands as she and Naruto went up the stairs.

"Yugao tends to be nice to just about anyone. Hayate's just has his eccentric moments every now and then." Naruto said as he chuckled, remembering some of Hayate's misadventures with Gai.

"It was nice going on another date, we don't get to do this too often." Mei said as the two arrived at Mei's room.

"Oh well, what can we do? Maybe we can go on some more dates when you come back in a month." Naruto said as the two began a heated make out session in front of Mei's door. They didn't even notice Tetsu walk up to them to greet them, until Tetsu decided to interrupt with a cough.

"*Ahem*..." Tetsu said as the two jumped and saw Tetsu grin at them and immediately blushed being caught "in the act".

"You know, at least have some privacy..." Naruto scolded the Kiri nin.

"You were making out in front of the door, in the middle of the hall..." Tetsu replied. "Anyways, it was nice seeing you again gaki. Hopefully we can have a spar some time soon." Tetsu added.

"Then why did you back out of the exhibition match?" Naruto asked.

"I'm strong, not suicidal. An exhibition match with you and that Bee guy would have gotten me out of commission." Tetsu shot back.

"Fine... I'll see you off tomorrow Mei-hime." Naruto whispered into Mei's ear, causing the busty Kage to blush, and with that Naruto left in a flash.

"Bloody showoff... " Tetsu grumbled.

-That Night, Naruto's Mindscape-

"DAMN YOU SUSANOO!" A loud shout came from the house in Naruto's mindscape as the blonde heard dominoes tumbling to the ground for who knows how long.

Naruto sweatdropped as he entered the room and saw Yami try to kill Susanoo with a rusty spoon, while Amaterasu, Tsukiyomi and surprisingly the Goddess of Death sip on some tea in another room.

"Down Yami!" Naruto shouted as Yami sheepishly chuckled, but decided to silently promise pain to the god of storms.

"Naruto, there is something we must speak of." The Shinigami said suddenly.

"Alright then, what of?" Naruto replied as he sat down across from the goddess.

"Two things actually, one pertains to your status as my avatar, and the other of your abilities." The Shinigami sipped on some tea before continuing.

"I should've told you this much earlier Naruto-kun, but when you were chosen to be my avatar at the age of 5, your body had to be altered slightly to cope with the addition of reiryoku. Your DNA, was altered in it as well... I know you don't exactly care too much about it, but you were technically no longer the son of Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina. I'm so sorry for keeping this from you." And with that, the Shinigami, Goddess of Death, broke into tears. Even if she was a higher deity, she still had emotions, contrary to the popular belief.

"Sh... It's okay Shini-chan" Naruto gave the goddess a soft smile. "What's in the past is in the past." Naruto added, then the Shinigami sighed.

"I'm not exactly sure of how much your DNA was altered, though you could end up being a cousin, nephew, or even brother of both Minato and Kushina." The Shinigami sighed again as she felt someone wipe her tears, looking up to see it was Naruto with a tissue, Amaterasu holding a box of tissues from Kami knows where, all while both female zanpakuto were giggling.

"Even if you're an almighty deity and all that crap, I hate to see a woman cry." Naruto said as the Shinigami blushed slightly. The three females and Naruto turned to Yami, who was giving out perverted giggles with Susanoo, and blasted the two spirits with killer intent.

"So... so... Scary!/Scary!" Was what the two stuttered out as they cringed in fear. Having Tsukiyomi smile at them, or Naruto threaten them was fine, but this was insane.

"Anyways..." The Shinigami composed herself before continuing. "About your abilities. You have gotten more powerful, and will only get more powerful as your abilites with reiryoku grow. That can be a problem in the future. You see, even with your control over the spiritual energies, some of it is beginning to leak out. Right now it's not even a mention worthy amount, but in the future it can be an issue. You see, reiryoku was also called 'Energy of the Dead', and even though chakra uses both physical and spiritual energy, your shinobi are unable to detect beings of purely reiryoku.

You are the only one spiritually aware, as you can harness both chakra and reiryoku. However, if too much of your reiryoku leaks out, then pluses and Hollows may begin to appear. The Soul Society is still not in decent enough shape to contain any souls, and the path between the dimensions is still rather damaged, so we must avoid the creation of pluses and Hollows.

Naruto, soon I want to bring you to the Spirit King's Palace to place a specialized seal on you. This seal is an adjustable seal which seals away your abilities. This is to be done so you can manage your energies. However, the standard version does not allow you to adjust how much of your abilities is sealed, so I must alter it and gather the materials needed for it. I'll be able to finish it in a few months." The Goddess finished her explanation as Naruto nodded.

"So basically when you're ready, you bring me to the Royal Palace in the spirit world to put this seal on me?" Naruto said out loud as the goddess nodded.

"Yes, it would not do if you suddenly found yourself against a Vasto Lorde, and one more thing. Do you remember how I told you that Aizen was sealed?" The Goddess asked, to which Naruto nodded.

"It has been roughly 1000 years since he was sealed. What I did not mention to you at the time is that the seal was designed to bind his soul to the modified Kido spear used to seal him. The seal was also destroying his very soul piece by piece. Now I estimate that his soul would be completely destroyed in around five years from now." The Goddess explained to Naruto.

"Dear Kami I thought I was going to have to deal with this Aizen guy myself. I doubt I could do what Ichigo did and fight him on even ground yet." Naruto said in relief.

"No, you won't be doing that for a while, though I would like you to check the seal after I place the limiting seal on you. It would be nice, as I can not interfere with mortal business directly. I suppose that's it for now." The Shinigami said.

"Alright then, I think I'm gonna go back to sleep now. It was nice seeing you again Shini-chan." Naruto said happily as the blonde disappeared from the mindscape.

"Well, I shall be leaving as well. Tsukiyomi, Amaterasu, do keep those other two in line." The Shinigami said half seriously to the female spirits before leaving as well.

-The Next Day, East Gate-

"I'll see you in a month or so Mei-chan." Naruto whispered into Mei's ear, the busty woman blushing. Off to the side Yugao was squealing at how romantic it looked from her perspective, Hayate, was just trying not to think of anything too perverted.

"Okay gaki, you can stop flirting with our boss." Tetsu interrupted the two who sheepishly chuckled.

"Back in my day..." "Ao, don't even start." Tetsu warned his comrade. Ao, realizing that both Mei and Naruto were eying him dangerously, stopped talking where he was.

"Well, Tetsu, Ao. Take care of her!" Naruto said to the two as they nodded and left for Kiri.

"How romantic. Long distance relationships..." Yugao said dreamily.

"Right..." Naruto said, hoping that Hayate wouldn't say anything bad.

"Ruto, Jiraiya-sama would be so proud of you!" Hayate said as he wiped an imaginary tear away, as Naruto's eye twitched dangerously.

"Hayate-kun, nothing perverted." Yugao said overly sweetly as she somehow had a rusty spoon in her hand, Naruto passed it off as fuinjutsu. The trio stopped what they were doing as an ANBU messenger appeared before Naruto.

"Sempai, The council requests your presence." Naruto nodded as the ANBU disappeared, having his duty complete.

"Damn, what now?" Hayate asked.

"Council, again..." Naruto sighed. The council was always a pain the the ass to deal with.

"Yo, just hope they didn't find out about reiryoku. Now that would really suck." Yami added.

"Don't even suggest that! Depending on what we do, we might have someone go through our mind, or be sent to a mental asylum or something." Naruto replied to his 'darker' counterpart.

"Well, I'll see you guys later, Kami knows what the council wants at this hour." Naruto grumbled as he began walking in the direction of the council chambers, his friends by his side. Naruto looked down and smiled as he saw his zanpakuto.

-15 Minutes Later, Council Chambers-

"Where the hell is he? I'm sure most of us have better things to do at this hour." A civilian councilman said.

"Have patience, whatever it's for, I'm sure its important if Hokage-sama ordered a meeting at this time." Koharu said.

The doors then opened, revealing an emotionless Naruto garbed in the standard jonin equipment with the flak jacket open, revealing a navy blue shirt with white kanji for "Guardian", his three zanpakutos on his belt.

"I hope I did not make you wait too long Hokage-sama." Naruto said as the Kage dismissed him.

"No you haven't, it's only been 15 minutes." Minato replied as Naruto took his place in front of the council, with both the civilian and shinobi council present.

"Kurosaki Naruto. Do you know why you have been summoned?" The Hokage said loudly.

"No I do not, please enlighten me." Naruto replied back.

"Kurosaki Naruto, you have been called to explain certain rumors about your abilities, your clan name, and your relationship with the Godaime Mizukage." Minato said.

"Please begin with the rumors surrounding your abilities and your clan name." Homura said as Naruto nodded.

"Councilman Homura, may I ask this. What rumors do you speak of?" Naruto asked rather politely.

"Rumors have been in circulation about a possible clan under the Kurosaki name, with a potential bloodline akin to your own abilities. Not only that, Jiraiya-sama as noted that you are the Holder of the Legendary Phoenix Contract, as you had summoned a phoenix on the retrieval mission to find Tsunade-sama." The Hokage added.

"Hokage-sama, I do indeed have the Phoenix Summoning Contract." Naruto then rolled up his sleeve, revealing the Mark of the Phoenix Contract."Technically, I have no bloodline of my own, at least nothing that can pass as a bloodline." Naruto said as he unrolled his sleeve, but immediately regretted it once he saw the expression on Minato's face.

"Hokage-sama, isn't Kushina-sama's Uzumaki vitality and recovery considered a bloodline?" Shikaku pointed out. Naruto cursed as he remembered that he is technically not Minato's and Kushina's son by blood, though the blonde was pretty sure that both Minato and Kushina knew this as well.

"Damn it! Leave it to Shikaku to remember... Most the clan heads and the elders know that I was Minato's son, and I highly doubt that coming out and saying that I'm not his son by blood anymore is a good idea... Damn what can I do? I doubt I can just come clean about it." Naruto thought to himself.

"Sure you could come out that you are no longer Minato's son by blood, and that you were chosen as the Avatar of the Goddess of Death, who was the same Goddess that Minato summoned to seal the Kyuubi. And you just so happen to have not one, not two, but three talking swords and a darker counter part, all working with him, along with the ability to use the spiritual half of chakra. And don't even get me started on the whole Guardian of the world, Soul Society, Energy of the Dead, Hollows / Arrancar, and crazed madman Sousuke Aizen. Nothing bad could possible happen. " Yami said sarcastically.

"You're going to have to stick with half truths for now. Doing what Yami suggests is not an option. You don't want people to know that you work for Shinigami-sama." Tsukiyomi said intelligently.

"Well? We are waiting Naruto-san." Minato said as Naruto turned to the Kage, rather annoyed that the conversation came to this subject. Naruto could've sworn that Minato was enjoying this.

"Technically, Yes the Uzumaki healing and vitality are considered a bloodline, but that is of the Uzumaki Clan. In my case, I have a bloodline, though at the same time it may not be considered a bloodline." Naruto said, shocking everyone in the room, and silently hoping that they would believe the next part. However, one councilman decided to jump the gun.

"Elaborate!" The civilian shouted.

"I have no obligation to answer to you, civilian, but I will indulge you." Naruto shot back. "When I became a chunin, I got my blood tested for a Kekkei Genkai. The results were odd." Naruto said before continuing.

"I am sure that you are all aware that I used to live with Hokage-sama and his family. When I first unlocked my chakra when being trained by Minato and Kushina as a child, something, unexpected occurred." Naruto continued. "When I was meditation to find and unlock my chakra, I was glowing a light blue. Minato can attest to this. Anyways, once I unlocked my chakra, I found a second pool of energy, and before you ask Hokage-sama, Danzo-sama, I am not a jinchuuriki." Naruto said, causing the audience to gasp once again as people began scheming. Shikaku just sighed and pondered on the legitimacy of this story.

"A secondary source of energy, how often do you see that. Nine biju, so nine, well ten jinchuuriki. I know for sure that Naruto isn't one, but... *Sigh* I can see why Shikamaru-kun thinks all blondes are troublesome..." The Nara head thought to himself.

"A secondary source of energy?! He's so much like a jinchuuriki, yet he isn't. I must find out more about this energy, such an ability would be useful." Danzo thought in his mind.

"Yes, that did indeed happen. His body glowed while he was meditating, but immediately dissipated when Naruto stopped meditating." Minato added.

"So that was what it was. For some reason, I highly doubt it can be passed on to children. It was a random occurrence, for all I know it could've been an overload of chakra." Minato reasoned to himself.

"Anyways, I do not know much about it, except that it is similar to chakra, very similar. In fact, I am under the belief that it can be used in the same manner as chakra is. However, when I went to do a bloodline test, the result was supposedly in between. It is common practice for medical scans and tests to be done several times to have conformation. The first time, it came out positive, and negative the second time." Naruto clarified as people were slightly disappointed, but still tried to plan to gain power from the potential clan, especially those in the Civilian Council.

"As for my relationship with the Mizukage. Three years ago while I was still enlisted in the ANBU Corps, my comrade Shark and I were assigned a mission. That day, a representative of the Bloodline Rebel Faction of Kiri came and asked Hokage-sama for assistance in the civil war. The representative was Terumi Mei, leader of the Rebel Faction at the time. Shark and I were sent to Kiri as regular shinobi, so we had gotten to know some of people there, and Mei was not an exception." Naruto explained as people nodded.

"I see, I would like to call a vote. All in favour of the creation of a new clan of Konoha under the name of Kurosaki?" The Hokage said as every hand rose, while Naruto wanted to slap his forehead before he gets paperwork. Unsurprisingly, Danzo was one of the voters for the new clan. Naruto sighed in relief as he felt that he had just dodged several kunai from point blank, though how he was going to tell Mei the news would be a bit of an issue.

"Very well then. New clan head Kurosaki Naruto, as the only member of your new clan, are you aware of your obligations as a Clan Head?" Minato said.

"Yes I am. As a new clan I am supposed to have four years to find at least three wives to start the clan, otherwise the Council would choose for me." Naruto said in return.

"Very well then. Kurosaki Naruto, please read more about your duties as clan head, we will speak more about your relationship with the Godaime Mizukage in the next meeting, and please meet me in my office after this. Meeting adjourned!" Minato shouted as people began to clear the room, some were scheming ways to get power from the new clan, while others simply did not think much of it. One person, was thinking of how troublesome it was.

Naruto sighed as he made his way out of the room and followed the blonde leader into the Hokage's Office.

-Hokage's Office-

On the way to the Hokage's Office, Naruto could not keep himself from muttering things such as "Stupid council always on my back." and "Kami damned politics" as this was one of the rare occasions that he openly showed a high degree of annoyance.

"Thank you for coming Naruto-san, there is something I would like to speak with you in private." Minato said as he ordered the ANBU to leave and discreetly activated a privacy seal.

"What could be so important that warrants the need of privacy seals?" Naruto asked.

"It's... *Sigh* It's about our past. I would like to make amends for our past." Minato said hesitantly while looking away.

"I... see..." Was all Naruto could say, stunned that Minato of all people was trying to reach out to him at this time. The blonde had expected Kasumi to be first, and then move to Kushina and Minato. Then Naruto stared at the Hokage suspiciously, remembering that he himself had wanted Naruto back as a clan heir.

"Why? You already admitted you only wanted me back as a clan heir." Naruto said suspiciously.

"I know we didn't exactly have a great relationship in the past, but-." Minato said as he was feeling a weight being lifted off his shoulders, until Naruto interrupted.

"It pretty much seemed like you hated me when I was younger. I'm already aware that for some unknown amount of time, I was no longer your son by blood. So tell me, what compelled you do do so? Was it confusion, but even then it would be very hard to believe." Naruto said cautiously.

"Wha- How'd you know?" Minato asked.

"*Sigh* I'm not exactly sure when it had happened, but I got my DNA tested when I became a chunin. Still not sure why I did it, but when the results came in, I was able to piece things together. When did you figure out?" Naruto asked in return.

"After that accident with the explosive tag." Minato said as Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly as he remembered that moment. He had no knowledge of explosive seals, or any seal for that matter, so Naruto as a curious kid had decided to play with the seal. The little Naruto was rushed to the hospital as the tag exploded a little too close for comfort.

"From where I stand, it seems that you are trying to get back a clan heir and possibly the power of a newly formed clan. Nothing too sincere about that." Naruto said.

"Either way, you seem to be under the assumption that I hate you." Naruto said, making Minato confused. "I may hold some resentment towards you and Kushina. As shinobi we must set aside our differences to work together. I've had years to get over the past and I have, for the most part. But I will not forget. Regardless, I still think that you did not handle your, I suppose it would've been confusion, of the situation very well." Naruto added as Minato hung his head in shame.

"By the way, how much has my DNA changed?" Naruto asked the blonde man.

"Well, you're still related to me, though the DNA says you're most likely a cousin or nephew." Minato replied back. Naruto sighed once again.

"Look, I will not forgive, and I will not forget." Naruto said as Minato looked visibly saddened, surprising Naruto. "However, I will give you one chance. You blow it, and you'll never have another shot at a relationship with me beyond our line of work."

"Anyways, how do you intend to explain this to say... Your family, Tsunade, Shizune, Jiraiya, and even Sarutobi and Gamabunta?" Naruto asked, sincerely curious. Minato simply looked like a deer in headlights.

"Err..." Minato then tried to think of how he would explain it to the mentioned people. He already knew that Tsunade and her apprentice Shizune were rather fond of Naruto, and the Toad Boss liked visiting Naruto when the other blonde was younger. Then there's Kushina, Kasumi and Natsuki...

"Naruto-san, would you care to come over to the Uzumaki Namikaze Compound tomorrow?" Minato said as Naruto nodded in return. "Alright, that gives me enough time to gather Jiraiya, Tsunade and Shizune." Minato said as he deactivated the privacy seals.

"Right... Just try not to have Tsunade castrate you or anything..." Naruto added, before turning to leave, but then stopping.

"One more thing before I leave. Did the Shinigami say anything to you on that day?" Naruto asked as Minato tensed for a moment.

"Besides the fact that I lost 10 years of my life opposed to the normal death for summoning her? She did say something in some kind of foreign language, but besides that I do not recall that the Shinigami said anything else." Minato said as Naruto nodded and left.

Once Naruto had left, Minato let out a heavy sigh as he looked around his desk, and surprisingly it was clear of any papers.

"It's like a sign. But that went a lot better than I expected it."

-Naruto's Apartment Room-

"Giving them another chance can't hurt, can it?" Naruto mentally thought to himself as started making tea.

"I say it was a good move. I think everyone deserves a second chance." Amaterasu added her opinion.

"She's right you know. I mean, it's not like you hate their guts or they killed your girlfriend or anything. Even if avoiding their former son was not the nicest action towards you. At least Minato recognized that, hopefully." Susanoo added.

"Still, starting from a clean slab was probably the best thing you could have done. If you ended up hating each other, you would've had the whole village on your ass quite soon."Yami added his opinion quite bluntly.

"He's got a point. The less enemies you have, the better. It would make things wonderful if your own village was practically against you if you and Minato are at each others throats..." Tsukiyomi said.

"True true, I hope I won't end up regretting this." Naruto said he saw his tea finished and began sipping on the hot drink. Naruto then turned to the clocked and saw that it was nearing 1:00 in the afternoon.

"I should send a message to Mei-hime... If I'm lucky, then Kasai will catch Mei on the way to Kiri... " Naruto mused to himself as he finished his tea and found a blank scroll and something to write with.

Dear Mei-hime,

I know it hasn't been too long since you left, but something came up on my end in Konoha. After you had left for Kiri, the Konoha council had called for me. They had found out about our relationship, but that is not the main point. The problem is, there were rumors in circulation about my abilities and my new name, and the council in their 'infinite wisdom' (as if...) did something about it, making a new clan... You should be able to guess who, and this can vastly change our relationship. Please Mei-hime, when you come back, I hope we can talk about it.

With love,

Kurosaki Naruto

Naruto sighed as he rolled up the scroll and placed down his pen. Taking the scroll to the balcony, Naruto began the hand-seals for the summoning technique.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" Naruto said as a small plume of smoke appeared, disappearing to reveal a bigger phoenix than before. Naruto was able to distinguish the summon as Kasai.

"Oh hey Naruto. It's been a while." Kasai said as Naruto nodded.

"It has Kasai. Think you can deliver a message to Mei-hime again?" Naruto asked as the phoenix eyed Naruto curiously.

"Mei-hime? Last time it was just Mei-chan, so what happened?" Kasai asked as Naruto blushed lightly, though the phoenix caught it and nodded in understanding.

"If I knew you longer, then I would say something about it. But sure, gimme the message." Kasai said as Naruto tied the scroll to the phoenix's right foot.

"Bye Naruto." Kasai said as he flew into the air and toward Kiri, leaving a small trail of fire.

"Well now that's taken care of..." Naruto said to himself as he finally took a sip of the now cooled tea.

-Elsewhere in Konoha-

"Ero-jii-san!" Two shouts were heard as one Toad Sage paled rapidly and slowly turned around to be greeted by the two jailers of the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

"Ah Hi Kasumi-chan, Natsuki-chan! What brings you to meet the Great Toad Sage?!" Jiraiya said as he puffed out his chest, declaring his title. He had also forgotten where exactly he was, until he felt a dangerous aura from a group of beautiful women covered with bath towels.

"Ero-jii-san... We'll talk after..." Natsuki said as she dragged her twin away, leaving Jiraiya ready for his just punishment.

"No! Kasumi-chan, Natsuki-chan! Come back!" Jiraiya pleaded as the malevolent aura increased from behind. Jiraiya paled and slowly turned around, all while thinking of an excuse.

"Er... G-good afternoon ladies.. Hehehe, mercy?" Jiraiya squeaked as he saw Tsunade come from the back of the group.

"None of that for you, Jiraiya..." Tsunade said while cracking her knuckles.

All of Konoha could hear high pitched screams of pain and agony. All the villagers silently prayed for the most likely departed soul who had suffered, though the few that knew what really happened, sighed.


"What... do you... want?!" Jiraiya wailed as he held his now rather mushy manhood.

"Oh don't be like that...Something happened to the seal in the forest..." Natsuki explained as Jiraiya instantly forgot about the burning pain.

"Let's go back to the compound for this then... But tell me, what exactly happened?" Jiraiya asked as the twins began retelling the events that occurred during the second stage of the Chunin Exams. Jiraiya frowned when they told him that Orochimaru placed a seal on top of the seal, quite painfully.

-Namikaze Uzumaki Compound, Training Grounds-

"Kasumi-chan, Natsuki-chan. Do you remember what technique Orochimaru used?" Jiraiya questioned the two as they thought for a minute. Kasumi shook her head while Natsuki stayed in thought longer, but remembered as the name hit her.

"Orochi-teme used something called 'Gogyo Fuin'. Do you know anything about it Ero-jii-san?" Natsuki asked curiously as Jiraiya went into thought.

"The Gogyo Fuin is used to disrupt the flow of chakra... What's he after? Is it the Sharingan, or just revenge?" Jiraiya thought to himself as he tried to solve the puzzle.

"Well, you two are in luck because I know how to fix it. You can't mold your chakra properly can you?" Jiraiya asked, the serious atmosphere disappearing. As the sage had expected, he received two negatives.

"The Gogyo Fuin is used to disrupt the flow of chakra. Now if you can lift up your shirts so I can inspect the seal." Jiraiya said, but received two very cautious looks.

"Oh come on! I might be a Super Pervert, but I won't do anything to my own Goddaughters!" Jiraiya whined, mumbling something about disrespect. The Uzumaki twins sighed and did as told, revealing the Hakke no Fuin Shiki in all of its glory. Jiraiya took this moment to create a Kage Bunshin while having both right hands behind his back.

"Brace yourselves, this is gonna hurt, a lot." Jiraiya said as the fingers of his clones and his own right hand glowed a blue flame. Kushina saw this happen and decided to intervene.

"Oh do tell me, Jiraiya..." Kushina said far too sweetly for Jiraiya's liking. "What is going to hurt them so much?" Kushina finished as Jiraiya paled, but still managed to explain.

"Well uh... you see... Orochi-pedo placed a Gogyo Fuin over their seals so I'm going to get it off." Jiraiya said as his voice squeaked in the end.

"Fine, but if you mess up..." Kushina said as a smile filled with dark intentions appeared on her face. "You will lose what is most precious to you, all of it!" Kushina threatened with some killing intent. Jiraiya nodded vigorously as the woman left. Sighing, Jiraiya prepared the technique again.

"Gogyo Kaiin!" Jiraiya said as he and his clone slammed their right hands onto the seal, and twisting it in a unlocking motion. The twins let out a pain-filled shriek as Jiraiya fixed the seal. Once the Toad Sage was finished, the twins collapsed to their knees and panted heavily.

"Dear Kami... That hurt..." Kasumi said in between pants.

"A little... heads up... would be nice." Natsuki added.

"Relax, now try molding your chakra." Jiraiya ordered as the twins did as told, and were surprised as it was much easier than when they had the seal.

"Neh, Ero-jii-san, think you can train us for the finals?" Kasumi asked.

"Hmm..." Jiraiya went into thought, considering the pros and cons.

"If I say yes, then Kushina probably will stop threatening me. But then I won't have time for research! If I say no... Kushina and Minato may or may not decide to 'convince' me, but then I can do more research!"

"I don't know... I'll tell you tomorrow, but you should try to get your chakra control back up for now." Jiraiya suggested as he left in a standard leaf shunshin.

*The Next Day*

"Minato-koi..." Kushina said as she wrapped her arms around the Hokage. "You said something about a new clan head?" The redhead asked.

"Yeah, yesterday a new clan was made under the name of Kurosaki. I wanted to invite the clan head over to talk." Minato said as he dropped his pen.

"Oh? You better not be trying to plan anything for dear Natsuki-chan or Kasumi-chan mister." Kushina threatened as Minato chuckled, slightly in fear of his wife.

"No no no... Of course not!" Minato said as such thoughts disappeared from Kushina's mind.

"Good, so tell me. Who is he, what's he like?" Kushina asked as Minato began his explanations.

-At Noon-

In a far away training ground, Naruto sighed as he finished meditating.

"Oh come on! Don't be like that! Mei's not the kind of person to ditch ya before understanding. You should know that by now!" Yami shouted to his counterpart.

"You shouldn't be so worried. It wasn't exactly your fault remember? Besides, you should be more worried about telling her everything. And I mean everything." Susanoo added.

"Your right. Though how am I supposed to explain this?" Naruto wondered to himself, but got no reply. "Susanoo, Yami. Where's Rasu-chan and Tsuki-chan? They've been awfully quiet." Naruto inquired.

"Probably sleeping... By the way, think you can come in the mindscape and make us some more sake soon?" Yami asked. Naruto was about to reply, but felt the presence of a messenger.

"Naruto-san, the Hokage requests your presence." Naruto nodded as the messenger left and returned to his post.


After checking that his zanpakuto were still on his belt, Naruto left by disappearing into nothingness.

-Hokage's Office-

Inside the office, Minato was working furiously in his attempt to defeat the evil known as paperwork. He had been so caught up that he did not see a shade emerge from the ground and reveal one Kurosaki Naruto. Another minute passes as the Hokage was oblivious to the new presence, but Naruto decided to stop him.

"You requested for me Hokage-sama?" Naruto said, slightly amused.

"Oh, yes I did." Minato replied. "I would like for you to come over to the Namikaze Uzumaki Compound at 5:00 pm for dinner." Minato said, or ordered...

"It would be an honour Hokage-sama." Naruto replied. "If you don't mind me asking, did you invite Tsunade and the others?" Naruto added.

"Yes I did, though Jiraiya-sensei was more difficult..." Minato said as a smirk appeared on his face.

"Right... I shall see you then." Naruto said as he left, leaving the blonde Kage with his paperwork.

-Konoha Streets-

"You know, it seems that every kage has problems with paperwork... Saru-jii told me that even he, Shodaime-sama, and Nidaime-sama had problems with the paperwork. And now Minato. Why don't they ever use the Kage Bunshin technique to finish it?!" Naruto wondered to himself.

"Who knows, maybe their just that stupid... Probably the paperwork getting to them." Yami suggested as Naruto mentally nodded.

"Well I have maybe 4 hours. I think I'm gonna get a bowl of ramen, then restock on equipment." Naruto thought to himself as he set out to do just that.

-4:45 PM, Naruto's Apartment Room-

"I think you have more then plenty Naruto-kun." Amaterasu said sleepily.

"Nah, you seem to be missing a couple hundred kunai..."Yami added sarcastically, and was mentally slapped on the head.

"Whatever, and good afternoon Rasu-chan. I better get dressed." Naruto said as he changed into a black and red kimono with wooden sandals. Naruto also decided to let his zanpakuto de-materialize back into the mindscape. Walking through his door, Naruto reactivated his security seal and locked the door. Rather than using a shunshin, he decided to walk for a change.

"How very dull... Wake me up if something fun starts..." Susanoo drawled out before going to sleep.

*Namikaze Uzumaki Compound*

Knock knock knock

A muffled shout that sounded like "Coming!" was heard by Naruto, who stood at the door of the compound.

"Hello Naruto-san. Would you care to join us for dinner before the unpleasantries?" Minato asked as he ushered Naruto inside.

"Of course, I would be honoured. Would be right to assume that the others are here as well?" Naruto asked as he peered into the dining room, where Jiraiya, Tsunade, Shizune, Hiruzen and the twins sat.

"Indeed they are. I'll take the flowers off of you." Minato said as Naruto went to sit down. Minato on the other hand left to grab a vase. Before sitting down, Naruto saw that Kushina was beginning to serve ramen and walked over to help.

"Here, let me help you with that." Naruto said as he brought two large bowls of ramen to the table. Kushina nodded and gave a small smile as Minato, a clone of Minato and Kushina followed the younger blonde.

"Itadakimasu!" And so they ate, while passing small talk about the week. Most of it consisted of the Chunin Exams. Dinner had passed quickly as each person had a small dessert, in the form of a cake. Once finished, Hiruzen had offered to help clear the table with Minato and Kushina, while Minato left a clone to wash the dishes.

"Now that dinner is finished, let's go out to the training grounds for the unpleasantries." Minato said as everyone went outside, though Natsuki and Kasumi were more hesitant.

"You too Kasumi-chan, Natsuki-chan." Minato ushered the two outside as well.


"Sensei, summon Gamabunta. I think he would want to here this as well." Minato asked as Jiraiya reluctantly did so, afraid of the possible consequences.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" Jiraiya shouted as a giant puff of smoke erupted from the ground, revealing the Boss summon of the Toads.

"JIRAIYA! WHAT IS IT THIS TIME?! FIRST THE KYUUBI, THEN WE SEE A PHOENIX! YOU WANT THE SANBI WITH THAT TOO?!" The Toad Chief shouted furiously, squeezing the sage in his webbed hand.

"Hey hey hey! None of that... Minato just wanted me to summon you..." Jiraiya quickly spoke, not wanting to be crushed.

"Gamabunta-sama! It would be nice if you stopped killing Jiraiya-sensei." Minato waved from the ground as the giant toad released Jiraiya from his grasp.

"Minato, is that Naruto?" The toad asked, receiving a nod. "OKAY SOMEONE TELL ME THIS. WHAT IN THE NAME OF KAMI IS GOING ON WITH YOU PEOPLE?!" Gamabunta shouted once again.

"Calm down 'Bunta. I was going to explain that anyways..." Naruto said as the toad calmed down.

"Saru-jii, Jiraiya, 'Bunta. You guys already know that I was once the son of Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina. Shizune and Tsunade, now you know." Naruto said, not quite sure what to say. Tsunade and Shizune looked at him as if he grew a second head, but then turned to Minato and Kushina with accusing eyes.

"But certain circumstances ch-" Naruto said, but was cut off by three pained shrieks.

All eyes turned to the origins of the sound, finding out it was from Kushina, Natsuki and Kasumi. What disturbed everyone, was that all three of them were gripping around their neck and shoulder. In the way that a person would do when Orochimaru leaves his hickey... Instantly, everyone went by each of their sides, while Naruto inspected the area where Natsuki gripped on.


With wide eyes, Naruto saw a seal appear and shatter, much like a mirror...

OMAKE: How Minato 'convinced' Jiraiya

"So, sensei... Would you like to come over?" Minato asked to his sensei, who was busy writing notes.

"Hmm... what for?" Jiraiya asked, not even bothering to look up from his notepad.

"Oh you know, dinner." Minato replied casually. For some sick (or ingenious) reason, this had grabbed the self proclaimed 'Super Pervert's full attention.

"Dinner you say! Why I'd love to! Is Kushina wearing that maids outfit li-" Jiraiya said enthusiastically, but was cut off as he felt a very sinister aura.

"Like what Jiraiya-sensei? Go ahead, finish that thought." Minato inquired very darkly. His bangs had shadowed his face, and somehow he had beady red eyes, and an evil grin which threatened to split his face.

"Like um... Like... Like the one I gave her as a wedding anniversary gift!" The white haired pervert squeaked, but then suddenly thought to himself.

"Oh... Shi-" Was his thoughts before he heard a dark shout.

"Rasengan!" Minato shouted as he slammed the blue ball of utter destruction... right where the sun doesn't shine.

"Don't worry Jiraiya-sensei, you have that powerful healing seal attached to your manhood, it'll grow back and it'll be as good as new..." Minato 'reassured' his sensei, very sadistically...

"M- Mercy! No, no more!" Jiraiya gasped out as he held his nether regions, where his manhood once was, in agony.


Hakke no Fuin Shiki: Eight Trigrams Sealing Style

Gogyo Kaiin: Five Elements Unseal

Rasengan: Spiraling Sphere.


I can say with confidence... that I utterly hate this chapter... The preliminaries wasn't a big problem, but the events afterwards... Writing lines for Bee, is much harder than I thought it would be. I'm a bad poet, and to be honest I suck at rhyming. The Omake was kinda fun though... I'm still not exactly pleased with the direction of Naruto's relationship with Minato and his family is going, but it seemed to work out.

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