THIS IS NOT A NEW CHAPTER! A/N For all stories.

I'm sorry that it's been taking a while for me to get chapters out for my stories (All 3 of them). This is mostly due to exams which I will be finished very soon and will have time for fanfiction stories.

HOWEVER, I regret(or maybe not) to inform you that The Living Shinigami, is going to be rewritten. I like the direction of the story, but the way I've done it does not work in my mind. I've made promises to have Naruto drift away from his family, but there is absolutely nothing that reinforces it. Now that I have a better grasp of writing, I want to go back and improve it completely. That being said, The Living Shinigami will stay up until I get the rewrite caught up.

As for the rest of my stories, those will be continued, most likely with a focus on Changing a Future, though I will still work on Sage of Fairy Tail. I may also post random stories of my ideas, and based on your responses I may or may not continue them.

I would like to thank everyone who's encouraged me to continue writing, and hopefully I'll be able to write better chapters for everyone.

This author note will most likely be deleted when new chapters come out. Thanks everyone~