Title: Georgia Peaches

Author: ChessKeeper

Rating: M

Paring: Chekov/McCoy

Warning: Slash

Disclaimer: I don't own Star Trek.

A/N: I found this prompt on a Star Trek meme and I really wanted to write it. Enjoy.

Prompt: Five times Chekov definitely didn't want to be in sickbay and one time it was entirely intentional. Chekov/McCoy

Italics: Russian


Before joining the academy, Chekov had heard stories from senor officers about daring fights and near death experience that always ended with a medical officer tediously patching them up. He had always listened to their stories quietly, while silently vowing that the first time he would visit the sickbay it would be because he had save lives or done something particularly heroic.

With all these grandiose first sickbay stories, Chekov was enormously embarrassed that his first trip to the sickbay was for the common cold.

He had been operating his station perfectly fine, minus a whole Kleenex box he had used and the disgusted sideways glances from Sulu, when the captain tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Everything is all right here kid, report to sickbay and get that cold checked at." Kirk gave him a charming smile and gestured to the turbolift.

"But Kaptain -"

"No but helmsmen, Bones will take care of you. Go on."

Unable to protest, Chekov begrudgingly left his post obviously not happy. "Da Kaptain."

Chekov took the turbolift and headed straight to sickbay, it was empty and Chekov stood awkwardly there for several minutes until a disgruntled McCoy waltzed in. He had a cup of coffee in one hand and a PADD in the other.


"Space flu?" McCoy asked. It was no secret on the Enterprise that several of the security officers were violently ill with a case of the space flu.

Chekov shrugged. "You tell me doctor."

"Alright well, just take a seat and try not to breath on me." McCoy scowled, taking a sip from his coffee mug.

Chekov did as the doctor instructed, he watched as the doctor slipped into his office and returned empty handed. "Alright kid wait one second."

Scowling, Chekov replied his voice heavy with a Russian accent. "I am not a child and I vould appreciate it if you didn't call me such." He took a deep breath as if to continue lecturing the surprised doctor but ended up coughing and spluttering over his words.

"Okay kid calm down-" McCoy corrected himself, "You're an Ensign right? Here." He quickly found a glass of water for the choking boy and handed it over. Chekov thanked him in Russian and downed the glass of water.

While Chekov was trying to regain some control, he refused to believe he was blushing in front of the doctor but if McCoy noticed he didn't draw any attention to it he just continued scanning the boy with is medical equipment, for this Chekov was grateful.

Chekov chalked the blush up to the fever.

"This should fix you all up. Come back tomorrow for another hypo, Ensign." McCoy said pushing the cold hypo to the younger mans neck. Chekov, who by this time was in autopilot left sickbay and went straight to his room all the while thinking of the moody doctor who had whitest teeth he had ever saw.