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It had been a week since they had rescued Lenore and her nest from Gordon Walker. Dean's injuries from the fight between him and said vampire hunter were healed, and he looked better than ever.

Sam sat there, at the table in their small hotel room. He had been searching for a hunt, but none had shown up in his searches…not yet anyway.

Dean had been climbing the walls, kept asking about hunting, but never searching for one himself since he found the vampire nest. It was Sam's turn, Dean had said.

Dean was really beginning to piss him off. When Dean becomes bored, his new entertainment is picking on Sam. And Sam was NOT happy about it.

Dean emerged from the bathroom, showered, and in sweats. He just threw his towel on Sam's bed. That was it.

Sam stood up from the table and walked over to his brother. Stared at him for a moment. Then punched him in the nose, causing him to fall over.

"Dude! What the hell!?" Dean shouted in rage, holding his bleeding nose.

"I was just taking my freebie." Sam responded with a smirk.


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