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Chapter 1 - Exploration

His space ship lands with grace, the only thing disturbed by the arrival is dirt on the ground. The captain steps from his ship, smiling slightly. He has just returned from a short visit to his home planet, Hocotate.

The sky is a deep red, the colors orange and yellow mingling with it. Clouds are scattered over the horizon, blocking the rising sun.

Olimar's smile grows as he approaches the center of the landing sight. His faithful companion, Louie, has taken leave from work after being stuck on this planet for who-knows-how-long.

Taking in a breath, he exhales into his whistle, the noise piercing the morning silence. Three onion-shaped space crafts float down from the sky. They land around him just as gracefully as he landed.

The small man approaches the blue-colored onion, and begins to call the pikmin waiting inside. As they exit, Olimar rushes from onion to onion, calling various amounts of pikmin out.

He returns to the center of the landing sight, and blows his whistle once more. The small creatures crowd around him, the only emotion conveyed is happiness.

Olimar crouches down next to one, and pets it's head, the antenna-leaf bouncing back into place after being flattened. He smiles, and stands up once more. His eyes float to the space ship as he debates whether to take purple and white pikmin. He shakes his head and turns the opposite way.

Olimar pushes his way through the crowd of pikmin. He scans the area infront of him with his eyes as he walks forward. Various plants and trees litter the ground, the only thing preventing them from overgrowing is the lack of water nearby.

Olimar strolls through the dirt-covered ground, kicking up stones and rocks. His mind is calm, only a few notes of worry playing their rhythm behind the melody of happiness. His mind is at ease here, where he doesn't have to worry about anything.

He slows to a stop in front of a tree stump, as it blocks his way. Olimar calls a yellow pikmin over, and picks it up in his hands. He tosses it to the top of the stump, and waits as it begins to break down a fence on the opposite side.

Almost an hour has passed. Olimar eventually threw more of the yellow pikmin to the fence, in the hopes to speed up the process. They've completed about three fourths of the work, and only a small portion of the fence remains.

Olimar sits against the side of the trunk, relaxing with the pikmin that are unable to reach the fence. Some of the blue and red pikmin play in the dirt together, while some laze about in the chilled, autumn air lulling them to sleep.

As Olimar's eyes begin to fall closed, the returning yellow pikmin jolt him awake. He jumps up from his spot, and blows the whistle, causing all of the pikmin to jump to his attention. Olimar begins to walk again, scouting out the area for a possible way to climb onto the trunk. He pokes and prods at the leaves and foliage surrounding it, in the hopes of finding a way on.

As he turns to reach where he began, he spots a shallow incline nearby. Olimar calls his pikmin to attention once more, as none wish to be left behind, and he begins to find his way to the top of the stump.

After what could have been hours of searching, Olimar finally stumbles across the ruined fence destroyed by the pikmin earlier.

He jumps over the rubble, as to avoid being hurt. The pikmin simply weave their way through the chunks of rock and dirt, quickly catching up afterwards.

As Olimar waits for the creatures to return, he observes the scenery around him. It appears that there are only minor changes since his visit several years ago. Water has begun to dry up where it was plentiful before, trees and other plants have begun to wilt, and the usual flowers containing seeds to produce more pikmin are few and far between. His eyes water as he holds back tears of disappointment.

The sun is high in the sky now, the hot rays glaring down at him. Olimar quickly becomes impatient while waiting for the final pikmin to catch up.

Their feet are running as fast as they can, trying to keep up with those in front of them. As they reach Olimar, they lay on the ground in exhaustion.

Olimar looks at the pikmin below him, and let's out a sigh of relief. They've all arrived.

He blows his whistle, and the small creatures jump to attention. He smiles in triumph, and begins to lead them in the direction of what appears on his map as a cave. The stump leads onto a level section of ground, allowing Olimar and his companions easy access to the area surrounding the cave.

The small captain explores around for a while, hoping to find any sign of a cave. He did find one lead, but it just ended up with a dead end.

Olimar has begun to wander aimlessly now, hoping with all of his might to find a cave.

His cheeks are stained with the remnants of dried tears. His day has been overwhelming to him. So much so that he'd been pushed to the point of crying. Landing on an alien planet, reuniting with friends that you haven't seen in years, and searching for hours on end for a cave has taken its toll on one of the only two space captains of Hocotate.

He looks into the sky, and the sun had begun to set. The light blue sky is beginning to shift to red, no clouds there to soften the switch.

Olimar sighs, and begins to drag his feet while trying to find us way back to the ship. The pikmin accompanying him are just as tired as he is.

As he is returning, the air around him begins to get humid and cold. A light blue glow is coming from some nearby bushes.

His eyes light up in joy, and he feels that life have been put back into him. He calls his pikmin to attention, as some are lagging behind the others.

Olimar rushes forward, and pushes his way through the bushes.

He digs trough the leaves and branches until he comes across a hole in the ground. It's identical to the ones seen in the past. A smile grows on his face. This could be what he's been searching for all day.

Olimar's miniature space ship computer floats down next to him.

"Olimar," It says, the metallic voice rusty from years of being left unsed," Captain Olimar, it appears that there are dangerous monsters down there. Once you go in, you cannot return to the surface. Do you wish to proceed?"

Olimar quickly nods, and turns to the hole in the ground. The computer flys in before him, and dissapears into the darkness. Olimar calls his pikmin to attention, and readies himself.

The small captain takes a breath, and jumps in.