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Hey guys, I'm feeling mega inspiration for this story right now, so like, lol yeah- I dont know what Olimar breathes (it isn't oxegen for sure, so ive gone with carbon dioxide...) oh and also, I'm going to write this story without dialogue (besides the ship when moving to different levels of the cave) just cause I've never done it before, and I don't picture the game Pikmin as a loud, talkative game... Have fun reading this chapter! Thanks!


Chapter 3 - Waterfalls

The trembling comes to a stop, yet Olimar remains clinging to the ground. He shivers in fear inside his homemade spacesuit. On the other hand, the pikmin are going chaotic. They run wildly about, some screaming, others shaking water off of them.

The captain stands up when he feels that it's safe to do so, and smiles. Although everything around him is falling into insanity, he's positive it was just a one time thing, and that everything will be okay.

He blows his whistle, the high pitched sound cutting through the screams and shouts of the pikmin. They immediately turn to Olimar, and wait for him to move.

The captain scans over the group of pikmin before him. Some are covered in mud, others scratched, but most are perfectly fine. The dirt kicked up by the pikmin has settled, and the item they were attempting to recover has been reburied. He gives a small sigh, and turns back towards the hole leading to the rest of the cave.

Olimar approaches it, and an instant wave of cold hits him. The sound of running water echoes around him and the pikmin, and fear rushes through him. His group of small companions look around, searching for the source of the noise.

Before thinking, Olimar jumps into the hole, delving deeper into the cavern with the pikmin.

Olimar lands face first in the moist soil, quickly followed by the mass of pikmin he chose to take with him. The sound of water has softened, but it's still loud enough to cause Olimar fear. He shudders, and his eyes shoot about, looking at every stream of water in sight. The sound of water grows louder by the second, and Olimar knows he's in trouble.

He quickly sends a breath of air through his whistle, and the pikmin jump to attention. He counts them, and rushes into the second floor of the cave.

Puddles have formed on the floor, and the streams are growing rapidly. The pikmin now have to dodge the water, it's become too much of a risk for them to run through. The air suddenly grows cold, but the usual blue glow and fog aren't accompanying it. Water droplets are flying on to Olimar's helmet, and the sound of water is all he can hear. The small captain glances over his shoulder, and is met with a terrifying sight. Water is filling the cave, and is about to reach his precious pikmin. Tears form in his eyes, he knows he can escape, he has a helmet on, with a hearty supply of carbon dioxide which should last him the swim to the surface, but only the blue pikmin will survive the swim.

He glances around, the first of many tears streaming down his face, looking for an object, maybe a place to leave the pikmin to survive. A small crevice here and there, but besides that, the walls and ground is bare.

As Olimar turns a corner, water is quickly rising under his feet. His breath quickens from the already fast pace, and tears are pouring down his face. The shouts of the pikmin sound out from around him, and he turns to get a last look at his faithful companions. He stops, the water rising around him, and scans over the pikmin. As his eyes reach the last one, they're pulled to an object riding above the water. A plate. Hope floods through him, and he instantly knows how to save the pikmin.

Olimar calls his many companions close to him, and begins tossing them at the plate, most landing on top, some landing on the side. As he throws the last one, he climbs aboard, and releases a shaky sigh of relief. He and the pikmin are safe for the time being.