Saviour - Lights


The last thing Nick Fury expected at two in the morning was the sound of frantic banging on his door. Whoever the person was, they were desperate to see him, and as he reluctantly gout out of bed, he absentmindedly grabbed his gun. Walking towards the door, he was prepared to threaten the person's life and order that they leave and come back when the sun was up. However, he was not ready for the sound that reached his ears through the door. It was the sound of a crying infant. Opening the door, his eyes widened when he looked upon a woman he knew from the S.H.E.I.L.D. office.

"Valerie?" He demanded, "What are you doing here? Whose child is this?"

"Nick, please, I can't explain," She held the baby out to him; "You have to take her, Nick. Please take her and protect her."

"Valerie, what's going on?" The look in her eyes was so frantic that he took the baby from her in fear that she would drop her. Once the baby was in his hands, Valerie turned to leave, "Wait!"

She stopped and turned to him, "Take care of her Nick, and please…if you must use her…please be absolutely desperate."

Then she was gone. As Nick stared where the woman had been, the infant girl moved slightly in his arms. Looking down, he wondered what made the child so unique that he would have to protect her. As he gazed in her sparkling blue eyes, he just knew.

And for the first time in his life, Nick Fury prayed. He prayed that he would never become desperate.