History teacher Amanda Williams was not having the best of days. Not a bad day, necessarily, just not the best. David Thomson had just left from stopping in on his lunch break to say "hi", and the day was looking brighter all ready. And besides, it was Friday.

Amanda left her classroom and made her way down the hallway, intending to go eat her lunch in the teacher's lounge. Yet, as she walked, a conversation between two students in the otherwise abandoned hallway grabbed her attention.

"Girl, what you talking about?" A boy's outraged voice reached Amanda's ears, and she froze, listening. "Why cain't you come to Lisa's tonight? I've been looking forward to this all week." His voice softened with what Amanda supposed was supposed to be tenderness. His next words made Amanda's stomach curl. "Just me and you alone all night long."

"Derrick, no!" A girl, hidden from Amanda's view, responded firmly. "I made a promise."

"To who?" Derrick scoffed. "Your daddy again? What, he own you or something? You need to do what you want to do."

"And what I want to do is keep my promise."

Amanda ducked into the nearest classroom when the girl spun from Derrick and headed in Amanda's direction. Amanda peeked out the small window in the door just as the girl passed by. And glimpsed someone she recognized from David's photos as Jade Hayes, his partner's daughter.

Amanda leaned against the nearest desk in the empty classroom, thinking. She knew from David what the promise was that Jade had referenced. The promise ring that her father had given her the previous night. It would seem that Nathan had gotten to his daughter just in time. Amanda was glad for that, and proud of Jade for making the right decision in the end.

Goodness knew the possibilities of what could've happened if Jade had gotten with Derrick.

Amanda's thoughts flashed to hers and David's daughter, Olivia, and the mistakes they had made surrounding her.

Goodness knew the possibilities, but so did Amanda.

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