Summary: This is the follow up to Alternate Ending from Ichigo's P.O.V. This picks up from Starrk and Ichigo waking up in the room in Seireitei. Expect 3 chapters.

Warnings: Anal, fingering, MxM, MPREG, language,

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That was the first thing that crossed Ichigo's mind as he woke up. As he made the slow way to full consciousness, Ichigo's thoughts became centered on the parched desert that had made it's home in his mouth and down his throat. Reaching out a hand without opening his eyes, Ichigo felt around for the bottle of water that he kept on his nightstand. Puzzled when his hand failed to encounter that particular piece of furniture and, instead, felt like it was running over a floor, Ichigo turned his head that direction and forced an eye open. What he saw confused him. Turning his head a bit more and peeling open his other eye, Ichigo confirmed that his first impression of the room was correct.

He had never seen it before.

Inhaling deeply as he thought out all the places that he could be caused Ichigo to be brought out of his thought process as he registered the heavy scent of sex in the air. Blushing furiously, Ichigo quickly scanned over what he could see of the room to make sure that no one else was currently using it. What he saw of the room indicated that it wasn't in use, but when Ichigo inhaled again, he couldn't get over how heavy the scent of sweat and semen was in the air. Ichigo groaned at the thought of leaving the warm bed he woke up in and the heavy blankets that were covering him, but he needed to see the rest of the room for his piece of mind. Pulling his arms under him and into a push up position caused Ichigo to be aware of soreness throughout his body and tiredness in his muscles. Ichigo scowled lightly as he tried to force himself up a bit to look at the rest of the room.

Tried to and failed. As he was straining his tired and sore muscles, what Ichigo had thought was an exceptionally heavy blanket tightened around him and nuzzled into the back of his neck, letting out a deep, contented sigh as it did so. Ichigo immediately dropped back to the mattress and whipped his head to the side with his eyes wide open as adrenaline flooded his system.

"Calm yourself, mi Preciosa."

"Who are you? What are you doing here?"

Ichigo was alarmed to find himself face to face with an unknown male and started to scramble backwards off of the mattress. He failed in this as well when the male, who was apparently wrapped around him, tightened his hold. Ichigo immediately began to struggle in the male's arms. Letting out another deep sigh, this one sounding slightly put upon and muttering under his breath about needing to help his mate calm down, the stranger grabbed Ichigo's flailing hands and manoevered them until he had was holding Ichigo's wrists tight in one hand. With his free hand, the male reached up with a glowing blue thumb and brushed it over Ichigo's neck, pausing and leaving his thumb in one particular place that caused Ichigo to instantly still and forced all of his muscles to go lax. The unknown male released Ichigo's hands and used his now free hand to lift Ichigo's head until he and Ichigo were looking at each other's faces.

"Now that you are calmer, I shall introduce myself. I am Coyotte Starrk, the Primera Espada. Or at least I was. I rather think that your side has won and that there is now no need for the Espada label."

Ichigo noted that the dark-haired, slate-grey eyed Espada with one eye patch looked accepting of his loss in the war and couldn't stop the question escaping from him.

"Aren't you upset over that? Losing, I mean,'' Ichigo clarified when he saw that question in the other's eyes.

"No," Starrk said as he pulled Ichigo closer to him and nuzzled his hair, all the while keeping his thumb pressed into the side of Ichigo's neck. "Aizen-sama found me and Lilynette as we sat surrounded by the mountains of dead that I killed simply by my immense reiatsu. The only reason Lily and I followed him was because he promised that I would never be lonely again. And he was right. Now I have you, my mate and, in the near future, our cubs."

Ichigo could feel both panic and confusion waiting to wash him away as he heard the end of Starrk's statements, but whatever the other was doing was keeping it at bay for now. It didn't stop all of the effects though and Ichigo felt his breathing speed up slightly. Starrk's arms tightened briefly again, before loosening.

"If you can keep yourself calm, I will release you and we can see about getting a hot soak. I can certainly use one and I am equally sure that you could as well. I will give my explinations that should answer the questions that are most probably floating around your brain and, if I have missed any, you can ask them when I have finished my explinations. Bueno?"

Ichigo thought about what the other said, took a deep breath to center himself and nodded his head. He didn't feel up to saying anything, knowing that he would probably just upset himself more. Starrk removed his hand from Ichigo's neck and slid out from under the covers. Ichigo was focused on keeping calm as he began to rise up from the mattress and failed to notice that Starrk was only wearing his skin as he came around the mattress and offered him a helping hand. Ichigo took it without thought and was lifted up with ease, startling Ichigo and causing him to lose his focus and balance. Ichigo stumbled into Starrk and was alarmed to note the feeling of hot skin against his own skin. Flushing a deep red in embarressment, Starrk denied Ichigo the chance to draw back when he wrapped one large arm around him and grabbed him under the chin again with the other hand.

"There is nothing to blush so deeply over, mi unico tesoro. I have seen all of you, and you have seen all of me, for the last several days. But that is something that I shall speak of to you while we soak."

Ichigo nodded slightly as he looked up into the serious face of Starrk and decided that he really couldn't wait much longer for that explanation. Once he nodded, Starrk released him once again and stepped away. When Ichigo went to follow, since he wasn't about to let the other dissappear just yet without getting the information out of him, he took one step and began to collapse to the floor as a deep, throbbing pain shot up his backbone. Starrk was sweeping him up into his arms before Ichigo could think twice about it.

"I find that I must apologize to you for the pain you are no doubt suffering from at this moment. Just relax yourself as best as you are able and I shall carry you for now until you are fit to move under your own power again."

Ichigo blushed furiously as he was cradled like a new bride in the other male's arms. He may give off the impresssion of indiference when it came to matters of the heart and body, but he was intelligent enough to figure out what probably happened in the room to leave it reaking of sex. And with both Starrk and himself wearing nothing but skin it was a pretty safe assumption as to who the participants were to leave the heavy odor. Ichigo found himself hoping, as Starrk made his way over to the door that Ichigo had just noticed, that the information Starrk kept saying that he would deliver would also include the reason why Ichigo found himself so willing to trust the other man despite the panic the situation was trying to bring about in him. Seeing that Starrk was just going to open the door with no thought to their nudity, Ichigo decided that he needed to speak up.

"Oi! How about you grab a sheet and give us something to cover up with? I'm sure that not everyone is as blaise as you about casual nudity."

Starrk barely paused in his movements before he turned around, crouched down, grabbed a sheet, and quickly draped it over the two of them. That done, he made his way over to the door which he flung open without a care as to who or what might be on the other side. Glancing from side to side, then looking down, Starrk let out a sound of triumph before using his foot to nudge something under them that Ichigo was unable to see without dislodging the sheet.

"Hmm whassit?" came the sleepy reply to Starrk's prodding foot which caused him to prod harder.

"OH! So-sorry Starrk-san! Please forgive me! I di-didn't mean to fall asleep! May I assist you with something?"

Ichigo knew that voice very well and he had his confirmation of who it was when Hanataro stood up, placing himself in view of Ichigo.

"OH! Good morning, Ichigo-san! Are you feeling alright? I haven't been able to check on you or Starrk-san yet. I kept trying but everytime I did you were uh, um...busy. Yes", Hanataro blushed deeply red as he continued. "Very uh, busy. I did leave you some water from time to time, but that was all that I was able to get done before your attention became, um, focused again. I'm really sorry that I wasn't able to do my job and I hope that I can make it up to you in the fut-"

"Whoa!" Ichigo interrupted Hanataro before he could get too worked up. "Hanataro! Everything's good. Thanks for the water, I know that I'm still thirsty but I hate to think what I would feel like without your help with that. If you want to help us out again, could you tell us where a bath is? I could really use a hot soak. My muscles are feeling pretty bad right now."

"Of course! I should have thought of that! I'm so sorry, forgive me! It's right at the end of this hallway. Please follow me," Hanataro turned around as he said that last bit and rushed off.

Ichigo looked up and caught a bemused expression crossing over Starrk's face. Giving a small snort while smiling, Ichigo poked Starrk in the shoulder. Seeing that he had the other's attention, Ichigo gestured after Hanataro. Starrk returned the small grin with one of his own then set off after the much smaller man. Starrk's long legs quickly caught them up to the other which gave Ichigo the opportunity to ask Hanataro at least one of his many questions.

"Hey Hanataro? Where are we?"

Hanataro paused just before the last door on the hallway. Placing a hand on the door, Hanataro turned slightly to look at Ichigo.

"I'm sorry! I should have told you that! You are in the long term care ward of the Fourth Division. It's where people that can look after themselves but still need a bit more healing are settled. But don't worry," Hanataro hastened to assure them. "There are healers on call at all times here. So if you need anything, just press the small button near any of the doors and someone will be right with you. And if something happens that makes you unable to reach the button, don't worry. All of the rooms are also able to monitor your vitals and send the information to the nurses station. A nurse will be right with you the minute that you vitals signal trouble."

"Thanks Hanataro," Ichigo said as he restrained a sigh. Hanataro always meant well and he was an absolutely amazing healer who was well on the way to becoming a friend, but he tended to ramble on and not give the best answers about anything other than healing. Ichigo just chalked it up to Hanataro needing more self-confidence and made a mental note to try and help the nervous male find it.

Seeing that Ichigo wasn't going to ask anything more of him, Hanataro turned his attention back to the door and opened it. As soon as the room was open, He rushed into it, leaving the other two to enter on their own time, not that Starrk wastesd much time. He entered closely on the healer's heels. Ichigo tuned out Hanataro's chatter as he rushed about the room, setting out what appeared to be towels and robes, and instead took in the room.

It was amazing! There were several cleristory windows up near the ceiling, letting in a flood of natural light as well as a ceiling light above a massive sunken tub. The tub was so large that Ichigo could see a set of handled stairs leading down into it. The whole room was tiled with one inch square tiles that ranged in shade from green to blue to teal to purple with every possible hue and tint that those colors could be found in. It could have been over whelming, but as the tub filled up, the light coming in bounced off of the water's surface and reflected onto the tiles, giving the impression that a person was under water.

It was oddly soothing, Ichigo reflected to himself. He was drawn out of his contemplation of the large, beautiful room by a refreshing, citrus scent that seemed to clear his head of the slight panic and the confusion that the situation he found himself in was imparting to him. Looking over at the tub, he saw Hanataro holding some glass jars over the water and shaking them, causing what looked like rock candy to fall out and land in the water.

"You had mentioned that you have sore muscles so I'm adding something to the water to help with that. It also helps with concentration and mental fatigue. I've also turned on the heater for the tub so that you can both stay in it as long as you need to without worrying about the temperature dropping. There are benches along the walls of the tub since some of our patients need the support. Near the taps," Hanataro gestured as he continued with the confidence that anything pertaining to healing seemed to impart, "is a another call button. Sometimes we need to assist the patients with their bathing, which is why this tub is so large, and sometimes the patients says no, but has difficulties later and calls of one of us."

Hanataro reached down and turned of the gushing water. He then looked around the room once more before giving a sharp nod of his head.

"Everything looks set, so I will leave you two alone for now. I'll knock when I come back."

With that, Hanataro quickly left the room and shutting the door after himself, leaving Ichigo alone with someone he only knew as being on the other side of a war that he had fought in only to protect those he loved. Looking up, Ichigo was met with the sight of slate-grey eyes peering down at him.

"You are probably hoping for that explanation now, yes?"

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