Aftermath of the MODE Apocalypse

Sequel to The Night of The MODE Apocalypse. Three-part series...

Ok, so the Aftermath will basically be just that, the aftermath of Betty's dream in the course of the actual show. This will mostly be from Betty's point of view since it was her dream, but we will have Daniel in there every now and then. I will basically choose scenes from the series that I could play Betty's dream off of. Let me know if there are scenes that you would like to see! :)

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Chapter 1

This chapter corresponds with episode 2x17, The Kids are Alright.

It had been a week since Henry left for Tucson and a week since Betty's dream, and she was plagued with sadness. Although, the first day or two after Henry left she felt broken. At least that is what she thought.

When she wrapped her head around the thought of him leaving her, she realized that her sadness was all some sort of 'subconscious comfort' to distract her real reason for being slightly disappointed.

She felt bad for thinking this way, but she sort of wondered about her feelings towards Henry and realized maybe she wasn't really in love with him and it was more about the suspense and sneaking around that made her want to be with him. She shook that off.

Now all she could think about was her dream. She should be happy that it was all a dream and that MODE is normal...well in MODE standards, and Daniel...Daniel was alive. She felt her heart race just thinking about how he died. She couldn't take that. It was the recurring thought that floated around her brain which made her wonder about the depths of her 'feelings' for Daniel. Of course she cared about him...he was and is a huge part of her life. She didn't dare allow her mind to ponder how she said she...'loved' him.

She sighed blowing the hair in front of her face. She dared look through the glass toward said person who she couldn't stop thinking about. When she looked up she instantly smiled seeing him there flipping through the last issue of MODE.

She had to focus. She had to write that article that Mrs. Meade assigned her. She smiled for a few brief seconds before she looked into his office again. When she looked in this time he saw her and smiled. Betty smiled. Why did he have to smile like that? She needed to get out of here. She got up and made her way...anywhere to get her mind to focus on other things.

Ugh Gio! How dare he kiss her and tell her that she went to his sandwich shop all the time because she liked him. Get a grip Gio! It's called a distraction! Betty sighed. Now everyone at MODE thinks she's freaking in love with him. She should be working on her article rather than being in the stupid men's bathroom cleaning off the dirty poem Marc wrote about her and Gio. Why can't everyone leave her alone! Now everyone thinks she goes around kissing people. Ugh!

"Get it together, Daniel"

Betty's heart started racing when she heard his voice. She flushed the stupid toilet and got out. "Daniel, aren't you supposed to be in a meeting?" She asked trying to pretend her heart wasn't about ready to pop out of her chest.

"Wilhelmina is in there and she is freaking me out." He looked to her in the mirror "What are you doing in the men's room?"

"There was a graffiti situation that I had to take care of. Marc wrote a very raunchy poem about me and Gio. But I took care of it."

He straightened his tie "Shouldn't you be working on your article?"

Betty looked to him. "How do you know about that?" He looked at her not able to find words. "Daniel, did you tell your mother to give me that article?" she asked somewhat upset.

"I know I'm self-involved but even I know you could use some cheering up." Betty let out an annoyed breath. "And besides you're going to do great."

"Great? I haven't written anything yet. I've had a few...distractions" she said unable to look at him, him being the main reason for said distractions.

"Well stop that! Get back in there and start writing."

"Fine, you get back in there and run that meeting and don't let Wilhelmina get to you."

He turned around "Ya, we can do this!" he started walking, Betty next to him. "Yes, we can!" As some sort of reflex she slapped his butt. She didn't know what came over her! What the heck is wrong with you, Betty? Her heart started racing in a panic. He looked to her in surprise. "That was unexpected." He said in shock.

"Ya, let's pretend that never happened." She said not daring to look back at him. He just looked at her as they walked out, confusion still written on his face at the gesture. When they walked out Betty just couldn't look him in the eyes. She quickly made her way to her desk trying not to smile thinking of what a nice a – ah! No! Stop it, Betty! Betty sighed deeply. You cannot think of Daniel like that!

Daniel's mind was going crazy right about now. Did Betty just slap my ass? Great, now how am I supposed to get through this meeting? He took a breath and walked in to see that the meeting was already over, Wilhelmina and Alexis making him look like an incompetent idiot. He sighed in frustration looking on as Wilhelmina was wiggling her way into Alexis' brain. He was convinced that she was an evil witch...and that was putting it nicely. She was making a mockery of him and he was not going to let that happen.

"Is there anything I can do to help, Daniel?" Betty asked as she sat in the chair in front of his desk.

"You know what go home. I want you to work on that article. I'll take care of it. She wants to spin the press, we're gonna spin the press." He said folding his arms along his chest looking at the TV screen.

Daniel knew that part of the reason he wanted her to go home was that he wasn't sure it was a good idea that he was seeing her right now. All he could think about, despite Wilhelmina making him look like an idiot, was Betty kissing him and touching him in ways that were hardly innocent and he couldn't let his mind delve further. Betty was his assistant, his friend. He shouldn't be thinking this way.

He wasn't going to allow himself to think of her that way, no matter how much his mind thought about that insanely hot kiss or how his heart would start to race just thinking about how her lips felt on his. Betty was his friend. And that was that! He made a vow that he would not let his mind come back to that kiss or this 'feeling' he got when he thought of her in such a way. It was bad enough that he had a few dreams since that kiss of her and him fighting off zombies together; this was a whole other level of intensity that he knew shouldn't be on his mind.

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