Aftermath of The MODE Apocalypse

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Chapter 2

This chapter is in between Episode 2x17 The Kids are Alright, and 2x18 Jump

Daniel was walking through the tube when out of nowhere a zombie darts for him. Daniel ducked just as it came, sliding along the cool marble floor turning as he moved along now facing the zombie and shot it in the back with his paintball gun.

Betty was walking into MODE and to her desk. She was way too early hoping to have some much needed thinking time and maybe getting some things done early. When she got to her desk and took a seat in her chair, she looked up and was surprised to see Daniel there in his office lying back in his chair, eyes closed.

What was Daniel doing here so early? She wondered if he was there the whole night. Since Wilhelmina came back to MODE, he seemed really stressed out and like he was always off in some dreamland.

She smiled and got up. When she walked to the door she stood there for a minute watching him. She smirked realizing that he was sleeping and seeing all the presentation boards and papers all around him discerning that he was working really hard to prove himself. She smiled feeling proud of him seeing how far he's come since he first started at MODE. She held her laugh in noticing how disheveled he looked, his tie loosened and tossed over his shoulder, his sleeves rolled up and his somewhat scruffy hair. She smiled.

Daniel quickly made his way to The Closet where Betty was off fighting a few zombies. He was glad they had walkies. He was high on adrenaline and sped up. When he made it to The Closet, he saw Betty busy away shooting the zombies that were closing in on her. Just as she shot down the last one he noticed one darting for her from behind. He sped up and grabbed her to him just as it nearly jumped on her. He shot it as they rolled across the floor. She was now underneath him, his arms wrapped around her.

Her gem-like brown eyes looked into his "You saved me" she smiled catching her breath. Daniel smiled looking at her eyes, the blood coursing through his veins from the adrenaline high he was still on. "I'll always save you." He said moving the strands of hair that came loose from her ponytail away from her face.

Her eyes seemed to get brighter. He leaned forward, his eyes closing as his lips approached hers.



"Daniel?" Betty said quietly. Daniel opened his eyes slowly to see Betty; seeing her made him panic inside. His heart started racing. Betty was leaning forward against the desk somewhat, looking at him intently. "Betty, uhh...Hi" he said nervously, sitting up in his chair. Betty stood up "Hi, were you here all night?" she asked wonderingly.

"Uh...ya, sort of."

"okay." She looked down at the floor awkwardly.

He watched her for a moment, "What are you doing here so early?" he asked looking at her eyes through her glasses. She looked up. "Just trying to work on stuff..." she answered vaguely.

He nodded. She smiled. "Is there something I can help with?" she asked trying to ignore how loud her heart beat was sounding. Could he hear it too?

"Umm..." he stood up not knowing what to say. His brain was still muddled from his dream and her being right there in front of him looking strangely cute wasn't really helping the way he was currently feeling. He realized he hadn't responded and snapped himself out of his previous thought. "Uh...I'm not really sure right now." He replied nervously, his palms feeling sweaty.

"Okay." She smiled. "Well, just let me know. I'll be out there."

He nodded with a smile. "So, you get to see that article you wrote in Hot Flash today, huh?" he said with a smile. "Oh, right. I guess so." She replied distantly reminded of Gio and how he basically told her he wanted to be 'the guy' for her.

"What's the matter?" Daniel asked walking around his desk and leaning against it. "Nothing"

"Come on. You can tell me." He said with a genuine smile. Betty smiled. She took a breath. "Gio likes me."

He was quiet for a minute. " you like him?" he asked curiously searching her eyes. "I don't know."

"You don't know?" he asked with a smirk.

"What if you still had 'feelings' for someone else?" she asked nervously looking at his eyes. He folded his arms across his chest. " it Henry?" he asked.

Sure...Henry. Ya... Henry. She looked down again avoiding his eyes not really knowing how to respond to that. "I think you should...I don't know. I'm not really good at this stuff. I say forget about Henry. He's not here"

Betty looked up at him. Yes Daniel, you're right, he's not here, not that she was really thinking about him.

Daniel shrugged "Gio seems...okay. If him...then I guess, ask him out."

"I kind of already did."

Daniel just looked at her. "I asked him if he wanted to go out with me, but then he told me he didn't want to be the rebound guy, but 'the guy'." She said her heart speeding up, not really sure why at the moment. Perhaps it was because he was looking at her so intently. It felt like his eyes were seeing right through her.

"Okay...uh..." Daniel ran his hand through his hair. "I like him...I just don't think he's 'the guy'."

Daniel nodded in understanding. "So, you want to go out with him, but you already know that he's not the guy?"

Betty nodded biting her lip thinking that sounded so cheap. "I don't know what to tell you, Betty."

Betty looked down feeling extremely crappy for even bringing this up. This wasn't even really about all that. "Eh...why not" Daniel said snapping her out of her moment. "What?"

"Hey if it works, it works. If not then you will know for sure?" he said. Truth was he knew that they wouldn't last, especially with Betty already saying that she didn't think they were 'right', but he also knew that Betty deserved someone amazing. He didn't think there would ever be anyone good enough for her. She was too sweet and good-hearted to be with losers, even if they were 'nice'; which is why he convinced himself that he would never be good enough for Betty, not that he should even be thinking that.

"Okay." She replied plainly knowing that she needed anything to get her mind away from Daniel. He was her friend and let's face it that was all that he would ever be. He could never want to be with someone like her and the way she came to that reasoning was through her dream. Daniel probably only kissed her and said all those things in her dream because they were facing death. She felt saddened for even thinking that. She knew in her heart that wasn't true, but she made her mind and insecurities believe that.

"You okay?" Daniel asked in concern noticing how sad she looked all the sudden. She met his eyes and smiled. "Ya... thanks, Daniel."

He looked at her oddly "for what?"

"For being so nice." She smiled trying to fight back the fountain of tears she felt wanting to surface. Daniel smiled "Anytime. I don't think I'm that nice." He said sadly. Betty looked at his eyes. "You are." His eyes met hers and for a brief moment their eyes were locked on each other's as if time stood still.

"Daniel, Betty. Good to see you this morning." Alexis said walking in snapping them out of their 'staring contest'

They looked to her. "I'll leave you two." Betty said looking at Alexis and glancing at Daniel before walking out. Daniel leaned back against his desk trying to focus on whatever it is Alexis was going on about.

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