So the rules:

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.

2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.

3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!

4. Do ten of these, then post them.

1. The Crow & The Butterfly-Shinedown

Cato always said that Peeta was a Butterfly because after the games he was still so beautiful inside and out. Cato calls himself a crow because he had killed and now looks dark on the outside and it feels dark on the inside. But Cato could not help but chase after the butterfly and he did, he chased during the game and after.

"Stop calling yourself a crow. You are not a crow," Peeta kissed Cato, "But you are lucky I always thought crow are beautiful. I am lucky that this 'crow' chased me thought because I love him." Peeta kissed Cato again.

Cato grins, "I guess I am lucky because I love this butterfly I am very happy I chased after this butterfly,"

"Just remember I am happy that you chased after me because I would very jealous if you chased after another butterfly." Cato silented him with a kiss and push him down onto a bed.

"Let's stop talking about this."

2. My Obsession- Cinema Bizarre *sequels*

Cato was obsession with Peeta during the games. He would do anything to see him. When Peeta was in the leather outfit that was fire, Cato fall in love. He was doing anything to be near him. When Peeta kissed him during the game when he was hurt, he fall more love with him.

When Cato heard that two people could win, he was happy but he could not move because of his leg. If he could jump he would have when he saw Peeta coming for him.

After the games Cato religion was Peeta. He lived, loved and protected him even from other men eyes.

"You are like a dog, protecting his bone, me being the bone" Peeta kissed him.

Yup still obsession even ten years later.

3. Forever or Never- Cinema Bizarre

"I do not believe in mircales, Cato, you know that I cannot live forever not in the games." Peeta said. It was before the games and the two of them are in Peeta's bed after they had made love.

"The rules might change. I want you with me, when they do. Remember this the first that two tributes have every said they love each other. You are my love and I want us to be together forever."

"You right about us being the first. Okay I will be with you but only for how every long I am live," They made love again before they had to leave for the ship.

4. Better Than I Know Myself- Adam Lambert *holds nose* (Kit: I thought about the three of them together *holds nose again* I need to stop I don't know how much blood I have left in me)

When Peeta had first meet Cato he was cold as ice. When they were in the games he was even colder but he could never leave.

"I cannot leave you now; there is a chance that we could win the two of us. I won't know which way to go if you die. If I wanted to go I would have left by now."

Cato grins, "Then let me kill the last one, I need to now. I want you near me when the games are over."

"Right now but it is dark,"

"It will be light when the games are over. It will be new day."

"Alright let us go then."

5. Touching and Kissing-Cinema Bizarre (Kit: I had a lot of songs from them)

Cato starts to thinking back of his life so far with Peeta. There was a lot of touching and kissing. There were a lot of tears after the games.

The games had just ended with Peeta and Cato on top of the stone head. They started to crying and kissing. They kissed even has they are being lefted up, and away from all the deaths. They are stilling kissing and touching each other to prove they are both live.

"I just happy that it is over but we are not over yet," Peeta said has stop to breath air into his lungs.

"I am has while." They kept touching and kissing has the doctor start to check them without letting the other leave

6. Wasted-Cinema Bizarre (Kit: Why do I have so many songs from them)

Peeta was waiting for Cato to call him but he as not called him this is not normal. Peeta head was full emotions. "Please to do not let me be wasting my love on you Cato,"

Cato as had a past of cheating on people he dated, but he promised that Peeta that he was different.

Peeta was still worried. He looked at the clock and saw that the call was hour and half later. He had being crying for hour about thoughts of Cato cheating on him and the emotions are just going in a circle.

He kept his heads on his pillow but then his cell stared too vibrant and he pick it up, "Sorry I am calling late but the couch had keep me late for practice with first game being tomorrow and all. You are still coming right Peeta?" In the back Peeta could hear the football couch yelling about Cato putting his cell down finishing putting the footballs away.

Peeta smiled, "Yeah. Cato I am happy that I am not over you,"

"Why would be over me? Please tell me did not do something stupid? I don't want to loss you."

"The alone thing you are doing stupid is not being by my side right now."

"I will be over right away. I love you."

"I love you too."

7. I Don't Wanna Know (If U Got Laid) – Cinema Bizarre (Kit: I have a lot of their songs)

Peeta was laying back into a Cato's chest with Cato's arms around his waist. Peeta's cell started to go off. Peeta put his cell on speaker. "Peeta guess what?" It was Gale, Peeta's ex-boyfriend.

"I don't wanna know if you got laid. I know wanna know if are okay because I lied. I do not miss you Gale. I don't wanna know anything about your life. I have someone better, I have Cato. I love him" Peeta hung up and turned around to kiss him.

"I love you too. I am glad you don't wanna what he is up too."

8. Second Chance-Shinedown (Kit: yes something differnet not that I care)

Cato's eyes are open wide. He saw Peeta with Gale, He could not believe what he was seeing. He got his cell phone out, "Hey sis…No that is not why I am calling… Can you tell mom and dad that this is my life. I am not anger but I have to get my life back on track and it is not with Glimmer." He hung just had Peeta push Gale away and start to yell at him.

Cato ran up to him just had Peeta said "Goodbye Gale," Peeta turned just in time for Cato to stop right in forth of him, "Hey Cato,"

"Hey Peeta, I am to asking for a second chance."

9. Erase and Replace- Cinema Bizarre (Kit: Once again I have a lot of their songs)

"Do you erase what you are thinking and replace what you are feeling because you are going to hurt me?" Cato asked Peeta.

Peeta looked at Cato in confused, "I don't mean to hurt you but I am lost."

"You will loss me if you keep yelling at me, for things that mean nothing."

"What are you talking about these games do have meaning to me but you keeping on stepping in and turning off my games."

"Playing these games are more important than spending time with me. We have not gone out and spend more than hour together, in two months."

Peeta eyes wide and stood up, and kissed Cato, "I am sorry lets go out I will pay for everything the next three months.

10. Better than Revenge-Taylor Swift (Kit: yes something different but not that I mind)

Peeta could not believe Glimmer had stolen Cato from him during summer. When school had started Peeta had put his plan in action to get Cato back, "Glimmer you have no idea who are dealing with. There is nothing better that I do but revenge."

He posted all over the school how much her clothes cost. Cato hates when people waste their money on clothes, cheap is always good.

He put a video on YouTube of Glimmer talking to her friends about how she acts like she is loves Cato but she does not love me.

On her locker was, "You think you are so much better,"

Cato had come to him just before September, "Will you please be my boyfriend? She was acting the whole time like she loved me but she didn't. I was going to ask you during the summer but I was stupid for thinking that Glimmer could not being anything acting." with tears in his eyes.

Peeta smirked, "Of course, I love to be your boyfriend" with his arms open.

Cato ran into his arms and kissed him. Glimmer you had no idea who were dealing with.

Kit: Yes I was bored but I would like to think I did every well.

Tell me what you think. The alone thing I change was spelling everything is the same and I cannot have a beta look at this so sorry for any mistakes.