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She was in the kitchen, just pulling the chocolate chip cookies she knew Sam like out of the oven when the lights started flickering. She shrugged it off, it was normal in apartment buildings.

She quickly added a note to the cookies, 'Welcome home! I missed you!'

She then proceeded to the bathroom to take a shower. She kept feeling as if someone was watching her, but she again shrugged it off.

She quickly finished and got out of the shower. There was a noise outside the bathroom door. She put on a blue silk nightgown and walked out into the bedroom, leaving the shower running.

There was a man, he was staring back at her. He had pale yellow eyes and he was grinning evily.

Before she could even scream, she was flung against the wall of their bedroom. She began to rise toward the ceiling.

"What are you? What do you want?" She asked him, scared out of her mind.

She began to cry when he didn't answer her, he only dragged her above the bed.

She was about to scream before she felt a sharp, striking pain in her stomach area. That time she did scream. But with a wave of the hand she was silenced. Only a few tears leaked out of her eyes before they stopped too. The blood was now dripping off of her nightgown onto the bed she and her boyfriend shared.

Then her fears heightened when she heard the front lock being opened. Sam was due back tonight, he was going to die with her. She tried to look at the man who held her up there, but he had vanished, leaving her on the ceiling. She was fading.

She watched as Sam came into the room, smiling and chewing on one of the cookies she had made for him. He thought she was in the bathroom. He thought she was alright.

Sam flinched as drops of blood fell on his forehead, her blood. She couldn't hold on much longer, she was losing the battle for oxygen. And as her boyfriend finally opened her eyes, she lost.

With her dying breath she stared at her boyfriend, the shocked look on his face, the way tears instantly began to flow. She loved him.

And that was the last thought Jessica Lee Moore ever had.


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