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It looked like they were sleeping. Chris looked almost numbly at the two child sized casket. It was so ironic. His oldest child was smaller then her little brother and she looked about 4 years younger then him. She used to take that in stride and say "when I grow up I'm going to be bigger". Marie never really liked complicated. For her things were simple and sweet.

He and Annie lived for years after the death of their children. It was only after four years that he was taken in an accident.. He found himself in heaven. Ian was there too but his older child wasn't.

"She had stuck her head out the window," his guide explained, "Making her responsible for the accident that claimed the life of her and her brother. That's why she is... down below."

Chris freaked hearing that... she was only a child.

His guide explained to him that Marie could be rescued if someone were willing to rescue her.

"Nobody in their right minds will do that however,' he explained, "You may well risk eternal damnation yourself if you fail to concur it."

"Didn't someone concur it already," Chris asked.

"It doesn't work like that," his guide said.

"Very well," Chris replied, "I will rescue her."

His guide stared at him.

"You don't know what you're risking," he said

"No I know what I'm risking," Chris said, "I just don't care. When a man takes a wife it's not for better for richer in health. It's for better for worse. It's for richer for poorer. It's in sickness and in health. In the same token you're not only their for your children through the good times. You're there through the bad times to"

His guide shook his head.

"I strongly urge you to reconsider. Saving her may mean condemning yourself."

"I rather me be condemned then her," Chris replied, "A parent must choose his child. Besides I don't plan to fail."

"You didn't plan the accident either. Nobody plans these things."

Chris, always a positive person stood firm. He would not enjoy the benefits of a better place whilst his little girl was suffering. That would not be heaven.

Did he succeed? After 3 tormenting days he did succeed. Chris loved his child enough to suffer for her. He loved her enough to be willing to die forever for her.

Our Heavenly family would do the same for us only they don't have to. They suffered once. Once is all that is required for us to be restored. We are given a gift and it is our choice to open that gift and to receive it. Let us always remember the example of pure love. Right is right and love is right.