"Alice of MONSTER Sacrifice"

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Summary: Sonfic based on the vocaloid song, "Alice of Human Sacrifice". Starring some of my favorite Super Sentai villains. Happy Halloween!

Warning: Contains some slash(boyxboy).

Brajira of the Messiah:

In some place beyond the real world, there was an angel

Whoever created him is a mystery that no one could figure out

Such a truly unique angel he was

The angel thought to himself,

"The world is a pathetic excuse for a realm, being filled to the brim with sins and unholy souls performing daily routines of treachery."

"How can I shape it into my own image, a world cleansed of eternal darkness."

The angel thought and thought

And came up with a extraordinary plan

"I can invite some creatures into my realm..."

"And they can create my perfect world, with me as their god!"


The first Alice was a crimson Gedoushu

Wielding a bloody broadsword in wonderland

Slaughtering anyone who dare get in his way

He was followed by a gory red path of corpses

This new Alice deep in the woods

Was trapped by his own rage

If it weren't for the path of death that he left behind

No one would have known of his nightmarish existence.

Mikela and Voffa:

The second Alice was a painter and a composer

Bringing art and music into wonderland

Luring many people from the real world with their talents

As they sometimes argue among themselves

This new Alice was that of a deranged man with split personalities

Who shot himself out of his madness

Leaving only his paintbrush and piano

The one who was loved by all was forgotten forever.

Highness Duke Org Ura:

The third Alice was a green Org laced with gold

Very effeminate and beautiful in wonderland

He charmed men to his every request

He made a green country filled with beautiful things and became its king

This new Alice was in love with a wolf Org

Who refuse to do his bidding

He was afraid of losing control over this Duke Org

That foolish beast would be his forever.

Wals Gil and Meemy:

During this, two petty friends went into the woods

They had a tea party under the rose trees

An invitation from the green country was for them

Inside was the shade of hearts

The fourth Alice was a Zangyack Prince and a Sorcery Priest

Their curiosity is what brought them to wonderland

Going through many different-colored doors

Coming not too long ago in a blue and purple boat

The cowardly and selfish mummy

And the paranoid and lonely alien

They came closest to being the true Alice, but...

They were never woken from their deep dreaming

They're doomed to forever wondered in wonderland.

Who will be the next Alice?

The End.

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