Sai smiled as he watched the three original members of Team 7 embrace each other by the gates of Konoha, Sasuke with a reserved grin, Naruto beaming, and Sakura all flushed with happiness. Yes, Sai thought. That kind of bond was worth fighting for, worth protecting.


The long struggle was over. Sasuke finally decided to come back after overcoming his hatred and shame, with more than a little help from his devoted friends. Along with constant nudging from Naruto and kind assurances from Sakura, Sasuke finally drew up the courage to face the reception of his return. And what a reception it was. The moment he took that very awkward first step through the gates and back inside Konoha's walls, everything else fell into place.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief that moment. The Fire Country's precious kekkei genkai was home. All was forgiven. For how could one not understand what drove a man to revenge after losing his whole clan to a massacre? All was forgotten. For was it not hypocrisy for a shinobi village to dwell on one man's shedding of another's blood?

All was forgiven, all forgotten for the sake of a dream - a dream of peace and unity. And no one was happier than an obscure artist nin who gave his all to help achieve that dream - his friends' dream.

Sai withdrew from the crowd smiling a sincere smile and retreated home satisfied and grateful that he was part of that mission. Perhaps they would let him stay on as part of the team. Perhaps he could become friends with Sasuke just as he was with Naruto and Sakura. And they would go on missions together, fight together, and protect Konoha together. He smiled again, a sincere smile. It was a good dream.

"Friends will eventually start walking their own paths,

living their own lives...

These are not farewells. They are not the end, but beginnings.

It will be a little lonely, but that's how it is."

Nobuhiro Watsuki, (Rurouni Kenshin, vol. 21 chap. 183)

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