Prologue: Chronicles of Skyrim

This is a new series that's not only going to be about Skyrim, but many other games. No OC's (yet) so stay tuned. Leave a review, give me suggestions for games if you'd like that I already haven't planned for. A list will be posted shortly. Anyway please enjoy.

"Guys, get over here now!" I shouted through my four way call.

"Why?" Chris, one of my best friends since Elementary school.

"Skyrim is now Multiplayer! I just got the update!" I shouted again, probably loud enough to blow an eardrum.

"Are you serious?!" Roy, another one of my best friends since Elementary school, and the closest one who lives to me, " I'm heading over right now!"

With that he hung up.

"What about you Francis? You coming?" Francis was one of the newest members of our clique. He moved here to Minnesota from Arkansas. A video game addict like all of us.

"Heck yea!" he burst out screaming then hung up. It was only Chris and me on the phone.

"Uh, I guess I'll see you there Matthew?" he asked,

"Yep, guess so. Bye." I hung up and as if timed perfectly, Roy came knocking on the door. I ran down the stairs to the doorway and opened it to see him with his custom Skyrim Xbox 360 controller. I laughed and said,

"You a little too excited?" he laughed as we went upstairs to wait for the others.

Soon Francis showed up with his black Xbox 360 controller, clearly been overused due to the fact of scratch marks, dents, and the rubber torn (chewed) off.

Last but not least, Chris showed up with his white blank controller and we were ready to play.

We all went into the basement where my dad's humongous 60" plasma screen tv, and my xbox was also.

Roy, Francis, and Chris took a seat on the magenta colored couch while I salvaged through my games to find it.

"Hurry up! Hurry up!" Roy impatiently yelled. Thankfully Chris shut him up so I could concentrate. Finally through all the games pile I found it and held up in the air exalting it, while the others laughed at me.

"Okay here we go!" I yelled and slipped the game disc in.

What seemed like forever the game start loading screen showed up with a new option that said "Start Multiplayer Adventure". Without hesitation, I clicked it where it showed up several options for each character. There was Class, Weapon, and Armor. For mine I choose Warrior, Sword, Heavy.

After awhile everyone else finished.

"Okay guys, what you pick?" I asked,

"I choose Knight, Sword, and Heavy." Chris said,

"I choose Mage, with fire destruction spells, and Robes." Roy said,

"Well I choose, Archer with, well, if you couldn't guess a Bow and arrow, and Light armor" Francis joked, only Roy chuckled.

"Okay guys without a further ado, let's start!" I said, and then the worst thing happened, the game crashed and static filled the screen.

"Are you serious?" I asked, pissed off. Everyone sighed with anger and sadness. So, I walked up to the tv and then I was grabbed by a static hand from the Tv.

"Guys help!" I screamed and tried to fight the hand. But it was too late more hands came out and grabbed everyone else off their seat.

"Ahhhh! Help!" I heard them yell, but it slowly faded as I blacked out into an extremely cold state...