Hey guys, please read this for a heads up on what is going to happen in the near future.

Hello wonderful readers, EpicMusic345 here. I am deeply sorry that I have not a single update in a month. I've been very busy with schoolwork and exams and all that fun stuff we all enjoy. Also, I lost the desire to write over that time. But that's going to change real soon. I am going to re-write The Chronicles of Skyrim that we all know and love (I think). Why you may ask? Well I've had major troubles on how to get each main character an equal amount of dialogue and actions. So I am just going to reduce the main characters, and change the entire beginning of the story completely, maybe. So keep your eyes up for my next update on my profile.

Well that's about it for me, thank you for reading this update and story, and be sure to check out the re-write coming to you soon!

Love, EpicMusic345

P.S. Due to request, I will keep this story up for a while longer until you are completely happy with it, and the re-write will be called The Skyrim Archives.

P.P.S You know what? There will be no re-write, but another story. I will keep writing it just for you guys!