"The Concubine's Ardor"

Chapter One

"I don't want to go there."

Dainty feet walked slowly on wooden floor. Her pale face showed such calmness yet inside she was trembling with despair.

"I don't want to see him...I don't want to see them."

She wanted to run, to get out of this place but she can't. She is Uzumaki Hyuuga Hinata, the queen of the fire country and it is her lawful duty to welcome her king.

"- even if he is with his mistress…" she muttered bitterly as she stared at the shoji doors, waiting for the servants to announce her arrival. Her unusual ivory eyes glistened with unshed tears, saddened that theperson she loves does not reciprocate those feelings. But in the end, she can't and won't blame Naruto for her misery. This marriage was not their choice; it was the decision of their parents, their people and their country. They accepted it because it was their obligation as the heirs of two renowned families. Love was out of the question. Naruto had already cleared that in the beginning. He can only love her as his younger sister. No more, no less.

"My lord, Lady Hinata has arrived." On cue the shoji doors opened. When she entered the room, the first thing she noticed was the beautiful lady sitting beside her husband.

"She must be the mistress."

To her embarrassment the said woman caught her instantly looked away, turning her attention to her husband.

"Hinata how are you?" Naruto asked Hinata as she sat in front of them. She smiled meekly as she answered his question. Thinking it was just normal query.

"I'm fine my Lord…"

Naruto frowned a little as if not believing her. He then touched her forehead, checking her temperature.

"My lord,what -?"

"Hmm…Your temperature seems to be normal."

"Excuse me?" Hinata's red face can't seem to be any redder now; she looked at the scarlet clad woman and was surprise to see her smiling at her.

"Are you sure you're alright? You got redder than before."

"Uhm,Ye-yes Naruto-sama. It ju-just that…"

If there is one thing Hinata is bad at, it was lying. She tried to come with any excuse but was astonished when she heard a feminine voice.

"The weather seems to be getting you Hina-hime…"

"Ye-yes…" She answered immediately glancing at her husband's concubine.

"Did she just call me Hina-hime?"

"Ah,is that so…Well you do have a sensitive skin. It is good that you go outside once in a while but you shouldn't exhaust yourself Hinata."

"I will my lord…"

"Good call Sakura. You are really good with this stuff."

"Why thank you my lord. If you forgotten I am a doctor."

Hinata now know the name of the mistress. She is Sakura and she is a doctor. Only few people can become a doctor, and a lady doctor is quite rare.

"No wonder Naruto –sama fell in love with her. She's beautiful and intelligent whilst me…"

Hinata felt her eyes burning up and decided to get out of the room before anyone notice the disappointment she was feeling. As she was about to bid goodbye, her oblivious husband seems to realized that he forgotten to introduce his mistress to his wife.

"What's gotten me .I totally forgot to introduce you two."

"You're just in lov -"

Before Hinata can finish her thoughts, Sakura already had beaten her with the reason.

"Because you are just a plain numbskull, that's why."

The dark haired queen was taken aback to what the mistress just said, but she was more shocked when she heard herself giggled. To her embarrassment both her husband and his mistress heard her. Not wanting to humiliate herself further she hastily bid farewell. Leaving her surprised husband and amused concubine.