Chapter 4

"I would be honored to be your friend Sakura –san."

Sakura stared at Hinata. Blushing, the queen looked away as she took her soft hand from the other's grasp. She tried to say something but stammered endearingly, glanced at the physician and then looked away again. Butterflies fluttered frantically inside Sakura.

"Thank you. I'm so glad!" She exclaimed as she hugged her from behind, earning an adorable squeak from those luscious lips. It was a childish gesture but she cannot help herself, for she was truly delighted that her dearest Hinata accepted her amity.

As if! You just want to touch her! Not that I blame you or anything. Especially, after the little glimpse of heaven we saw awhile ago. If I were you, I would do her right now.

But I am you…

Then what are you waiting for? Do her NOW!

Sakura smirked at that thought, making sure her sly smile hidden from Hinata's sight. She may not be able to, as her inner thoughts put it, "do" her queen...Yet. But she can still do something to suffice her cravings.

~ ( -_ -) ~

Hinata's heart was beating too fast.

Vanilla scent with a tinge of spice engulfed her senses. Making her dizzy… But for some odd reason she like it very much. For a second she wondered if Sakura taste like vanilla too. It was a strange thought, making her uncomfortable and somewhat warm .Fortunately; Sakura seems busy to notice her.

The physician still hugged her waist while her head rest on Hinata's shoulder. The queen had never been embrace in such peculiar way. Her family was never fond of showing their love to each other. Formal and cold .That's how the Hyuugas show their affection. So this kind of fondness is quite foreign to her.

"It-t's nothing, Sakura-san." She stammered again as she tried to pull herself from the embrace. But the arms on her waist seem to tug harder, much to the queen's surprise. Arms that ascend until it reached the underside of her breast, pushing it slightly upward. The pressure that she felt made her moan instantly.

~ (*0*) ~

Sakura is now officially having an internal war with her libido, courtesy of her innocent queen. Okay…it wasn't fair if she put all the blame to Hinata. Heck! It wasn't her fault at all. It was Sakura who made the first move, causing poor Hinata to release a delicious sound .Sound that was now making the physician very hot and extremely bothered. She doesn't even know if she has the control to stop herself on ravaging the country's queen.

Realizing that it was too early for her to do anything that might earn her a slap or a tour in the torture room, Sakura slipped her arms away from that succulent body and tried to come up with something that might save them both from this awkward situation. Fortunately, some cosmic being pitied her and saved her by sending help.

"Good evening ladies."

Or not…

Sakura thought as she faced that oh so familiar voice.