Author's Note: This story takes place on Sword Art Online, part of Kunori Fumio's work, and not by me. This is my first FF and I would appreciate (Need) any reviews, or comments.

Asking Questions

Once upon a time in Aincrad there was a small house on top of a hill. Inside there were two players sitting across each other, one with a grin and another with a green light. The latter had a frown and was tied down with rope and a small throwing knife sticking out of his back.

Poking the sleeping man with a long wooden stick, the happy friendly man said. "Hello Chikao. My name is Orion and I will be your host today."

"What?" The other man who was an information broker named Chika blurted out, his eyes full of surprise. "Host? Get me out of these right now!"

"But if I do that Chikao, you will run away and call hurtful things like 'look at the idiot who untied the ropes and let me escape!'. Besides I know you had your tiny little hands behind an ambush that involved a certain item, that allows someone to cheat death." Orion spoke with a warm smile on his face.

The information broker with his face turning bright red with rage screamed. "If the army learns what kind of shit you are doing to me right now, they would run you through like a rabid dog-"

*Caugh* "Sorry Chikao but I wouldn't bet that the incompetent fools in the army will catch me, let alone run me through with their pointy butter knives."Orion replied with a grin, pulled out a small dagger and a bottle filled with dark green liquid.

"Now since I have to be going places and you will probably be dead by the time we finish ... no offence. I will try to make this quick. It will be simple, I ask you a question and you answer back. Got it?"The robed man leaned back on his chair and lazily asked with his voice tingling with extreme boredom. "First question, what is the name of the item I am looking for?"

"What? Do I look like a psychic!? How the fuck am I suppose to know that you old shit." The young information broker spoke out bravely.

Sadly his courage was ignored as Orion slammed the dagger at Chikao's leg. "Wrong answer and for your information my feelings are a little hurt, old shit pfft, I am brand new shit, fresh from the oven... freshly squeezed-"

"What the fuck is wrong with you!" The information broker screamed in agony and Orion unwilling to hear such foul language quickly rewarded Chikao with another stab.

"Like I said Chikao, answer the questions and me no no stab you, capiche?." Hoping that his captive understood his secretive message Orion continued. "Second question! Who has the [Divine Stone of Returning Soul] now?"

After a few moments, the robed man grew tired of waiting and stabbed his captive.

"OW! You sick twisted shit, you didn't even let me answer!" Chicako whimpered in agony, after a moment to compose himself he added. "W-Why are you doing this?" Stuttering as he noticed how far his health has dropped.

"Because I like to know that I am right." Orion answered with a broad smile. "Though I am flattered that you want to know me better, one last question for you then we will be done here, one way or another."

"Who were the nice gentlemen that killed our beloved Santa Claus last Christmas?" Orion watched the young information broker's reaction for a few seconds, then shrugged his shoulder as the information broker kept his silence and raised his dagger high in the air.

"Thanks for playing, but silence was not the correct answer." Orion said in a rather disappointed tone of voice as he began to bring the dagger down until Chikao spoke suddenly.

"No! Wait yes! Alright I know who it was!" Information broker screamed and began to speak after a moment of hesitation. "Weeks ago, I tipped off the Divine Dragon Alliance that some beater, called the Black Swordsman, found out the location of a Saint Nicholas and went after it, that's all I know I swear, j-just let me go!"

Well now, that's a bit of unanticipated piece of information... Orion thought as he processed the new information through his head.

Orion scratched his head and drew a dumb expression on his face. "But as for letting you go... I dunno still! You answered all my questions so I will cut you free like a bird, but first I would like you to look at this." The man raised his right hand.

"What a bottle? You have been holding that all this time." The information broker replied nervously.

"Before you get excited, no its not a magic bottle, no genie will come out no matter how hard I rub it, but... it does make my dagger..." Orion spoke with a mocking tone as he dipped the dagger into the green liquid. "poisonous, fascinating eh?"

"In other words... this dagger will slowly drain your considerably low hp all the way to rock bottom..."

With that said, Orion gently stabbed Chikao with a cold smile on his face and headed towards the door as his captive's health began to drop. "Don't worry Chikao I will be back to untie those ropes after a short stroll through the forest, but then again you might not be here to see that."

"No... no. No! No! No! I told you everything I know! Just Let me go! You got to help-" The panicked voice died down abruptly as the robed man closed the door behind him.

After a short stroll, Orion came back and kept his promise and untied the ropes that were tied to the chair.

Who falls a sleep after being told that he is going to die by poison? I'd spend my supposed last moments thinking of creative ways to insult the guy who did this. Orion though as he looked at the sleeping player with shame. Tossing the sleeping player to the corner of the small shed carelessly, Orion closed the door behind him and drank the remaining of green liquids inside the vial.

"mmmh... apple juice." After emptyin gthe bottle he tossed the it into the woods.

The Next Day 3rd Floor.

Sitting alone in the relatively quiet NPC owned restaurant in the Misty Forest. A third floor that has been forgotten by many but foggy nonetheless, a man dressed fully in brown looked towards the sky.

Ah what a wonderful day! He thought. With the warm mist blocking out the sun and the sound of beautiful computer birds singing on top of the trees. If only the bread was not so bland. Orion mused as he continued to chew. Perhaps I should buy a restaurant just likes this and cook something better, it might be a dull existence but at least I won't be eating this crap any more-

With a gentle tap on the shoulder, Orion pushed his thoughts away and turned around to face a young man in his late teens cloaked in grey.

"Mind if I sit down?" The newcomer asked.

"Of course not, though I must warn you that the food here is just down right disgusting." Orion said as he took a stab at the piece of burnt sausage.

"I see... well enjoy your disgusting food, anyways I have a small present for you." The newcomer said as he sat down and opened the game menu.

Moments later a trade window appeared and the newcomer transferred fifty thousand Col, in a blink of an eye a new message appeared. *Accept trade?*

Without a hesitation, Orion accepted and the message disappeared into the fog.

"That's the bonus for the scammer job." The man in the grey cloak stated. "The extra cash is supposedly for your outstanding performance but we both know that its to keep you mouth shut about job."

"Ha! You know that I never show and tell, ." The Orion replied with a chuckle. "Though between you and me, the idiot should have never take foods from stranger... serves him right, should have listened to his mother."

Sanitator waving his hand spoke with a hint of annoyance in his voice "Any-ways that's not important, I am hoping that you know something about an information broker who went missing yesterday. Does any of this ring a bell?"

Only if you ring it Orion thought to himself then asked. "You say his name is Chikao?"

"Ya? You know where he is? Because the army is looking for that punk and are willing to either pay a stack of cash if you tell them his whereabouts. "

Probably wondering why he is in middle of nowhere. Orion mused and spoke with in apologetic tone. "Sorry I wish I could help you, now if that is everything, I best be on my way. Wouldn't want you to be caught talking to an orange player in this nice... dump."

"And since when did I suddenly become aware of society's disapproving glares?" Sanitator spoke with a grin and quickly added. "Besides, I got a new contract. Someone wants to eliminate a player a part of the clearing group."

"What?" Orion gasped in mock. "Who would want to harm the brave heroes of ALF who fight in behalf of all of us?"

"Drop the army propaganda Orion, I know you had first hand experience with the disaster on twenty fifth floor, and I know that you know that they have been sticking to guarding the lower levels."

"And keeping their necks safe." Orion replied snidely.

"I wouldn't blame them after a going through massacre like that, but enough about the army. Our client has sent a contract that involves a certain guild leader."

"And here I was thinking that Aincrad was a paradise ruled by a benevolent game master, where everyone held hands and danced in harmony." Orion spoke sarcastically. "Is it anyone we read about in the papers?"

"No, he's a low profile guy. His name is Jackdaw and he..."

"Are you seriously? I am going after a bird?." Orion asked skeptical of what he was hearing. "Can he fly if I throw him over a cliff?"

Sanitator ignoring the interruption continued.

"And... he is the leader of a guild called LdA."

"I still find it hard to believe that anyone outside the army can be hated." Orion stated as he twiddled his thumbs.

"I don't know why you are so obsessed with the army, but you do realize that people outside aren't exactly saint themselves right?" Sanitator spoke with an irritated voice. "And to answer your question, I don't know. The client didn't say but my guess is that if you throw him he will fall and die like any other guy."

"Anything else you want to ask?"

"No, no. Well except for payment, you know the old saying innocent until paid for?"

"You mean innocent until proven guilty" Sanitator corrected Orion. "But this job is a little different the client in her infinite wisdom feels that handing over one and a half million Col over in advance is rather risky.

"A little different than a usual?" Orion exclaimed. "With that much cash I am sure the 'she' whoever that is, can hire half the Coffin boys to just go smother him to death with hugs!"

Ya...this is too good to be true. Orion thought then with spoke cautiously. "While I am flattered that you think so highly of my skills, maybe you should double check this is not a trap, it would be much cheaper to hire a common thug to bash-"

"Wait, wait, that's not all." Sanitator interrupted, holding his hand up. "This is a task that requires a little bit of ingenuity, which is beyond the reach of a common thug."

"When did sticking a knife to a person take high levels of intelligence?" Orion asked, feeling slightly anxious at where the conversation was headed.

"It doesn't, but the job isn't to stick a knife into the guy, in fact you cannot be seen killing him. The client has made it extremely clear that no one suspects he was killed by another player."

"So? I can just throw him over a cliff. Falling to death will easily trick the system into thinking that he committed suicide, besdies I think bird man might want to take to the sky with that kind of name." Orion replied with the obvious answer.

"No. It is essential that this has to either look like a suicide or an accident, and-"

"And players don't just decide to take a dive, okay then I will create a unique situation then..." Orion smiled evilly with his brain now running various scenarios on how to kill this poor man.

"Then?" Sanitator asked.

"Then I push him and see if he can fly!."

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