Epilogue or How They Lived Happily Ever After

"Oww" Orion grunted as he landed head first into the ground upon his arrival in 48th floor. "Stupid game mechanics." he muttered as he brushed himself clean.

Picking himself up from the ground, Orion surveyed his surroundings and once he was sure that he had arrived on the 48th floor, he grinned like an idiot.

Ha! I've done it, I Orion! Master of the universe has managed to start a riot, break into a secure jail, steal off the warden's key then made it back to safety! All in one day!

Taking the moment to let his thoughts run wild, Orion skipped around the town square with a happy face, waving his arms around like a maniac as nearby players watched with horror and concern.

Noticing that people were staring, Orion shouted into the air. "I am Orion! Bow down before my brilliance! For it is I who managed to achieve impossible!"

Sadly no one went on their knees or bowed towards the Orion, instead the spectators shook their heads and went back to business, as they made up their minds about the crazy man dancing and screaming in the middle of the street.

But not everyone ran away, a small boy who looked like he was about to hit his adolescence approached Orion. "Excuse me…. are you Orion?" He asked him.

"Yes, I am Orion! The greatest man who ever walked in this game!" Orion flashed a dazzling smile at the boy as he studied the boy's clothing, who was wearing the uniform of a courier company and held a small rectangular package wrapped in paper in one of his arms. "What can I do for you?"

The boy sighed deeply then muttered quietly to himself. "Why do I always get the crazy ones."

"What was that my dear boy?"

In response the delivery boy coughed a few times before continuing. "Nothing, …. I have a delivery package, from one of your friends."

A package? This is a bit strange. Sanitator doesn't send packages…..

Orion stopped smiling, and studied the boy holding the package to see if he could get any useful information out of him.

Maybe it's a bomb! Sent by the army to assassinate me in the middle of the streets! A small panicked voice inside his head screamed at him.

Unwilling to run from a little boy without a good reason, Orion asked cautiously, ready to bolt at any moment. "Uhh I wouldn't suppose you know what's inside the box do you?"

The boy answered with a curious face. "No sir, company policy says we are not to open any of the goods that are being delivered."

Still feeling skeptical Orion added, while he wondered how a delivery boy managed to track him down so quickly when the biggest organization in the game, the army, had failed to track him for over a year. "Do you know who sent it?"

"Someone by the name of PoH? Wait…. that can't be right." The boy casually scratched his head as he looked at the description of the package.

Yes that can't be right, I did not expect him to be handing this stone this quickly…. this is a too strange. Let's see if the boy is indeed an innocent courier he claims to be.

Smiling once more, Orion reassured the little boy as he looked at the package. "Ah don't worry about it, that's just a practical joke my friend plays on all the couriers, in fact I name all my packages 'Heathcliff'."

At the name Heathcliff the boy twitched just a little but enough to support Orion's theory. "Okay….. I- well. Here is the package then ." The boy visible confused, stuttered as he offered the package to Orion.

Either he hates Heathcliff or he is a member of the coffin, if it's the latter that would explain how the package arrived this fast….. in any case the chances of it being a bomb are fairly low.

Orion's smile returned back to him as he calculated his odds of his bomb theory coming true, feeling lucky he decided to take the chance. Orion with a steady hand, carefully grabbed the package waiting for it to explode. Fortunately for him the package remained still and did not violently kill him. Feeling a little bit safer he shooed the little boy away and made sure that no one was near when he opened the package.

Inside was the most beautiful thing he ever saw, the Divine Stone of Returning Soul, a fist sized stone that glowed blue as he held it in his hands.

Ha… ha… hahaha….. I finally have it! Such a long search, it is finally over…. now what.

Putting his back against a statue in the middle of the town, he slumped to the ground and wondered what he should do next.

A small voice inside his head coughed and grabbed his attention. If you are done playing stupid, it's time for you to get up and go live happily ever after.

What? He replied back to the small voice.

The stone is useless, you know that, you are not going to just magically revive all your friends who died on the 25th floor. It's over. Done. Good day. Thank you for playing. You've kept your promise to a dying friend.

So what, I go off riding into the sunset? I think I went past that point when the bodies piled up.

Yes but all of them deserved it, one way or another. The soothing voice replied back as his mind took a small trip down the memory lane and remembered all the killing he had done for over a year.

Is this how I really think? An evil voice justifying everything I've done and telling me that there is a happy fairy tale ending? Orion thought as his hands twiddled with the stone.

The small voice aware of his doubt, answered back smartly. Only if you don't try, you have a good life living with Lisbeth or as you as put it, a job in this 'tough economy', so go! Your part in this story is done. Or do you have something better in mind?

Reluctantly he stood up and headed towards the shop, with the stone safely tucked inside his inventory.

Arriving back at the shop, he was welcomed by his ever faithful friend, the clark who shouted."Welcome to the store!"

"Thanks Clerk, it's good to be back, how are the kids?"

The clerk simply smiled with a knowing look in his eyes. Orion nodded in acknowledgement and looked around for Lisbeth. Seeing as she was nowhere to be found inside the store, Orion guessed that she was working in the workshop.

Whistling a cheerful tune, he approached the door behind the store and opened it, behind it he found Lisbeth tinkering with a Greenish-white blade.

"Lisbeth!" Orion yelled across the room to grab her attention.

Lisbeth hearing his voice merely looked in his direction once before going back to work. Shocked at her response Orion shouted. "Wait a second! No hugs? Last time I made it out of prison you were so worried!"

"Well…. this time you walked in there let everyone out, you weren't really in danger." Lisbeth said half heartedly, consumed by her work.

Slightly disappointed in her response, Orion approached Lisbeth and looked at the finely crafted one handed sword she was working on, with a hint of jealously. "I don't suppose that would be mine?"

"You wish, this is Kirito's custom ordered sword."

"That's a shame. I thought you forgot about that whole incident, in fact I was hoping you would forget about giving one of the guys that tried to kill me a better weapon." Orion commented, deeply regretting the fact that he had handed over the ingot right before he went off to the Black Iron Castle.

"And lose one of my highest paying customers? I don't think so, besides I knew you would say that so... I am planning on making you something nearly as good."

Orion slightly annoyed that Kritio was going to better armed than he was and sooner, made snide comment. "Hmm… I suppose I will have to be happy with that, but I must say…. the sword looks beautiful, who knew you could make something out of crap."

"What? This was made from that rare ore you found in the bottom of the dragon's nest." Lisbeth said confused at why he would say such a thing.

Realizing that she did not know where the ingot came from, Orion snickered at Lisbeth. "Sorry, what I meant to say was, Kritio will be delighted to have a 'shitty' sword."

"This is the best sword I made throughout the whole game!" Lisbeth said a little angry that Orion would discredit her work.

Lisbeth gave him a strange look, then shook her head and asked about his day. "So I am guessing that everything went well?"

"Yes, it went well, everyone in Aincrad can sleep a little less comfortable tonight with all the criminals I released." Orion replied with a grin.

Lisbeth turned her attention back to the sword, and asked. "So did you talk to PoH and get the stone that you after?"

"Yes its right here….. but listen liz, I have a series of confessions to make." Orion said with a serious expression drawn on his face.

Lisbeth noticing his expression, stopped. "What is it you want me to tell me?"

Orion unable to hide his smile laughed. "I want to tell you that…. you made a 'shit' sword."

Lisbeth obviously not amused at his attempt to get back at her, threw her hammer into Orion's face, landing it squarely on his face.

"Owww… if this was not a game I could have been killed!" Orion said as he massaged his face and checked that none of parts had fallen off from it.

"And you would have deserved it…. calling someone's work crap…. so do you have a real confession or are you just going to make fun of my work?" Lisbeth said with a somewhat threatening tone of voice, this time playfully holding a mace in her hand.

Realizing that he may get his face bashed in with a Mace, Orion decided to confess his crimes. "Yes I do, listen when we first met you asked me if I had killed anyone. Well the truth is I killed more than a few people."

"I know, I assumed as much." Lisbeth said a calming down from his inappropriate joke.

"Huh? You knew?" Orion said puzzled at how she could have known, until he figured that it wasn't such a big secret. "Uhh anyways... the reason I had to do it I was because I was searching for an item that I needed not for myself but for someone else."

"The item would be the stone right?"

"Yes" Orion answered as he pulled out the Divine Stone of Returning Soul on top of the table. "And I want you to have it."

"What?" Lisbeth said clearly surprised. "Haven't you been looking for this for long time?"

"Yes I have but…" After heavy sigh he continued. "Well….. I had a friend who wanted me to do everything I could do to bring his sister back to life and this…."

Orion said as he picked up the stone and handed it to Lisbeth. "This is the last piece I had to find before I did everything I promised."

"So is this your redemption? A final gesture to prove that you did everything you could? Wait did you said this stone can bring people back to life?"

"Yes, yes and yes."

Lisbeth shocked at what she could be holding in her hands, quickly checked the stone's information to see if all of this was indeed true. After looking at the item stats she asked. "You did this even though you knew that the stone only had 10 seconds?"

"Well I didn't know if the item had only ten seconds but I figured it couldn't have been used to bring someone from the dead in the real world once the brains were fried." Orion explained staring at the stone with rather mournful expression.

"But if I hadn't tried to find the stone, I probably would have just gave up and go live in the 1st floor of the game, drowning with guilt... besides I made a promise to a friend as he died and I had to keep it."

"So how did all this begin?"

"Well…. it's a long story but if you want I can tell you."

Lisbeth looked at Orion with a worried look. "It's alright. If you don't want to, you don't have to tell me."

"No... No… you might as well as hear the full story." Orion cleared his throat and began speaking in a narrative voice. "Once upon a time in Aincrad…"

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