AN: So, for this story to work the way I need it to I need for everyone to open their minds to alternate universe because this is very AU. Hermione is a recent 19 to Jacob's almost 18 so her age is brought down and his is bumped up just a smidgeon. The war is over for Hermione and everything is canon as far as the Harry Potter universe is concerned except the Epilogue and Fred's death because I am in firm denial that his death ever occurred. As far as the Twilight canon there are a bit more changes. I'm sorry but I obviously am stealing Jake from Renesmee so he won't imprint on her, it will be Hermione that brings the pack and the Cullen's together instead of Renesmee. Unlike my other stories that are preplanned and written before or mostly written before publishing this one will be posted as it is written so hopefully I can get some reader interaction with the story. In reviews feel free to make suggestions and ask to see something in the story because as long as it doesn't interfere with the things that I know are coming up in the story I can try including a few ideas. Hermione will not be the only HP character in Forks, but she will be there for a long time before she has visitors. Likewise, she needs to bond with the wolf pack before the Cullen's are introduced to her so be patient, the vamps are a part of the story! That's all I have to say other than please be patient with me because I'm a little nervous writing this because I've only written for Harry Potter and this is my first try at Twilight! Please Twilighters be gentle with me! As always, I love reviews but be constructive not destructive please! Clumsy!



Her Unexpected Wolf

Dear Hermione,

I am beyond thrilled that you have finally agreed to come visit! After being pen pals for six years I was starting to doubt that I'd ever convince you to leave England and visit us Yanks! I'm only sorry that it took getting your heart broken to get you here. Damn Ron Weasley to the deepest part of Hell for what he did to you!

While you are here you should know that Sam has a very close knitted group of friends. They are over here all hours of the day and night and a lot of times you'll wake to find one or more crashed in whatever spot they chose, but no worries you'll love them. Their family to me and Sam kind of the way you describe the Weasley's and Harry, Luna and Neville, family of the heart. Actually one of the boys, Jake is kind of going through a rough time right now and I think you two could help each other. You have a lot in common with each other and both have fresh heartbreaks. No I'm not trying to set you up either, I'm only saying I think you two would make great friends and be able to help each other heal.

Now, I know you asked me not to tell anyone about you being a witch and I have mostly kept that promise but I did tell Sam when he asked why I was clearing out a part of my sun porch for your 'lab' but he will never willingly give away your secret and you have a potions lab you don't have to keep hidden from him now! I will let you decide who else you tell or don't tell. I am sorry but Sam does live here so what could I do?

Okay, done rambling now and off to the market to get all the supplies for your first dinner here. This weekend though we're going to have a major Welcome to America party in your honor so make sure you pack an ooh lala outfit!

Love as Always,


Emily finished her letter and rolled it into a tiny scroll so that she could attach it to the owl she received when she joined the Magical Pen Pal club when she was 12 years old and found out about the magical world from her cousin who was secretly a witch. Her cousin had been in England a few years ago and was killed by followers of Voldemort and Hermione had helped Emily grieve.

Once the owl was on its way she gathered her things and loaded her purse as Sam walked through the door from patrols. She kissed his lips and told him there were fresh muffins on the table and then she left to get all the supplies for Hermione's first weekend in Forks! Finally she would see her friend again and she couldn't wait. It had been 4 very long years since she'd seen her when both their families had planned a mutual vacation in Hawaii.



Hermione was pissed off to put things mildly. She had just left the healer's office where she was told that because of the extent of her injuries and due to a few of the spells that Ron had used on her she wouldn't be able to apparate for a whole month! Now she had to buy a plane ticket to go to Forks and set up transportation with Emily. She had been so excited about getting away and this put a bit of a damper on things. She didn't want to think about that night though and just how she had come so close to death.

So she stopped her thoughts on that night and headed for the airport to buy her ticket which for now was one way because she didn't want to come back until she was better; she needed a break from her daily life and time away from Ron. As soon as she thought of him she again pushed him back in her mind refusing to follow the thought through.

When she returned to Harry's house with her ticket she set her things down and followed her nose downstairs to the kitchen where she could smell garlic and tomato sauce. She was starving now!

"Hey Harry! Smells good! Where's Ginny?" Hermione asked sneaking a breadstick behind his back.

"Hey! Stay out of those! Dinner is almost ready and Ginny helped George and Fred with something or other at the shop and then all three are coming back here for dinner. They should be here anytime. By the way you got a letter while you were out I set it on the hutch.

Hermione walked over and picked up her letter and when she saw Emily's handwriting she excitedly unrolled it and began reading. Once she was done she told Harry she needed to write back quickly and would be right back.

She climbed the stairs to her room on the second floor and walked to the desk. Pulling out parchment and ink she then answered Emily.

Dearest Em,

Like you I am beyond excited about coming to visit! I need some time away from here to figure out where my life is going now.

Firstly, please don't feel like you need to throw some big party for me; it sounds as if you have enough on your hands with all those boys you look out for! I do promise however to pack an outfit that even Ginny will say meets your ooh lala factor.

Now speaking of these boys and Jake in particular; Em I don't like the smell of a set up! I will see if we can be friends since you asked but I'm just not ready for any romantic entanglements so get that out of your head. No matter how much you deny the intention I see through your story, no blind date set ups you get me?

There has been a small change of plans though, can someone pick me up at the airport in Seattle because that seems to be the closest I could land to you without going through fifty million transfers. The healer won't release me to apparate for a while so I have to make use of Muggle transport until further notice. I will include a copy of the travel itinerary; I can't believe that this time in two days we'll be together again finally!

Looking forward to seeing you,


Hermione told her owl Scooby to wait for her at his destination and included a note asking Emily to care for him until she got there. She then scratched his head and sent him off.

She then went downstairs where Harry, Ginny, Fred, and George waited for her to begin her going away dinner. They all tried to dissuade her from leaving and when that didn't work they said they would miss her. Fred and George promised they may visit later in the summer when they toured a few sites in America for an expansion of WWW. She hugged them both goodbye at the end of the evening and went to her room to finish packing and get a good night's sleep before her long travel to Forks, Washington began in the morning.

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