Amanda checked her hair one last time in the mirror before putting on her cape. It had taken some getting used to, these layers of Vulcan clothes, and the styles that befit the wife of a dignitary, but after nearly a year she thought she had the hang of it. Looking at Sarek's reflection as she sat finishing up she smiled. He was concentrating on the new PADD of information for the conference, he looked so serious. He always looked serious, or passive, but she had seen into the side of him no other would ever see. She had seen the fear, the love, the passion, and she knew in six or so years when the veil was thin she would see it again. She felt it always though, every time he held his fingers up to introduce her, every time they were in private, whatever his face said was nothing to what their bond showed.

He looked up at her, feeling her mind dwelling on him as she readied for another conference. He stood and put the PADD aside, "Are you ready my wife?" He asked holding out his hand to her.

Amanda slid her fingers through his, watching his eyes lull ever so slightly at the intimacy of that simple gesture. "I'm ready my husband. Thank you, I'm afraid in another month I won't be able to stand on my own at all." She grinned and ran her hand over the large bump of her stomach. His hand met hers, and lingered, they could both feel the throb of life that was growing within her.

"You look agreeable, my wife. The new robes suit you." He said looking down at her, and then her pregnant stomach. "After the conference, we shall leave for Vulcan, so our son can be born at the family estates, as I was, and my father."

Amanda grinned, "So sentimental, Sarek."

"Just tradition, and logical that the child should take his first breath in the home of his forefathers."

Amanda smiled wider, "Of course dear, logical always."

He raised an eyebrow, "This is amusing to you?"

"Yes, my husband it is. It must be," she sighed tied her cape at the neck, "a silly human flight of fancy for me, but I would swear that through our bond I could feel…sentimentality, disguised as logic."

Sarek turned and gathered his top robe, "We will be meeting Tellarites tonight, and it is important for you to know that that species does not need a reason to argue, they argue as you might say for the fun of it."

Amanda smiled softly, noticing he changed the subject as he always did when she called him out on what she felt between their bond. He was so noble, and so stubborn, as much as it should grate her, she found it endearing, even when it was pointed at her…but especially when she was able to watch him in action as Ambassador. A mischievous grin erupted from her and she crossed the room to embrace her husband from behind. Nuzzling into his back she clasped her arms around his waist. "I can hardly wait to see you debate them, my husband. You know what it does to me…" she purred suggestively.

Both Sarek's eyebrows rose, and the memory of the night not long after they wed came unbidden to his mind. The night that he brokered a border treaty with the Andorians, had become a momentous night for two reasons. They signed the treaty, and his wife seemed over come with a human version of Pon Farr. "Do you mean to indicate that, my work," he paused and slid around in her arms so he could face her, "My work this night will, arouse your passion?"

Amanda licked her lips, "I think I do mean to indicate that, Sarek. There is something about a forceful man of logic that, " she sighed wistfully, "really puts the fire in my blood."

His eyebrows remained up, he could feel the tingle of the sincerity dancing through their bond, "Fascinating." He whispered and bent to kiss her, stopped only by the chime at his door. Amanda winked at him and then let him go. She smoothed her robes down and answered the door, "We are ready." She said and stood by the side waiting for her husband to take the lead, he paused at her and held up his two fingers, "We arrive together my wife."

Placing her fingers on his, she walked down the hall with her head held high.


"Push now." The Vulcan healer said softly waiting for Amanda to obey her request.

Amanda bit down with all her might, squeezing Sarek's hand, trying to push with all her might. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. Why she agreed to give birth the natural Vulcan way was beyond her, and if she ever got pregnant again she would see to it that she observed the human custom of lots of drugs. Amanda cried out in pain, as a contraction ripped through her fragile body.

"His head is out, Osu Sarek," the healer said passively, "Another two pushes and the child will be free."

Sarek leaned down to look upon the face of his son and he frowned slightly, "He looks human…"

Amanda pulled him up by the hand she still held and smacked him hard across the cheek, "What did you expect," she snarled,"A cardassian, perhaps a ferengi, you married a HUM.."her voice caught and she screamed again, pushing for all she was worth until she felt the baby pass completely from her.

The two healers cut the cord, and held the child up ceremoniously to the sky, then turned away to wash the after birth off the small child. Sarek seemed un-phased by the slap but chose to speak in a softer and more gentle tone than before, "He is healthy, my wife. For you and for him, I am grateful."

Amanda lay back crying, she was overwhelmed and tired. She lifted her hand again to him and caressed her husband's face, "I am too, Sarek, and I love you…"

The healer placed the infant boy in her arms and her tears came a little harder. She was a wife, and now a mother, and looking at the bundle in her arms all she wanted in the world was to be the best of both of those things.

"He has your eyes, my wife." Sarek stated brushing away stray hair from her face.

"And your ears," she grinned gently straightening out his little pointed ears. It was love at first sight, for both of her Vulcan men, her husband, and her little man in her arms.

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