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Sarah glanced up at Ethan's house, taking a deep breath. Why couldn't she face the boy she had saved? Maybe she was worried he would be mad she had disappeared for a year. Or maybe she was worried about seeing the guy she had fallen in love with.

"Erica, you have to have heard something!"Ethan cried, facing the blond vampire sitting by Benny on Ethan's bed.

"I don't know where she is."Erica sighed.

"Dude, calm it. She's a vamp now, she's probably off at some blood bank."Benny said.

"Hey." a voice made them all turn. At Ethan's window, was Sarah."Can I come in?"

"Yeah."Ethan said slowly, glancing at her. She was still as beautiful as ever...

Sarah looked them over. They sure had changed a lot. Ethan had filled out, and the simple black shirt he wore hugged his muscles. His hair was longer now, falling into his eyes. His dark jeans seemed to radiate some cool factor. Benny had filled out too, and his hair was falling over one eye. He seemed to have given up striped shirts and instead sported a navy blue muscle shirt, along with faded blue jeans. Even more surprising, his arm was around Erica's waist.

"Sarah, were have you been?"Erica rushed to hug her friend.

"Around."Sarah said.

"And how-how you been about your new,uh, life?"Benny asked.

"It's not the greatest, but..."Sarah shrugged."It's okay. It's not like I could've stay a fledgeling forever anyway.'

"I'll still find a cure, Sarah. I promise. It was my fault this happened."Ethan looked guilty, and upset.

"Ethan, you can't go back to being geeky!"Erica sighed, like they had gone over it before.

"Finding cures to being supernatural is not geeky! If anything, it's cool!" Ethan said, annoyed.

"So, you two."Sarah glanced over Erica and Benny."When did this happen?"

Erica glanced at Benny and blushed. Benny looked red as well.

"Oh, you know...some time after you left."Erica said.

"Try the day after."Ethan chuckled. Benny scratched his neck sheepishly.

"So, Sarah. We should, you know, get you something to eat."Erica grabbed Benny's wrist and dragged him downstairs.

"They do realize I don't need food, right?"Sarah laughed.

"Who cares? At least we don't have to see them kiss."Ethan shrugged."So, are you really okay?"

"I am. Ethan, I don't want you to blame yourself."Sarah sat on his bed.

"But I'm the problem!"Ethan sighed."I mess up everything! You could've cured yourself back when you found the cure, but you used it on me! Then you save me from being a fledgling..."he sat down by her."What I want to know is why. Why would you, Sarah?"Sarah breathed slowly, trying not to stare at how hot he was.

"You're my friend, Ethan."Sarah said."You saved me from Jesse, and I do owe you. You went to stop all the madness when you barely knew me!"

"Well because! You were, like, really pretty!"Ethan said."Wait that came out wrong." Sarah laughed.

"I'm just glad you're okay."Sarah said shyly, gazing into his deep brown eyes. Did she imagine it, or did he move closer? His hand touched hers. She shyly faced him. He angled his face. He was leaning in...

"Yo! My homies still!"Rory came in through Ethan's window. Sarah and Ethan jumped away from each other."Hey, you're back, Sarah! Welcome to the dark side."he said, flashing his fangs and trying to make his voice deep. Ethan smacked Rory's arm.

"Yeah, it's been a while."Sarah shrugged. Rory hadn't changed much. He had filled out like Ethan and Benny but failed to dress cooler."Nice to know you haven't changed your style."

"It's just how we dress now, to impress our fans and stuff."Ethan said.

"Fans?"Sarah echoed.

"Yeah, Benny and I started a band. We still need a name, though. Benny likes The music magicians, and Erica wants us to be The immortal rockers, and Rory wants us to be Yolo Suckas. His is the worst."Ethan laughed.

"Hey!"Rory said.

"You don't have an idea yet?"Sarah said.

"Oh, no."Ethan said, feeling his heart pound.

"He's lying. He has a name he wants, A vampire's heart."Rory said.

"I like it." Sarah blushed."A lot."

"Dude..."Rory glanced at Sarah."You want to name your band for her?"

"Keep it down, Rory!"Ethan hissed."And uh, no, it's for...it's for another vampire."

"Erica? Whoa man. Benny's girl is-"Rory's mouth was covered.

"He rambles so pointlessly."Ethan told Sarah.

"So I'll see you, then?"Sarah said."You know, playing?"

"Uh, yeah, if you want."Ethan turned red.

"Cool. A vampire's heart is giving me a private concert."Sarah laughed."Seriously, it's a great name."

"Yeah, it is."Ethan said, grinning goofily.

"Tommorow you show me. Deal?"Sarah moved to the window. Ethan followed.

"Deal."he agreed. Sarah smiled and kissed his cheek.

"It's great to be back."with that, she was gone.

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