Reunited in Darkness

Chapter 1

It happened quickly that day. I saw Jude bust in as I was looking into the Shadowland with Ever on my bed and he thrust me off of her. I saw her cry desperately to save me so she could get her precious antidote. Then Jude hit me right in the Chakra. Exactly the wrong one and it wasn't long until I was falling down into that dark place that Ever showed me. But it was real this time. The falling seceded and I was watching my life unfold right before my eyes. I watched as I watched myself helplessly chase Drina. My vision blurred as tears welled up in my eyes. I watched her wave me off for Damen and I just sat helplessly by waiting. It was agonizing and I tried to scream but nothing came out. I just sobbed silently as I watched every terrible thing I have ever said and done to Ever flashed across the screen and I didn't feel guilty at all at first. Then I saw the conversation we had not moments ago when she told me she loved me because she was determined to love everyone. Then the guilt crept up on me.

When it was over I thought of Drina and I thought of how much I missed her through all of that. I wished she were here with me. I wished I was never involved with Haven, wished Damen hadn't enchanted Drina, wished Damen ended my life rather than Jude. I wished I could've avenged Drina's death. Ever ruined my entire life by banishing her to this awful place I was in right now.

"DRINA!" I screamed.

I screamed her name until my voice was hoarse and I couldn't say another thing without it burning my throat. She never deserved to die. She was only taking care of the person who stood in her way of loving someone. I would've done the same if she hadn't cared about Damen so much. I couldn't find it in me to destroy him.

I wish I had the will to do it then rather than realizing it now….